Monday, November 24, 2014

share the gospel

Hey que dicen!
          How is everyone doing!? Gosh this last week went by so fast I feel like i just barely emailed ha. But it was a really good week for sure. It was really hot we have been getting into the 80's so that has been nice for sure. Thanks mom for the christmas package all the elders were freaking out cuz how big it was. I just thought it was my clothes but you hooked me up fat. Thank you so much I cant tell you enough how happy it made me. I opened the jacket and ear muffs cuz i need those but i am saving the rest for when i am supposed to open them. It was a super hard decision but ya ha. This last wednesday we had mission tour which is where someone comes and evaluates our mission and tells us how to be better. We had Elder Foster of the 70 come and man that guy is full of power. He changed so much stuff up and was calling out president to change all this stuff. We were all shocked ha. But he taught us some really good stuff especially about working with members and who we actually are. It was awesome. This last friday we had our ward thanksgiving party and that was super fun. Our church is tiny so it was rediculous trying to get everyone in there but it was awesome and the food was incredible. Those are like the only two major things that happened this week. We found tons of new investigators so that was nice. We kinda started over in our area because tons of bad stuff had been happening. Just lots of bad luck so we are just steping back and starting again. This is the last week of transfers and i think i am going to be shipped out next week. I wont know for sure till next week but idk i probably am going. We will see but i am super nervous. I kinda want to but i love the people here. We have the greatest members but ya we will see what happens.
Just real quick i want to let you all know the lords vision of the work. Right now when people think of missionary work they think of the missionaries and the members help out every so often. That is how it is but that is not how the lord wants it done. He want it to be the other way around. The members do all the work and the missionaries just help them out. That means that members need to take control. Start praying for strength and opportunites to share the gospel. Ask the missionaries how to do it they would love to help you and do some role plays. We do those everyday ha. But ya just wanted you all to know that that is how Christ wants it so get going on that. But i love you all so much. Have a great thanksgiving and enjoy the football and nap! Love ya'll

Monday, November 17, 2014

getting cold

Que dicen!
So it was another super crazy week down here. It is oficially freezing. It has been getting below 32 and we are out on the bikes man it is crazy. I didnt bring anything for this weather so i have been freezing really bad. Thanks mom for sending my stuff tho I didnt think i would need boarding gear in texas ha. O and congrats of the wedding! Glad everything is working out. But this last week we went to the pulga aka the flee market but hispanics. It was pretty cool and really big. But i guess it was nothing compared to the one one sundays. Like we have a hard time getting people to keep the sabbath because of it. Our baptism didnt happen. Like it is a massively long story but satan is working really hard against us. He even came in the flesh for these people ha. I got to work in a trio like all week which was super weird. I feel like we are jumping people and they got kinda freaked out when we bike up to them and surround them ha. But it was fun to learn from each other and all. Like this week was insane and so much stuff happened i cannot even begin. But ya it was just insane stuff like we were getting knocked back on our heels all the time, freezing, and lots of food. We have been getting fed like crazy recently our fridge is stacked! I love it but i gained quite a bit of weight this week ha. The some total in two years is going to be gorgeous. Ya sorry not much to say i can explain it all but with all the stuff that has been happening and the weather i still am having a great time and love just about every second of it. When it rains is probably the only time i am not happy ha it is terrible. But thanks for all the prayers and emails i love hearning from everyone. Sorry i never really get to respond to anyone i am a really slow typer and it is hard in an hour. Especially right now cuz i cant feel my fingers ha. But I cant wait to hear back from everyone and have a great week!

Monday, November 10, 2014

enjoy life

Man so this week was insane! We had lots of stuff happen it was really fun but kinda tough. So one of our favorite members is really into making cakes and decorating them. She is in classes like Kylie did. But she is super proud of it so she always hooks us up with cake. It is super dope we love it. This week was pretty cold. It is nice but i have absolutely zero cold gear so t has been kinda rough. What really sucks is when it rains! Like I can handle being cold but being soaking wet on bikes all day in the cold is not too pleasant. Idk for some reason it is fun tho. You just learn to enjoy everything. So we were supposed to have a baptism this weekend but some things happened. Like we tried to get the boyfriend to move out and he got super mad and caused a million problems. Like it is a mess now and it has been insane and ya. But we have faith it will workout. We rode in a members truck and he had two subs in there and showed them off to us. He was bumping to some techno for a bit. It definitely took me back to days before the mish haha. It was just one of those trunky moments. Lets see what else. Today we went to a pulga which is just like a flee market but hispanics ha. It was fun for sure. I bought one of those return balls that you throw and it is on a string and comes back. I loved having that has a kid throwing down the hall. I remember the day it broke i was super sad so i am stoked to have one again ha. But ya I am having a great time down here. The work is going super good we have too many investigators to handle which they say is a good problem. I am really embracing the culture too which makes it funner. I am turning into a little mexican. I love sketchy little taco shops and i put hot sauce on stuff all the time now ha. But ya it is great.
I am going to do a super short little lecture this time but just learn to enjoy life. Just be positive no matter what and you just look at life and the world differently. It is definitely a process and i am just starting but it is great and I love it. Just be happy! Love you all and have a great week, Enjoy the snow jajaja

Monday, November 3, 2014

Que tal!
How is everyone doing? Hope you all had a good week. Mine was great! It was super fun but kinda stressful as well. On wednesday the ward did a trunk or treat and it was great. Tons of people came and we got lots of investigators, less actives, and a family who just moved into our area there. It was like perfect. But they also had mexican corn there which was a big hit. It is corn on the cob and just loaded with tons of stuff. It was really good actually i liked it a lot. But everyone down here is obsessed with the stuff its funny ha. There are like ice cream trucks down here but they are Helote (corn) trucks ha. And they are EVERYWHERE!!! They all play this same annoying song too but now i think i might stop one and buy some ha. Halloween was kinda lame. We had to be back at our place at 6 and they wouldnt let us go chill at a members house or anything. So we worked till six and planned for the next week for three hours instead. We made it fun but still it was a bummer. Our investigators are progressing great and we should have a baptism this weekend actually. Well we hit a road bump that is pretty big, she lives with her boyfriend ha. But hopefully we can take care of it and get her down. Also, last night we received a miracle referral about just like the most prepared person ever. So we are pretty stoked for that. O and we are teaching a guy who speaks English and he is smart. He is a chiropractor. But it is totally different because most the people we talk to are not educated. It is super fun tho we are excited about it. But ya everything is going great! I love being out here it is an absolute blast and this month is going to be awesome.
So this week the lesson I learned was about getting lost in the service of others. Everyone says that on your mission you need to forget yourself and just serve with everything. Well I had been praying for this and this week I really saw a big change. Like nothing super great happened this week but it was probably one of my favorite weeks. Looking back i was just so concerned about our members and investigators and i really didnt think about anything or anyone else. It is crazy how much happiness that brought. So i guess the lesson I can pass on is get lost in serving others. Get lost in serving your family, coworkers, friends, people in church, etc... It brings so much happiness and personal satisfaction as we do it. Also, we ourselves grow a lot. I definitely became a better missionary this week. It is super cool how it works and it is like a little secret to being happy. I am so excited to continue to grow that and just serve others as much as I can. I love this gospel and this church so much. The direction it gives us and happiness that comes as we follow it is incredible. Serve and you will be happy. Love you all and have a great week!