Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Halloween :)
Dang It is crazy when you are re-doing holidays on your mission. It is insane how old i am getting out here i hate it. I loved feeling young on the mish. Getting old isnt fun going home is a crazy thought. I live with a kid going home and i hate thinking about it. I love just being oblivious to the real world with our little group of missionaries and our ward and thinking the only important thing in life is missionary work. Its a great feeling ha. But anyway we had such a great week! Elder Dube of the quorum of the 70 came to evaluate our mission. We had a special meeting with him as leaders on Tuesday and it was incredible! I learned so much about how to be a leader and  ya it was great. He is hilarious. Just this little african dude with a ton of energy and a funny laugh. I love him! Also he came to corpus to talk to our zone on Friday which was really good as well. I really appreciate leadership in this church. There are always people to help us and lift us up. The organization is gorgeous i love it. But we also had interviews with our president which was great and ya. This week was just a ton of meetings ha. Also this hurricane was nuts as well. Biggest ever recorded right? Everyone was freaking out they cancelled stake conference and church and everything and it was weak. We got lots of rain but it wasnt super super bad like everyone expected. It was nice to have a little cold front ha. But ya things are going very good up here. Lovin the mish meeting tons of super cool people and helping them convert. Its the dream! I love you all and hope you have a great halloween! Stay safe and enjoy youselves. Love yall :)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Hey sorry this will be a short one we need to go take care of some stuff. This week was great tho. We as a zone have started to figure things out better and everyone is improving a ton. I love seeing the missionaries here grow it is the best. It was super crazy for us cuz there was a missionary in the hospital during the week. We didnt get to work in our area for 3 days cuz we were trying to take care of everyone else so it was nuts but really fun. He is doing better and is out of the hospital but will have to go home and come back in a bit. MY quick thought is just how wonderful it is to help and bless the lives of other people. There is nothing that  brings more happiness than seeing Christ bless others through you. This week was full of wonderful experiences and I am so thankful to be in a position to help others. I know we all have people placed in our lives that need us. Family members, co-workers, HT and VT assignments, etc... As we get to know others and try to understand them and love them we can be used to help them. I know of the happiness this brings, you cant compare it to anything. I challenge everyone to get to know someone in their lives that they dont know very much and just be a friend. If you do i promise your love for them will grow and you will be able to help them in their lives at this time. I love you all and hope you have a great week. Sorry for the short email :) take care

Monday, October 12, 2015

Whats up peeps :)
Hope everyone had a great week. Man it gets super repetitive i feel like i just emailed home ha. But this last week was incredible! We have seen a lot of hard times in our zone recently. The white rich people are just not the same as the poor hispanics and it is definitely a lot different type of work. So this last week we mad some plans for how to change it and we have just been going everywhere doing studies with people and doing exchanges with other missionaries to show them how to do stuff and it has just been nuts. It is super fun but very hectic. We also had a zone meeting last weekend and it was incredible! John 15 I think is my favorite chapter in the scriptures. It is so extremely powerful especially for missionaries and reading it preparing for the meeting was incredible. We shared it with the zone and it was incredible. Its funny as leaders we try to get all fancy and do crazy stuff to hype people up but there is nothing more inspiring then the words of Christ. By small and simple things will great things come to pass. But ya everything has changed and people are working harder and smarter than ever right now. I love it so much it makes me really happy to see and we are full of faith. There also has been a lot of individual things going on and we as leaders get to help and receive revelation for our missionaries. It is so fun to be in this position to help others all the time. I love it so much! There is no greater feeling than being a tool for the Lord to bless others. This week I feel like we were used a ton and for that reason it was incredible. Monday we went to this old aircraft carrier from the navy its one of the Luxingtons and it was super cool. We had a great time and a member hooked us up so it was free. It was super big too it took like 3 hours to see it all. But anyway it has been a great week. The Lord is blessing us so much and he has helped us and used us so much to help the other missionaries around us. There is no better feeling and i hope each day you look for opportunities to help and serve others. I promise that as you do you and the Lord will become so much closer and he will abide in you. Love you all and hope you have an awesome week! Take care