Monday, October 27, 2014

set goals

Que Paso!
Whats up how was everyones week? Mine was really great we had a blast. No baptizms again which means this is my first month without getting wet. But we got a solid family for next month so it is ok i guess. And we reactivated a couple families so that makes up for it! But ya it is the first week of a new transfer. Tons of stuff got mixed up and lots of my really good buddies bailed. One even died! (Went home) Basketball is a lot weaker now and ya it is pretty sad i wont be seeing them anymore but it is ok it is always a party out here. This last week we walked like the whole week so that was kinda fun. We got to talk to tons of people and now we have lots of potentials but I got some pretty good blisters on my feet ha. It really made me appreciate the bikes that is for sure. We had our first interviews with president this week. I love seeing him and talking with him. He is just a spritual giant. But he gave os lots of guidance and he gave me a few chapters to read. I have read some and it was incredible how helpful it was. I really got some good inspiration for our area so hopefully we see some fruits from that. Saturday we had a wedding/baptism! It was super fun and we had lots of member support. It really was a blast just one of those good mish memories for sure. Also this sunday was the primary program soooo ya it was an amazing sunday. We laughed literally the whole time and it was just so crazy and so many funny kids it was a blast. Definitely my favorite sunday so far. This week was just super fun tho. I love talking to people and getting to know new people. Our members and investigators are just so great. I love them so much and just care so much about them. It makes it really fun for sure. The day I get transfered is going to be terrible! But ya I love the mish it is a great time.
So the thing that hit me this week was the importance of planning. In my interview we talked about it a lot and it is just so essencial! We need to plan for everything and have goals as well. I started setting personal goals, comp goals, language goals, study goals, etc... We need to have goals for every aspect of our lives. Then we need to make plans to accomplish these gaols. It is kinda hard and takes time but it works. Then take your plans to the lord and tell him what you would like him to do for you. Plead for his help with whatever it is then work hard. It is really not an easy thing to do and we are not good at it. But it works! I feel such a difference in our work and i am sure we will see fruits from it as well. This is not just a mission skill tho we should do this when we get home as well. If we do then we will see lots of success. So ya that is what i am really working on right now and it is great. You all should try it and see how it helps your life flow better and recieve more blessings as well. It is crazy how much Christ intervienes in our daily lives. But I love this church con todo mi corazon and i know without a doubt it is true. I am so thankful to be a part of this work it is such a big blessings and thanks for all the support. Love ya`ll and have a great week

Monday, October 20, 2014

So this week was pretty crazy! First of all it is another transfer and my whole district is staying so that is great. That means we get to spend Halloween and Thanksgiving together with members that love us so it will be great! I am super stoked. This week was pretty normal as far as the work goes but tons of stuff went down with different members. I cant really explain any of it because it would take forever but ya. Just tons of bad stuff has been happening to our members, RC, investigators, and my ZL went home for some medical stuff. It has just been an insane week trying to help everyone one out. I love being out here and being able to help people through these tuff times. It is hard and you wish you could do something but we cannot physically do much. Just through out this week putting your trust in God and turning to him as been a big focus for us and all these people. Bad things always happen even to the best of people. Lots of them have been questioning why me what did i do to deserve this. I love Matthew 7:31-34. It says to not worry about little things like food and clothing and all that. He knows our needs and will help us. As long as we keep him first everything will be ok and he will take care of us. I know this is true, I am seeing it right now with all of these people down here. Somehow things just work out if they are doing what they are supposed to. So ya just no matter what happens turn to him. It is why we have trials and it is what he wants to see from us. As we do we will grow and everything will be ok. But I love being out here. I had a day where we were not able to go out and work cuz my comp was sick and it was horrible. It was a taste of real life just hanging out around the house ha. I definitely do not miss that. Time is going by fast tho! But I love you all so much and I am so thankful for all your prayers. Please write me I will be at my place tillDec 2nd so I would love to hear from you all. Sorry no pics. Good luck with winter haha!

