Monday, September 28, 2015

Well hello everyone!
Hope ya'll had a good week. Our was pretty nuts! So i got my new comp Elder Thompson from Alpine. He is a funny kid. He is very different and I love him for it he is awesome. Also this week was very hectic. We worked like 8 hours in our area cuz we were so bust flying around going to help other missionaries with things. It was definitely the most hectic week of my mission. It was super fun tho we got a lot done and saw a tone of miracles with the other missionaries so it was definitely worth it. Lets see what is noteworthy...We are in the process of completely re organizing our apartment! It is great i love it it just takes time which we dont have so we are stuck in the middle of it. We got to go out to the island which was really fun and gorgeous. We had stake coordination which is just the stake pres, mission pres, and us so that was awesome! We had a super good zone meeting as well. We are going through a tough spot as a zone but it helped them get out of it so hopefully they go work hard now. We also got some new super cool people to teach. They love us and one family is already cooking for us so thats a good sign. Things are going super good with the work. Also we got a big island kid who played high school ball so its fun to go at it with him. I get very prideful when it comes to sports but he hasnt beat me yet haha. But ya things are going good. I cant believe Grandma Lindsay passed away tho that is so crazy. I have lost two grandmas in two weeks. I know they are both very happy now and that it was good for them to pass. I love them and cant wait to see them again. I know it is just a short period of time till we will all be together forever. I love her a ton tho as well as Grandpa Lindsay. I have been so lucky to have their love and support in my life. But I hope everyone has a great week and please keep Grandpa Lindsay and the Ferrin family in your prayers. They are much needed. Take care!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hey peoples what up :)
Well I had a super super good week for sure. Monday we went to the aquarium here it was cool. There was a dolphin show that was awesome! We had a really good zone meeting which helped everyone out a lot. We had a training where we used all the gross food in our fridge. We mixed it all in a bowl and made them search for things in it. It was nasty haha but super fun. And our fridge looks great! What else was note worthy...o ya psh how could i forget. The 4 of us in the apartment we each ate a scorpion pepper!!! It is the second hottest pepper in the world. The top is a carolina reeper and then the scorpion. It recked us super hard haha i ate like 3/4 of a gallon of ice cream cuz it just killed. I was the only one that didnt puke but my stomach killed. One of them almost had to go to the hospital it was crazy! Our president always says "dont do stupid things..." we have repented ha. The other thing that has been interesting is killing my comp. He flies home wednesday! But we had been going to the members saying by all week and talking about his plans for after the mish and all that. It is super weird to think about but he is now gone in mcallen and is chillin till he goes home. I get my new comp tomorrow so i am anxious for that. I am hoping this DL gets called up to be my comp he is a hilarious little dude from mexico but we shall see. Transfers are never fun but i am excited to see what happens. Anyway things are going great. This week will be crazy trying to run around and help all the new people out and we have a lot of potential baptisms so making sure those get taken care of and power cleaning our apartment and im sure a bunch of other things will pop up. We are always busy with something but i love it a ton i really do. I am great tho super happy and love the pura chamba. Anyway i hope everyone enjoyed their week and has fun this one as well. Love you all take care!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hey how is everyone!!!
So our week was good. We finally had a full week here in Corpus it was crazy tho. We had a million things we had to do so we were constantly running around getting stuff done. It was super fun tho. This week was kind of a tougher one. We ran in to a ton of crazy problems with members and stuff it is very sad to see. Also the work slowed down for us and we didnt have a week like we normally do. Honestly tho for these reasons it was such a great week. I know all of us, no matter who we are and how strong we are have major trials in life. It happens to all of us. Everyone at home no matter where you are are stuggling with very hard things. I just want to let you know and testify to everyone that I know how much God and Christ love us. They are so perfectly aware of what is happening in our lives and they are there to help us every step of the way. It is the Plan of Happiness and that is exactly what it brings as we live the gospel. I know and have felt so much especially recently the strength and power of the atonement. I know Christ is helping me thru everything that happens in the mission and back home and I know he will do it for you as well. I know that that power comes as we submit to Gods will and do all the little things. Prayer, scripture study, church, magnifying callings, the commandments, family history, fasting, blessings, etc... There are a million tools we have to help us and as we do all these things we will be able to endure our trials with happiness and hope. I just want to let you know how much I love everyone back home and also here in the mission. I hope everyone can have the faith to do these things and be happy and strong in the gospel and their relationship with Christ. This week was great to feel and see that support from my Savior in me and in others as well. Life is a battle but we are meant to win and we will overcome it all if we stick close to Christ. I love you all and I leave you with my testimony that I know life is super hard at times. But I know how wonderful it always is with the help of the Saviors atonement. I challenge everyone to reflect on their lives and the hard things happening in their lives then watch Hollands talk last conference "Where justice, love and mercy meet." As well to read Mosiah 24. But the mission is the best. I am so so so happy and so many wonderful things are happening out here. We are doing a lot of fun crazy changes and we will be so blessed for it i know. But i love you all so much and i hope you have a wonderful week! Que Dios les bendiga :)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Hey hey whats up peeps!
Sorry I am emailing so late we weren't able to use a computer before. But this last week was crazy. So we were gone in McAllen for meetings all day Tuesday-Thursday night. It was super fun chillin with all the bros and getting spiritually fed. Going to all these meetings is just awesome. But ya. We also did service at the national butterfly center here which I guess is a pretty big deal ha so that was cool. See if their are pics on facebook! While we were gone one of our investigators moms told us to lose her number and stop talking to her. She was doing incredible and cuz of that it just ended. It has been sad her support was super good and her testimony is incredibly strong. She wants to be baptized so bad but her mom wont let her. We are still praying for a miracle so please keep Justine in your prayers. Also, on our way home we got a call and one of our missionaries got hit by a car. So we ran to the hospital and luckily she is fine but ya that was a bit of a scare. 2nd time that has happened to me ha. We also had zone conference and it was incredible as always. Our president is just a spiritual monster I am so lucky to be here with him. But it was fun and it helped us all a lot. Anyway the week is going good so far. We have been having lots of fun and we are all trying to work super hard so hopefully we can keep it up and have lots of success like last month. I am going to end this one short but I just want to leave my testimony. I know that Christ loves us all so much and that he is still alive and helps us everyday. I know that as we come to him the happier we will be come. The closer we are the happier we are. It isn't a conditional happiness but a pure happiness that cant be taken away. I love him with all my heart. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve and forget about myself. I love those that I serve and feeling that love that Christ has for others and being used to help him in his work is the best. I know life has all sorts of challenges and problems but as we have that relationship with our savior, choose to have a good attitude, and rely on him he will take care of us. I know that families can be eternal if we keep our covenants and that our friendships here are eternal. I love grandma ferrin so much and I am very thankful for her in my life. She is an incredible example to me and I know that god has their mansion prepared for them. I hope everyone is doing ok with her loss and I will keep you all in my prayers. I love you all so much!