Monday, December 29, 2014


Hey peoples! 

Man this week was pretty incredible. Probably the best week of the mish so far! So to start off. The 24th and 25th were crazy but awesome! We ate like crazy like everyone we visited wanted to feed us it was pretty rough. But we just went around to everyone and sang and shared a little christmas message and ya. IT was really fun and the people loved it. I cant tell you how many people recorded us ha it was kinda weird. But ya we really did have a great time! I want to thank everyone for the gifts and letters that i got for christmas. It was super nice to see all the people that still havent forgotten about mi yet. Hopefully next christmas it is the same thing. But we had a great time and i have enough snacks to last mi a lifetime ha. I just snack all the time when i am home now it is pretty bad. Christmas on the mish is the best tho because you just go out and focus on other people and making them happy. That is what really made it so great. I definitely wnat to keep that up for the rest of my life. We got to do something really big for this one way poor family with the help of a member and it was super special. Hopefully it made a big impact on them. We also had a baptism this last week. It was great and it was a less active part member family so her dad got to do it for her which is always awesome. Unfortunately he cant confirm her but it was great seeing how happy they were as a family it is stuff like that keeps us working hard. O and calling home was super cool it was awesome to see everyone. I miss you guys a lot and cant wait to get home and hangout with everyone again. But the time is going by fast and being out here is amazing. I will be home soon enough. But i love ya'll so so so much have a fun new years dont get too crazy. Have a great week and fast sunday! Con mucho amor

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey feliz navidad a todos!
Como estan! I am doing great this last week was awesome. I forgot my journal today so this might be a short one but ya. So Last P day was decent. We email at a college and it is kinda fun to be in that environment again. I actually kinda miss it a little. But today everyone is gone. Anyway what happened this week...Ha shoot ya this is going to be a short one. All I remember is what is going on with my peoples which I guess is good but that is not as interesting for you guys. Well I got to see my last three baptisms this last week. We are teaching one of their cousins so they all came up for the lesson to say hi. Unfortunately someone scared her off by mentioning she has to get married before she can get baptized ha. But it is ok she will have plenty of opportunities to find the gospel. I will probably go back in a bit as well. But it was really fun I miss them. Anyway we found quite a few of super prepared people thru some members this week and things are going great with them. Finding thru members makes a massive difference so help out your missionaries. This area has a million part member families that are less active so we are going to have to fix that ha. But we are really focusing on strengthening our members right now. That will bring a lot more opportunities and it will be good to build some strong relationships too. We have lots of members asking for us to come over so it will be hectic but I am excited. We have lots of cool people so ya. Sorry I really don't remember any of the things that happened this week and I know there were atleast a couple note worthy things sorry. But ya the work is great I love being out here so much. Actually I had a nightmare that I was home one night. I woke up and was super happy it was a dream ha. No offense to everyone I really want to come home just in another 18 months not now. The mission is where it is at and it is going by super fast. But I love you all and thanks so much for everything and all the Christmas support :) Love ya'll and have a great week!!! Cant wait to Skype!!!  

Monday, December 8, 2014


Ok so I got some news I actually ended up getting transferred! Monday night we went out to work and we got a call. They told me to start packing my bags and that I was leaving in the morning. It was a heart breaker I was in shock. They never do that idk what happened but ya. So we said bye to everyone then I packed up all my stuff. I got done at like 3 ha. It was insane. I am now in Donna and Wes Laco. We have all of donna and the southern part of Wes Laco it is a huge area! We actually took over another area so ya. We have a car which is nice but we don't have many miles. Hopefully I don't get too fat since I wont be using my bike much ha. Which is good cuz it has some problems. But my new address is 2011 Bridge Ln. Unit #7 Donna, TX 78537. Still send stuff to the office but just so you all know. Our apartment is brand new pretty much and it is super nice. Probably the nicest in the mission. It is a two man now cuz we have both areas so it is huge for us. I love it tho it is great. Having a two man is super weird and not has fun for sure but I got a cool comp so it is all good. His name is Elder Rodriquez and he was born in Peru but grew up in SLC. He speaks good Spanish and has a good accent. So hopefully mine gets better. But this week was kinda hard with it being my first transfer and all. But I all ready love the people here so much and we are going to have a great transfer for sure. I have a lady in my ward who lives in Evanston in the summers so that is super cool. You will have to meet and talk to her. Also there is a member here that has a missionary out and she would do anything you want as far as pictures and videos and stuff. Actually we will probably Skype at her house so start coordinating that now with her please cuz im not allowed to. Her last name is Jess and she lives in Wes Laco. Idk her first name but her husbands name is Rob Jess so ya find them and get ahold of them por favor. But ya the work is great and I couldn't be happier. I love it out here! I love you all too thanks for everything. Enjoy the Christmas season and Christmas break!

Monday, December 1, 2014

happy thanksgiving and christmas season

Happy thanksgiving and christmas season everyone! Gosh this is such a great time of the year i love it. We can finally listen to christmas music so we have been bumping to Michael Buble christmas all day ha. I will have that whole CD memorized in two days i love it ha. So thanksgiving was super great but at the same time it really sucked. Going into the day we had 5 food appointments set up with our favorite members and we were super scarred. That morning we all drank a gallon of water in less than an hour to stretch our stomachs out and it worked. My stomach was massive and i felt like dying. I cannot describe the pain i had it was horrible and Ya our whole apartment just layed around moaning haha. But after a couple hours we were fine. I cant describe how much we ate either it was insane. The members down here always feed us too much and we only ended up eating at four places but still it was incredible how much food i had. We felt terrible that night ha it was just a really tough day. But it was super fun too. I only took pics at one house cuz i always forget but ill send em. We had a talent show this last friday at the stake center and it was super cool. Again i forgot about my camera. I was mad i didnt record some stuff cuz it was super cool and super mexican ha. But ya we loved it. Also it is a new transfer today and i am still stickin around with my step papi. We are super excited to be here the city is going hard on this massive christmas show and stuff it is awesome! Idk there is so much going on with that you will just have to wait and see. But this transfer goes to my birthday so ya like all the main holidays are here in my greenie area. I am pretty surprised i stayed but super excited for sure. As far as the work goes we have been having a harder time. People are not progressing as well but we got plans to change that so we will be getting a baptism soon. We have really been focusing on strengthening our members more and it has payed off. They are all doing super good and they love us so much. Like it is crazy how close we are with them and we have to fight daily to not get fed from all of them. Ha i love it but there are consequences... the food is incredible but super bad for you here. But ya this week has been on of the best ones of the mish for sure. We got some new exciting things happening with the work and all this great stuff it is just awesome i am definitely at a high point. Thanks everyone for the emails and for supporting me out here. It is nice not being forgotten yet. I am super stoked to call on christmas. Dont know how it will work out yet but ya. Anyway i love you all so much and enjoy the christmas season!