Monday, October 13, 2014

seeing people as they really are


Gosh another week. It still shocks me how fast they go by. This week was super fun tho and really crazy too. We had some super weird things happen. We got to watch Meet the Mormons this last tuesday. All the missionaries got a early look at it. We felt pretty special. It was super good tho. I loved the begging there were so many funny things. I am not a Simpsons fan but i think that one was the funniest. It was really good tho I liked it a lot. It didnt really have much spiritual stuff in it but it will create a lot of curiosity about the church which is super great. I hope they release it in spanish so the people down here get it as well but ya. I got some super hardcore chills from the football game part. I miss playing so bad! And the last one with the kid going on a mission. It was kinda cool to live that again. But I am dying to go see it again but they wont let us. So when it comes out I expect someone to send it to me asap so I can watch it again. Lots of little cool things happened this week. Just some great lessons and spiritual moments they never get old. But to the interesting stuff. Idk I dont want to really get into it but we have just been meeting with some great people in weird situations. Like we visit a member who is addicted to drugs every day and that is interesting. We are teaching a cross dresser. We have been cleaning up a situation with some false doctrine. We are working on a poaching situation. Ha it is just insane everything that is going on right now. It is super fun tho and I am growing a ton. I just love being out here.

So something that has really stuck with me this week is seeing people as they really are. It is super easy to judge people, super easy. And as we do that we put up so many walls and just seclude certain types of people from our lives. I have just really learned to love everyone this week. We are all bro's and sisters and have so much in common. Everyone is super cool and as you get to know them you will see that. Most of this is just personal to me but just try to not put up walls. Talk to everyone and just put yourself out there. You will feel make so many neat friends and could help bring them into the gospel. As I have done this I have gotten so much happier and have grown a lot and I know you will too. So just be nice to everyone and make a new friend this week. But I love and miss everyone so much! I hope everyone is doing good at applying conference to their lives. If not, do it. Thanks for all the support tho and try to enjoy life. Love ya

Monday, October 6, 2014


Hey everyone!
How did everyone like conference? I was super excited and it certainly didnt let me down. It was incredible especially those Saturday sessions. Those are always the best. It was so nice to not worry about spanish or teaching or anything for two days and just get spiritually jacked. I loved every second of it it was incredible. And gosh there were just some incredible talks! This week was actually pretty tough. We have so many investigators that are super good including that huge family. They have great desires and I love them all so much but they are all so lazy. Like non of our investigators will do the work required to know if this is true. It is extremely hard because we know how incredible this gospel is and we love them and want them to have this in their lives but they just wont put in the work. I cannot imagine how Christ and God feel if it is so hard on me. So this week we are going to have to throw down but I really hope they get it in gear. Nothing really major happened this week tho other than conference. Just the normal daily work. I love it so much tho it really grows on you. It is going to be hard coming home and not being so involved but luckily i still have 20 months before i have to worry about that ha. But I would like to hear about everyones thoughts about conference. What hit you and all that. I wont ask you to pick a favorite cuz i know it is not possible but ya.
There were so many that hit me but one that I will share is my thoughts on Bednar's. He said that it was for non members but I felt like it applied alot to members. At the end he talked about how when we love Christ and this gospel we want to share it and that the stronger our love is the stronger those feelings will be. All that is so true. You can really see how much people love their savior by how much they work in the gospel and just how hard they go. It all comes down to our love in the savior. As a missionary I need to increase my love of the savior and as I do I will work harder, be more obedient, and all those other things. It applies to all of us because missionary work is impossible without members. It is not fun finding investigators without members. So please share the gospel you love with others and give the missionaries tons of referrals. If you don't have this desire listen to Uchtdorf's first talk and apply those things in increasing your love and testimony. You will have such a strong desire to share these things subconsciously. But I love this church and our leaders. I know that it is true, I have absolutely no doubts. The more we make it a part of our lives the happier and more successful we will be. This promise is everywhere in the scriptures so try it out. Put Got to the test and take that "4th" step. Love you all and thanks for the support!