Monday, March 28, 2016


Nombre this week has been insane! I still have not worked in my area all week. So monday we went up to Laredo to get ready for the zone conference on tuesday. Tuesday we had zone conference and it was incredible! One of the most spiritual meetings i have ever been to and the missionaries learned exactly what they needed to. They all realized what they needed to change and it was perfect! We didnt even give our training because it wasnt necessary so we just bore our testimonies. Also, two sisters, my comp, and I wrote a song on the drive from Corpus back to McAllen last week. We got to perform it for the first time so that was cool. We recorded it if I can i will send the recording. But it was super fun it was the first song I have written. My comp played the guitar, I played the ukulele, and we had an amazing sister sing (we helped her sing a little). Then we did exchanges the rest of the day tuesday it was super fun! Then on Wednesday we came home and I went straight to Harlingen for another exchange. Then after that I went to Brownsville for an exchange. They all three went great and we saw tons of miracles. As well our investigator family that is getting baptized this coming week finally got their marriage license so we can do that. We are super excited to throw a party for them they are the best! Then on Friday we were going to finally work in our area but we got some assignments thrown on us and we also visited a missionary in the hospital who is really struggling. It was an amazing experience to be there with him and help him out. Then Friday night we went back to Harlingen and we just got back rom having interviews with them all day. Anyway we have just been running around like crazy but it has been the greatest week! I love having so much going on and your running all over to get things done. But ya this week has been awesome :)

Really quick to share my testimony I know that the Lord is very aware of all of our needs and is always there to help us. With all of this running around We have seen so many cool miracles where the Lord has but us in the right place in the perfect time. We both just saw tons of things with other missionaries as we were able to be with them and help them. It has been the greatest feeling to be an instrument to help bless these missionaries and I know it is the same after the mission. The Lord is very aware of your problems and is always there to help us. Pray and search for help and he will send those that you need. But I love you all have an incredible week and be sure you prepare super well for conference! Love you

Monday, March 21, 2016

Howdy :) 

Well this week has been super good! We have had zone conferences so we have been going all over the place. This last week the mission didn't do good and so we ran around to meet all of the leaders and see what is up. It was super good to find out everything going on and we were able to prepare super well for each conference. It has been incredible! By far the best zone conferences I remember. President has been going really hard and so have the other leaders and everyone is starting to understand now so things will improve. But it has been super fun to see everyone in the mish. I love all of the people here they are the best! But Ya thats basically been our week. Driving all over having zone conferences and doing exchanges. Its been crazy but super fun. On the way back to McAllen yesterday we wrote a song in the car. It is actually really good we like love it and cant stop singing it ha. So we will be doing that on our final conference. My comp and I have been singing at each conference to help us get over our fears. It is helping but I still dont like it. My comp Elder Ivey is doing wonderful. He is a really awesome kid I love him a lot and we are having so much fun together! But ya thats about it for this week :)
On a more spiritual note a big focus this week has been the importance of love and thats what we have been teaching. The difference between love the noun and love the verb. Or in spanish amar vs. amor. Real love is show through action and you can really feel someones love based on their actions. We all must be motivated by love and if we are we will do so much more than we could before. Christ was only able to go through the atonement because of that perfect love that he had for us. If not there is no way it ever would have happened. We must all have that love and if we dont, pray for it and serve others as an action of faith. Anyway I love you all so much and hope you have another great week in the cold ha. Take care! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Hey whats up peoples :)

I hope everyone had a great week! Mine was super nuts. We just started a new transfer and so we were doing a ton to get that all ready. We got a new batch of greenies and it was super fun to welcome them to the mission and everything. One elder came before everyone else so we pretended that I was the greenie and it wasnt till we got to presidents house that they figured it out. It was super fun tho to get to know all of them and help them get settled in. It took me back to my greenie days and I am super excited for them. They have no idea what they are getting into ha but it is the greatest! Then we had the training meetings to do and transfers and it was super fun. We had to prepare everything and it couldnt have gone any more perfect. Well maybe a little bit but it went super smooth and it felt great to get everyone out to their new areas and working again. Then we had the dead missionary party which was super fun. It was really sad to see them going home...but they all did great and will be awesome people back home. The airport is a crazy experience tho. Then we just went back to work. Yesterday we had a zone conference with a couple zones and it went incredibly well! We all learned a ton and know how to be better. We also had lots of fun and got to do a 20 minute relaxation exercise so that was legit. My companion and I are working on overcoming our fear of singing in front of others so we sang. It went really good but we were both pretty scared. Fears are such a dumb thing ha. But ya thats whats been going on with us. We also are teaching some really great people! This one family is doing incredibly well. They are reading, coming to english class, love us coming over, and have a sincere desire to be baptized. She is having her a son on tuesday so putting their name in the temple would be super cool. Its Eric and Damaris Vasquez. But ya life is great. We got lots of work to do it will be a crazy month but thats what makes serving so wonderful. We just bless the lives of everyone around us :) But I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! 

P.S. Sorry I have no comp is really into video logs and we cant send those. Sorry i'll repent ;)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Whats up fam!

Well this week has been wonderful! I have definitely learned a ton and have a different perspective on things now. This week hasnt had too many highlights so far but we had our leadership meeting like we do the beginning of each month and it was incredible! As a mission we had our highest goal that we have had in awhile and we didnt do as good as normal. We all came to the meeting very humble and repentant looking for inspiration and he gave it to us very straight forward and taught us a very cool principle. He talked about how we need to learn to make the best decision all the time. We are great missionaries and we do lots of good things but we cant just be good, we must be the best missionaries doing the best things all the time. Everyday we have a million choices that we have to make. And we can make a variety from worst, bad, good, best and many others in between. Then he hit us with a big one. "Where do good people go? Good people go to the Terrestial Kingdom. It is not good enough to just be a good person and make good decisions. The Celestial Kingdom is for the great people, the ones who learn to always chose the best decisions." He said something along those lines but in spanish and more eloquent and with tons of power and authority! He talked so much about our character and how we must be the best people. It was really cool. Now with all of my decisions I think "what is the Celestial law here? Am I making the Celestial choice or the Terrestial choice?" I know that his life is all about decisions. We can say so much and make excuses all day and talked about how hard things are, etc... But in the end it all boils down to making decisions. We need to develope a character like Christs which obviously takes time and lots of repentance haha. But understand this has changed my decisions so much! It is super cool as you stop and make that decision with the spirit on what is the best decision. We have seen lots of miracles and I know that as we continue to do our best and always choose the best choice, the Celestial choice, We will be so blessed and the spirit will be so much stronger with us. I have already felt it. I invite you all to try it. To ask yourselves multiple times a day "what is the celestial choice here?" I promise you will feel the spirit pat you on the back and guide your through your life. I also know that the Lord will bless you for trying your best and you will see many more little miracles in your lives. I love you all so much and I wanted to share this with you in hopes that you will do it so you can have and feel the same change that we are having. I love you all a lot have a great week and remember to make the Celestial choice, not the Terrestial and especially not the Telestial! Ha take care