Saturday, May 28, 2016

Well another incredible week! Which is good because it was my last one of the mission. It is crazy to hear that but asi es. It has been crazy tho. So Monday I went up to Corpus and did a three day exchange with them. It was super fun we had a great time and got a lot done to help the missionaries out. I love it up there and so that was good. Coming back tho felt incredible and seeing my companion felt super good. I havent done an exchange that long before so it felt very weird. But since being back has been so great. We have had such a great week and got so many wonderful people that we have been teaching and even found a lot of other amazingly prepared people. I have just loved being a missionary and serving. Seeing how the Lord leads and directs us to bless others is the absolute coolest and best thing ever. I am so excited to apply it to the real world and still be a great tool for him. Anyway I will see you all soon. But I just want to let you all know that I know Jesus Christ really is our savior and that he is so immensely involved in our lives and the lives of others. I know that this is His church and that we have his true gospel to the fullest and that we work through his name and the priesthood of God. I know how important it is to live the gospel and to serve those around us. This life is all about blessing others and I know people can say "well he is a missionary of course he says that." Well missionary or not that is what it is about. That is the gospel of Jesus Christ and that is the perfect example that he set for us. I am excited to apply the gospel as i start my own life. I am super sad that it is winding down. I wish I could be here so much longer I cannot explain how much I enjoy serving a mission for the Lord. But I am very excited to see you all as well. Again forgive me for being weird at first :) But I love you and I hope you have a great few days. See ya'll on wednesday!

Saturday, May 21, 2016


I am trying to get my Wyoming lingo back ha. You might think "what are you talking about your serving in Texas?" Well actually I am not serving in Texas I am serving in Mexico so got lots of weird things about me now. Ha anyway this week was another incredible one! To start off on monday we went and got the marriage license for a family that we are teaching! They are the best we love them muchisimo! It was super fun we got some ice cream after and went shopping for our party later that night and ya. It was a super fun time they are the best. I also went on an exchange to Sinton zone and I went to the farthest northern part of the mission. It was 4 hours away from McAllen and we had an amazing time up there. I also went on another exchange to Mission zone and again it was wonderful. I love going and working with the missionaries and blessing their lives. Lets see what else...well there have been some massive rainstorms and lots of flooding. We had to send everyone home for awhile so it was pretty intense. But the crowning point of the week was the wedding last night! It was absolutely incredible. Everything came together super well and it was perfect. they looked incredible as well and seeing how happy they were it was just great. Never have I seen them so happy and we feel super blessed to have taught and help them get to this point. The wife Nuria pulled us aside at the end and told us that he always said that he would never get married again. And then she was all "look at him now" haha. We laughed it was hilarious the way she said it. But she thanked us and it is so cool to see how the Lord really can change us and our hearts. They will be getting baptized on Sunday so that will be super wonderful! But ya that was the week. They just keep on getting better! I got one more left so we will see what happens but ya. Anyway I love you all so much and I am insanely excited to see you all again. It has been so long! I want to apologize in advance I know I will be weird and maybe not what you are expecting from me but...its what the Lord did to me so get over it ;) haha love you and have a great week! 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bueno! :)

Man I had another insane and awesome week! This week we had a meeting called 3 day. So tuesday-thursday all the leadership met together with president from 8-4. Then after we went and worked together in our areas. It was super fun! 3 day is always a blast because you get to see all of your peeps and it is always an incredible meeting. Our mission president is amazing I love him so much. As well it was our last 3 day with him and obviously my last as well. I got to bear my dying testimony to everyone and it was wonderful. As well we had a very epic ending because it was the last one. It couldnt have been better! 

After we went on an exchange up in Laredo. It was super good I got to work with one of my former companions elder Chamberlin and we had a really good time together. I love that kid so much he is wonderful. We did lots of service including helping a guy unload a ton of stuff for his place at the flee market (he had trailers full) and we helped a poor struggling family with the help of habitat for humanity which I used to raise money for them so that was cool. But ya it was just an amazing week as always. It is shocking to me that I only have two more weeks left. It still hasnt hit and I dont feel any different but I know at sometime it will hit me hard. Anyway I am just enjoying the mission more than I ever have and using my time the best that I can. 

Serving the Lord is the greatest. I am so excited to come home and continue to serve him in different capacities. It is going to be wonderful. But I love you all so much and I hope you have amazing weeks :)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Another week down!

Well I got to make this one quick but it was an amazing week. We did a couple awesome exchanges! They both were super fun and we got to stay in our area so that was nice. For one of them I was with a superstar and it just happened to be our ward mothers day party and he put on a show it was incredible! But ya we had another good hard working week and got a lot done. It was a lot of week of reflection as well and we learned a lot. But ya things are going great with our investigators and the missionaries and everything. For mothers day we drove up to Laredo then I came back and called home which was fun. Then we just drove around and sang to as many mothers as possible before going home. It was fun! And ya calling home was super great to see everyone. It is crazy the differences in two years! But another wonderful week! Hope you mothers had a great day :) Love you

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hey so I have to be quick but this week was awesome! 

So to start off...Elder Holland came to our mission!!! We had to keep it quite but ya. It was so cool to meet him and interact with him a bit. Idk just seeing him was awesome he is the greatest man and everyones favorite ha. He was definitely very intense with us but he did nothing but compliment us as missionaries and our mission. It was the coolest experience i will definitely never forget it. He came with Elder Robbins who is amazing as well. 

After I went to Corpus and worked up there for a couple days. It was a blast it could not have been a better trip we loved it. Then I came back and we went to Brownsville. I stayed and worked in McAllen but we had to go to Brownsville a couple times. Then on Friday we had to go to Corpus again because my son in the mission Elder Garlitz got hit by a car a awhile ago and we needed to get the police report. It was super fun to hangout with him again and talk about old times. I love that kid. Then we got back last night and ya. It has been super fun. We have been in our area a lot this week too so that has been nice. We have so many amazing families right now we both feel so blessed. But ya things are great! Sorry its short but I just wanted to make you all jealous with Elder Holland coming ;) have a great week!