Thursday, June 26, 2014

arrived at the mtc

Hey everyone!

               Gosh you have no idea how excited I am for this moment right now! P-days are the best and emailing is so fun. Please email me it is what we look forward to all week ha. so i will just take you through most the stuff so far. When I showed up to the terminal at the airport there were like 20 other missionaries chillin there. We talked and stuff it was fun. I went to the tallest kid and asked if he played ball. He does so we are tight now ha. The plane ride sucked cuz I couldnt sleep and there was a big chick next to me. When we got to Atlanta the airport was so sick! It is like the nicest mall ever, nicer than the new city creek one. It had crazy stores like Michael Kors and all that. Idk it was nuts. It was fun being with our huge caravan of good looking missionaries and it definitely got people interested in us. We talked to quite a bit of people. The plane ride to Mexico was fun cuz I got to sit next to this way cool kid and hear drunk guys talk to another missionary about the church lol. When we got to mexico it sucked not speaking spanish. I was surprised that more people there didnt know english but ya. O my gosh the trip to the CCM was unreal sketchy! They do whatever they want around here. The whole place is sketchy I am so glad we are in this massive compoound. We always hear cops and stuff.
But when we got here we got our comps. Mine is Elder Vargas and he is way dope. He is the kid I talked to on the airplane the whole time. We just chilled all day, unpacked, and of course played some ball ha. 

              My first real day was pretty fun and insanely humbling. Our teacher is Hermano Cruz and he only speaks english to us. He will speak spanish but only if we cant get an idea of what he is talking about. He is the coolest. We met President Pratt next and honestly he scares me to death. He is a very stern dude and everyone is way scared of him. We had lots of meetings and watched some missionaries teach an investigator. They did so great and the spirit was insane! Later that night we got put into our branches. We did a testimony meeting and our branch pres is unreal. I have never met someone who loves the church more and has a stronger testimony. We have the best branch and I seriously love everyone in it. 

             The next day we had to teach an investigator in spanish! Ya it was super sketchy. We preped for like 2 hours in the morning. Gym was also dope cuz we had a massive game of knockout going on. It is so crazy how many people you meet and stuff most the people are really cool. That night we did the discussion and it didnt go so hot ha. It was pretty rough but it was a good learning expirience. I was extremely low after and really was having a hard time with everything. But then we had a district prayer and it really helped. Our DL is the coolest and most positive kid ever!. 

              Next day we did a district fast and it was crazy how much it helped. I was beating myself up so bad and was like i dont belong here and all that. In class Our teacher told us that we are called of God to do this and that he will help us and I know that is so dumb and obvious but the spirit hit me so hard and I really needed that. Dinner that day was so good and i felt insanely sick from over eating. then we taught our investigator again and it went so much better. We figures out a system and it worked really well. Plus I had one of those moments where you dont know what to say and the spirit just tells you. It was so awesome! I love our distric so much. We have a meeting every night and it is crazy how close we are. We have the best time together. 

               Our 1st sunday was so fun! Church was really cool cuz my districto is the best. After church we had the meeting where they try to make us feel guilty then interview us ha. Then we had a devotional with President Scott of the 12. It was so amazing and he said some stuff that was directly too us. It hit pretty hard. The later that night we watched the testiment which again was just a great expirience. Ok i am like out of time so some highlights. Gym is the best everyday cuz we play soccer in a caged off court and it is so dang fun. We do it every day now. Our investigator lessons have been getting way better has our spanish gets better too. Some cool spiritual expiriences i had were after reading 2 nephi 31:10-11 and that it is gods invitiation to get baptized not ours. We are just the messengers. That hit me so hard and there is so much power in that. Todd Christonpherson spoke to us on the warth of souls which was so awesome! hit really hard again. Gosh idk there is so much that happens its hard to remember everything. It is the greatest expirience tho and we are having the greatest time. Love everyone!!!

                Elder Lindsay