Monday, July 27, 2015

Whats up ya'lls!

Man I missed an incredible week! Shout out to tiffy and the baby I am super happy for you guys! You have a great little family and a lot of testosterone haha just a bunch of guys. Congrats tho sis I love ya! Also Cody my man congratulations on the wedding man! I am happy for you man I hope you have a great honeymoon, it sounds legit! Enjoy the married life. I learned something about that this week. So esposa means wife in Spanish and it also means handcuffs sooooo ya ha. I died when I heard that. And happy B day shout out to my mom and the kids I hope you guys had/have a wonderful day! I feel like there is someone else too so I apologize for forgetting. I cant check facebook ha. But sounds like everything is going super good tho for everyone  that makes me really happy. We had an absolute miracle this weekend. So we needed to have two more baptisms to hit our goal and we had no idea who could be it. Well we talked to some people who we had dropped awhile ago and found out that they wanted to keep learning. It was incredible how much they changed and the lord played it perfectly. At church they decided that they wanted to be baptized it was incredible! That is a terrible explanation of it but it was unreal and such a testimony builder. The Lord always keeps his promises no matter what. It looked impossible but he made it happen its all about faith. Anyway it was a crazy week but it was incredible. The dad who hated us now absolutely loves us and wants to take the step of baptism as well. Miracles are real! Anyway everything else is great too. It is a million degrees outside but we are loving every minute of it. The mish is the best no doubt about it :) but I love you all and hope you have a great week. Happy b day twins! xoxo

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hey ya'lls!
So ya another week down its crazy. Things are going good tho. Summer is finally here it is above 100 everyday it is awful being on bikes. This is how it should be till October tho so I better suck it up. I really do love it it is just not ideal, a car is much more practical ha. We had a miracle this week it was awesome. So these two girls were going to get baptized this weekend but one of them her mom told her she was crazy and all this and told her she cant do it. So the elders and I sent up to see her. We talked for awhile and ended up getting her support as well as a great meal :) it was awesome. The best part tho was watching the spirit soften her heart. I literally saw it happening as we talked it was incredible I love having God on our side ha. But ya it was a definite testimony builder. I interviewed her the next day and she said her mom and her talked and she told her things that she had never heard from her mom before. It was just great. They both got baptized and it was awesome. I also did my first baptismal interviews and they are the best! They are so spiritual and people really open up to you. I had 3 this week so ya it was a good week. But ya things are good just riding around and enjoying the heat :) I hope everyone is enjoying there summer I cant believe it is almost over! Live it up and enjoy it while you can. But I love you all and please keep Cielo Garcia in your prayers! Thanks love ya

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hey como estan?
Hope everyone had a solid week mine was incredible. I am loving being a district leader it is the best. My peeps are so cool all of them and we are really tight. This week we had an unreal amount of success they are working super hard and I have just been super happy because of it. That really has been the highlight of my week just how incredible everyone did. We have lots of good things happening but we need lots of miracles as well. Can you all pray for and put in the temple Cielo Garcia, Jerry Juanita and Miguel Redline, Leslie and Juliana, and Daniel Longoria. Thanks we need a miracle like last time. Honestly they really have been working and I know it will again! Thanks for all the help :) But ya not too much that happened this week. We had interviews with pres and that was incredible as always. I love having a man who receives super specific revelation for you and is there to help you. He is proud of me but I got lots to work on so that's good :) anyway ya sorry about that but ill send some pics. Enjoy and love you all!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hey hey hey!
Well another transfer and I am out of brown town. I am now in Mission and I am in a bike area. My new comps name is elder birrell and he is from Nebraska. He is super cool I love him a ton and he is the funniest kid I have ever met ha. Him and this other kid elder canfield that I live with are ridiculous there is never a serious moment ha. Also I am a DL now and I got a district of 4 elders and 4 sister. My first time working with sisters but I lucked out they are super cool. It has been really fun to help them out and guide them. It is crazy there is only 1 elder older than me aand everone else is younger. I am getting so old out here ha. But ya it has been great I love it. Being on a bike is tuff its the largest bike area in the mission and everything is spread out. We ride many miles a day its annoying how much time we waste but ya. Hopefully I lose some weight :) We are in an English ward too which is alright. Spanish ward is super fun I love speaking Spanish so hopefully I will speak it with my white comp (ya right). But ya things are going great. Sorry I have no pictures we forgot the cord but there is this super cool guy in our ward, literally the coolest man I have ever met, and he lives in like a safari zoo. He has camels and zebras and a zipline over a little lake and the most amazing pool ever. It is my dream house man its incredible. We had a ward party there it was the best. But ya I am just living it up down here going with it trying to figure things out. We will see what happens ha. Love you all have a great week!