Monday, January 26, 2015

hugged elder oaks

Que paso!
Como estan todos? Hopefully everyone had a great week. Mine was boss! This last week was a lot of meeting people with the new comp and teaching all the investigators that we have. It was really fun visiting the active members is always really fun and we always get tons of food ha. Also we have some really boss people we are teaching right now. We got a complete family right now and they are progressing so well. Hopefully they keep going they are awesome and it would be my first full family so that would be super fun. But ya the week was awesome and the weekend was even better cuz elder oaks came. We had a meeting with the entire mission it was insane. All 200+ of us came. It was super fun and I got to see all my bros! My papi was there too I love that kid. But good story. So we all lined up to shake elder oaks, robbins, and wrights hands. Like the day I heard he was coming I wanted to hug him but no one else was I was like what the heck. Well it was my turn and I shook his hand then went in and did a bro hug. It was a little weird haha cuz he wasn't expecting it but it happened. Then when he gets up there after a few talks he explained why he didn't hug us. I guess like a bunch of people asked and he shut them down but I was the one kid that didn't ask I just went for it. I felt super weird after that ha. But it is all good I repented ha. Anyway the talks were great Elder Robbins is a jefe! But ya I received lots a revelation for myself and the area so it will be good to apply it and see the miracles! But ya it was a really great week and this week is going to be lots of work applying all the stuff we need to do. It will be great tho! I hope all is good up north it sounds like the winter has been weak. Idk if that is good or bad but make the most of it. Thanks for all the b day wishes too my comp was jealous ha. Thanks for everything ya'll are the best! Hasta luego

Monday, January 19, 2015

Como le va!
How is everyone doing!? Hope the week was good for everyone. This was a longer one for me it seemed to go by kinda slow. So I did end up staying so ill be here till the 22nd at least. I am super excited I am literally in the best area in the mission. I am not just saying that it really is. Our members are awesome and we have so much to do it is great. My new comp is elder wasden and he is really cool. He is a lot more like me into sports and what not so that is fun. I am sure we will be playing lots of ball. But he also is goofy and weird in his own way so it will be a really great transfer! This week has been kinda stressful tho. It is great that we have so much to do but it is overwhelming as well. It is impossible to see everyone and there are lots of members that are in our ear "when are you coming when are you coming." It has been tough I haven't really had to worry about it before, well not as much. Now that I do I just have to rely on the Lord. We have to prioritize and focus on the people that the Lord wants us to. As long as we do the work in his way everything will be ok. But it is great and I am really excited about it. I know I will grow a lot as a missionary and I am really excited for that. What else we have an apostle coming this weekend! It is elder oaks! I am so so so stoked and I am going to give that man the biggest hug in the world! It is going to be incredible. Also I heard Holland is coming sometime in February so hopefully that happens. But ya everything is great. I am really happy and even busier than that. But ya I hope everyone else had a great week. I heard about the Seahawks game Braxton I bet you were stoked buddy. That is awesome I will have to watch it when I get home. I lost my camera so no pics sorry (it was just a matter of time ha). But thanks for all the support I love ya'll so much. Keep working hard in the gospel and the Lord will take care of you. I see miracles all the time I know it is true. Just put your faith into it and later you will see the miracle. That's what I am having to do and I know it will work out. Disfruta su semana y recorder, primeramente Dios!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Whats Uuuuup!
Hey hey how is everyone doing? How is school? hahaha I do not miss that at all. This week was super great! We had interviews with pres which is always the best. You just spiritually pound I love it. I got so many things I want to change and start doing but I don't have the time to study that much. It kinda sucks but it is exciting to be changing things and all. I cant wait to see what happens in 17 months. We also had a big old birthday party at one of our members it was really fun. He is pretty wealthy and manages game reserves. Dallin Clarke you would love this man so much. He showed me his man cave and we just hung out in there. It is any mans dream to have a place like that the 10th commandment was pretty rough to follow. I may have had to repent afterwards. But we had ice cream cake and ya it was just a good time. Yesterday (the b-day) was pretty fun. So my comp is getting called up to be a district leader. I am super excited for him he is going to be a boss leader. I am sad I don't get to learn from him for another transfer but he will do great. That means I will be getting a new comp tomorrow which is always super nerve racking. We actually still don't know whats going on which is super weird. This transfer is going to be another crazy one! But I am pretty sure I am staying, hopefully! Anyone so my birthday was pretty much telling everyone bye. I really didn't tell anyone it was my birthday cuz I didn't want to take away from the moment. So it was just a normal day. But we had a baptism!!! It was super fun and I will remember that for sure. It was a great gift. But ya it was a really solid week and this week will be interesting. Wish me good luck! Love you all!

Monday, January 5, 2015

new years

Hey que dicen!?

How was new years ya'll? It was great for us down here. We had to stop working at 6 so we went to the church and ate a bunch. We had some members hook us up with food it was great. Then we got to watch frozen and everyone was freaking out. They were all pretty pumped about it. Only me and a couple other people had seen it before. We actually went and played basketball during it. We watched a little bit but ya. All the guys have been out on missions way too long. When elsa takes her hair out all the guys started freaking out. Haha it was hilarious but weird as well. Missions can be hard on guys! But ya it was super fun. No one really did fireworks cuz it was cold so that was kinda disappointing. Not much really crazy happened this week it was pretty normal. Like there are lots of little things that happen normally but I cant write about all of that ha. We saw a drug deal go down that was fun. But no I am doing super great and love being out here. My birthday is coming up too I am stoked! Cant believe I am going to be 21 I am super old. We will be having a baptism that day so that will be cool to baptize on my birthday. Then in a week we have another transfer. I am pretty nervous about it we will see what happens. Sorry this is so short but I love you all and hope you have a great year. Remember to make plans for all those goals you set. If you don't then they are just dreams not goals. Ha stole that from the pres. Que tenga buen semana!