Monday, August 31, 2015

Whats up a todos!
Como estan mis amigos!? Man things down here in Texas are great we had such a good week. I cannot explain how much I learned this week it was incredible. We had tons of crazy situations pop up this week so we had to go take care of things. But being with the new calling we dont take car of things directly. It is super wierd but it has been awesome being able to help others do things so they can learn and grow. This is going to help me so much as a father! But ya it was great. We saw a ton of miracles as a zone and we were able to help tons of people get baptized it was awesome. The faith of us all grew a ton. I love my Savior it is so cool how he provides always. I also learned a ton about myself and kinda cracked the code for the weakness God has given me that I will have to overcome my whole life. It is so cool how much you learn out here and it is super you lose yourself you do find yourself. But ya our week was just a ton of stressing running around and doing things which is pretty normal but its great to see how the Lord uses you to bless the lives of others. Those moments are definitely my favorites. Ya idk what else to say. It was a great week for sure with lots of growth and learning but ya. Honestly I am just so thankful to be out here and how much Christ cares about me. Being able to be out here serve asi is the greatest experience ever. Being able to help Christ with his work and in blessing his sheep and being able to learn and grow in the process is just incredible. I am excited to come home and see everyone again but it is going to be a very hard day for sure. But I want to thank you all for your prayers and support in me being out here. I love you all so much and I hope you are being able to progress in the gospel and in your relationship with your savior. And make sure you are always obedient! Have a great week tho and this one should be crazy for me so my email should be good ha. I will be gone doing things till friday night so it will be an adventure. But take care! Que Dios les bendiga

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey que dicen!

Como estan todos! Hopefully you all had great weeks. Mine was definitely one of my favorites of the mission. So Monday thru Thursday we had this meeting called 3 day. All of the leaders in the mission meet up and from 8-4 for 3 days we receive/give trainings. I cant begin to describe how incredible it was. The spirit was unreal and I learned so much. I cant wait to have like 4 more of them the rest of my mission I feel like I have been missing out for the whole 1st year. But ya it was wonderful. We talked a ton about having goals and planning and he did it on setting goals for your future spouse and then making plans to be worthy of her, finding her, etc... It was super trunky but we all loved it. Pres always talks about choosing an incredible spouse. It is definitely the most important decision we make. But It was great to see all my bros in the mission too. I got to work with one of my zls that I lived with for all 3 days it was super fun. We got back thursday night super late then ya. Things as a ZL is are crazy. We have so much that we have to do. Our zone is the weakest in the mission and we are here to change it. It has been a lot of work but it is super cool to see the Lord use you as tools in his hands to overcome things. That was something that was really stressed at the meeting. There are always problems in life and things we have to do. Everyone wants a way to overcome them but really it doesnt matter. Study it out in your mind and look for revelation from God. Then pick a way (make a plan) to overcome it and go. President always says "there are a million ways to climb a mountain. Just pick one." It doesnt matter what way it is what matters is that we execute it with diligence and as we put our faith in the Lord he will make up for what we cant do. I know that this principle is true. I have seen it a million times on my mission. We are so weak by ourselves but God loves us and as we trust in him he will overcome our weaknesses. I love you all so much. Sorry this is a short one. I just learned tons of incredible eternal principles this week...thats all haha. But have a great week and remember to rely on your Savior for everything. He already atoned for you so use that power and help he is waiting to give you. Have a great week!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hey :)

So i ended up getting moved. I did a one and done in Mission pretty sad. I definitely didnt see it coming. So I am now up here in downtown Corpus Christi in a super white english ward. It is super weird I feel like i am in Utah at church and I miss spanish a ton. Any remotely brown person I see i try to talk spanish with them. Hopefully I wont lose too much up here. I also got blind sided as a one and done as a district leader and got called as a new zone leader up here in Corpus. My new comp is Elder Colton Nielson from Utah. He goes home in 5 weeks (I am killing him). This is my first time with an oldie like this so it will be great. Just gotta keep him focused :) But ya i was super sad to lose my district. I absolutely loved them so much it was tough but i had the most epic time has a DL. It was a big district and we were super close and had a ton of success and miracles and we all grew a ton together and ya it couldnt have been any more perfect. I definitely have no complaints. ZL has been fun we have 20 in our zone which is pretty big. They are great tho the only thing i dont like is everyone is really spread out and miles is a struggle so we cant do a ton together. But ya things are going great and I am just jumping in going hard. This week I have met a lot of cool members and we have a couple really cool investigators too. I love getting to know new people its really fun.  We are off to a meeting right now till thursday afternoon. Its a big one that we have every three months i am super excited to go. But ya thats whats going on. Lot of change but i am having a great time as always. I am super excited to be able to help these people up here and as well having more sheep to take care of. It is a huge blessing to be used as a tool in the hands of the lord. I love it it is the greatest feeling ever. I love my Savior so much and serving him is the greatest opportunity. It has brought me so much happiness and I still have lots of time left even tho I know it will go fast. But I love you all and I know you can have this same joy as you serve others and share the gospel. Make sure you dont get too lost in the world and you stay focused on your purpose here in life. As you fulfill that God will pour out his spirit upon you and bless your life. Keep on truckin :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Hey hey :)
Man I had a super good week this week! It was the last of the transfer so it was really sad but we had a great time. It was my first time as a district leader but it was incredible! We grew so so close together and we did everything together it was awesome. We grew a ton together and had lots of success. It couldn't have gone any better it honestly couldnt have. Hopefully we will get to stick together I will find out tonight. Transfers are tough! But ya nothing too crazy happened this week. We have a ton of people who are getting baptized this month so we have been working hard! Also we are trying to find the people who will be ready for next month. That's how it is we help the people get baptized and prepare and look for the people for next month. It is a ton of work but it is great I love it. On Saturday our ward did a service project for this lady we are teaching. Her yard was TERRIBLE I cant begin to describe what it was like tho. We had lots of peeps there tho and we knocked it out it was great. She was super happy! The guy we are baptizing this weekend was in charge of it and he is the greatest I wish you could neet him. He always has tons of energy and he shares the gospel more than anyone I have met. Literally with everyone. He always is like "watchout they will get ya. This stuff is no joke its powerful. You listen to them and you gon be getting wet." Haha he is a hick from Arkansas so that should help draw a picture. But ya I am absolutely just living the dream. I cant imagine anything better right now. But I hope all at home is good and everyone is happy. If your not its a decision so change it! Ha but I love you all and have a great week. Pray I don't get transferred! 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Hey whats up ya'lls!
So another good week in the bag and month for that matter. I now only have 10 months left... what the heck has happened. I cant believe all this the real world will be here in a bit. I really am not too excited for that. I have gotten super weird on my mission getting back will be tough ha. Looks like everyone is doing good tho. The twins are super tall now dang. They have grown a lot. But ya so this week was pretty smooth. We have been with our recent converts a lot. Its funny they don't get the missionary things so they always invite us to go see movies and stuff and want us to just hangout for hours with them. Its funny and they hate all of our rules but ya. The dad will be baptized 2 weeks after he quits smoking and he is super determined. Sunday was his first day off and he was chompin on Big Red like crazy and he was super on edge. He is hilarious tho he reminds me so much of Kaylen I love it. He is a mechanic and is from Arkansas so he is all hick. He is the coolest guy they are a great family. Their confirmation was super spiritual too and they had great experiences so that was cool. But ya everything down here is going great. I got no complaints im just livin it up while I still can. I hope the real world is treating everyone good too! Love you all and have a great week :)