Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey Hey

Man so this last week was just great! That change they made was crazy but now we are starting to see the fruits of it. Our ward is massive and there is definitely way too much for us to do on our own. But the members absolutely love us and trust us so much. They ask us to help out with everything. Service, visits, etc... it is great. We really feel connected and close to them, way more than before. Also, we have tons of investigators! We have too many people than we can teach so we have to just focus on the most prepared ones which is hard to do but it is a great problem to have. We definitely are being blessed for our efforts. We have some really great complete families that would be so awesome to baptize. For some reason guys are always so much harder. It seems like we can always baptize families without the dad but getting the dad too is insanely difficult. Maybe we need to sick some sisters on them. I wonder if sisters have the opposite problem ha? But ya guys are stubborn. Anyway nothing super crazy this week happened. Things are just going really well. We go to members and eat like crazy! That is something noteworthy I guess is how much we get fed and how absolutely incredible it is. Like I am going to have to have my wife come down here for a week and learn how to cook. By far some of the best food I have ever had. But there is a price ha. I guess something fun we contacted a lady and she wasn't too interested so we were going to leave but offered to cut her yard. She didn't believe we would but she was surprised the next day when she came home. Anyway now we are teaching her family haha. That was definitely a cool experience gotta love service. But ya we are loving our members and our investigators are so great and as a companionship everything is going great. We need to keep working hard, stay humble, and get better and more efficient. But we are definitely receiving tons of blessings since the change. I hope all is good tho sorry this was very unspecific and completely positive but ya. Ill try to sprain my ankle again to make things interesting. Ha have a great week ya'll!

Monday, April 20, 2015

What up!

Hey so we had such an incredible week it was awesome! Tuesday we had interviews with pres and it was so great. I got to see a lot of my buddies that I haven't seen forever. We also had some super super good trainings from the leaders. It was really fun. My interview was great. He was trying to go fast but it still was awesome. I love having someone so spiritually in tune that just knows how we are doing and what we need. I love it I wish we got to meet with him more often. But there were also some big changes to our stake. Now there are missionaries in only English and missionaries in only Spanish. There is only one stake left in the US that hasn't changed to that yet but I am sure they will soon. I am actually super excited to just stick to one ward going to two causes some problems. But they gave us an entire Spanish ward! We are the only missionaries there and it is crazy. They were shocked they have always just been used to having a lot. We have about 40 active families now. We are going o get fed like crazy!!! But I am super excited there are some good workers in the ward so we are going to get them pumped about missionary work. The other day in ward council they were fighting for us it was funny. We felt special :) but ya lots and lots of work. We also had a baptism this week. We baptized a kid named Brandon and there were also three 8 year olds so that was fun as well. They were all super happy afterward. Baptism is the best! That is about all the highlights. This week was really fun tho lots of good stuff happened. Lots of changes but once we figure it out it is going to be incredible! Pero si les amo muchisimo y espero que tengan una buena semana. Hagan algo diferente y divertido! Chow

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hey whats up todos?
So this week was pretty great there were definitely some highlights. Starting off with Monday. First of all Duke won baby!!! I was so stoked whe I got the text. our stake 1st councilor recorded it for me and put it on a flash drive ha. So ill watch that in 14 months. That morning we found a UNC tie and well, I used it to celebrate. It was super fun I love Duke so much! Earlier that day some members took us to go to south padre island. IT is a famous vacation spot here and it was fun. We got lots of pics but i will send them next week. My ZL forgot his camera... But it was super fun to see the ocean and I got to see a Nissan GTR my favorite car too. It was awesome. We also had transfers and I got a new comp. It sucked saying by to my comp and the other kid that lived with us. I love them so much and miss them. We had one of my favorite transfers for sure. But I should be used to it by now. This is my 7th transfer and my 6th comp. Pretty crazy I am just flyin through em. But his name is Elder Chamberlin and he is from Centerville. He is a big dude. Only 6'2" but he is a thick kid. Especially with all the little Hispanics down here ha. It is funny. But he is a good guy with a good work ethic so we will be great. We had a baptism this week. Her name is Jackie Izaguirre and she was so so so prepared. She went hard on the book or Mormon, got an answer, and saw herself change. Baptizing her was a great spiritual experience and she was so happy after. But ya that was about it. The island, Duke, new comp, and the baptism. It was a fun week for sure. But ya the mission is still incredible and the church is still true. Hope everyone is enjoyed their week and has a great time this week. I get to call home in a month crazy right! But I love ya'll

Monday, April 6, 2015


Man how was everyones weekend? If you watched conference i know it was incredible and the tourney! Conference was so great especially that first session all about families ha. I live with a kid going home soon and he was just recieving revelation for his wife like crazy haha. It is funny how down here it is all about finding a wife. President talks about it all the time and everything we do is applied to it. I cant wait to start making plans or my wife. President does that with us before we die. Pretty cool right? And my boys at Duke are doing work right now. They are definitely being blessed for my service ha. I got the greatest text in the world when they won. Our stake pres is tempting me he keeps inviting me over to watch the game. He is serious but i cant so he is going to put it on a flash drive for me. He is awesome i love him. So everyone keep Duke in your prayers please. But this week was just a lot of great messages and revelation. Well monday we went to the Zoo and it was super fun. Like idk the zoo is alright but just chillin with all my peoples we had a blast. And the animals were fun too. We had a zone meeting on thursday and had incredible trainings. Then we had conference it was just great. Saturday was probably the greatest day ever. We chilled at the church all day just hangin with all the bros, playin the uke, getting revelation, duke whoopin up on MSU, and no real worries for a day. It was the best to just relax and get spiritually fed. That never happens as a missionary! But with conference i am so excited to set goals and make plans for the things i am going to change. Make sure you do that. Its great and all if you watched it but if you dont make plans and change it was a waste of time. So make sure you do that. And how about that 1,2 punch with holland and uchdorf on sunday... super powerful! Idk i am just ver amped about conference it was great as always. Also it is a new transfer and i will be getting a new comp. It will be my 7th out of 16 total and i will be getting my 6th comp. I am just flyin through people. But ya i will let you know how it is next week. Pray i get someone cool please! I love ya'll tho and hope you watch conference over and over and over and really make it benefit your lives. Con mucho amor!