Monday, February 23, 2015

Ay ay!
Whats up ya'll. Another week down and another transfer as well. I am getting old. We still don't know whats going on with transfers ill find out soon I hope. But my comp now is getting a greenie so I know something for sure is happening but ya. Hopefully I don't go cuz this area is the best. Our members are incredible I love them so much! But ya we will see what happens. This week was good tho. I got to go eat at an area 70's house that was fun. We had a really good talk. We really got close to our new members since the change this week. We also had a ward activity watching the testaments. It was really fun and it was my comps b day as well. I got to give him a mordida which you shove cake in their face. It is a thing they do down here idk ha. It was a fun day tho. We ate a ton of food throughout the week and our fridge is full of cake! The people we baptized a couple weeks ago got the priesthood and the other is the new young womens secretary. How insane is that! I am nervous for her but she will learn a ton. Hopefully I am here so I can help her out. But ya. This week I learned a lot more about our potential as sons and daughters of god. It is incredible when you realize what is really going on and how important and eternally impacting every decision is. I am very glad I have realized this at a young age. I know it will help me a lot. But I would just like to share my testimony with you of how important it is to be obedient and serve all the time. I wasn't always the best kid and I have had to learn a lot of stuff the hard way. But I know how incredible it is when we not only keep the commandments but really serve god. My life as changed a ton and I have as well. As you live worthy all the time and serve others at all times and in all places the lord becomes so much bigger in your life and you become like him. That is what we need to be doing. It is not enough to just keep the commandments and that's it. We need to serve others. I have had some great examples of this in my life and one of our members has really helped me a lot too. So I would like to challenge everyone that reads this to do an act of service everyday this next week. I promise that as you do this it will bring you so much joy and you will feel much more desire to follow Christ. Love you all and have a great week full of service!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sup ya'll
How was the week enveryone? And your dia de amor? Hopefully it was good for everyone and you felt special. My comp loves this joke and told everyone so ill share it. Whats the difference between a missionary and a calendar...calendars have dates on valentines day. Ha weak I know but it is true. We weren't able to do too much cuz everyone was out doing stuff. This week was really fun tho. I got to go on lots of exchanges with my leaders it was really fun. This mission produces the best of the best and you can see it. Our leaders are incredible people. But We spent this week trying to get to know most our active members. It was super fun and we have tons of just awesome people and they love us so so so much. I was sad to learn that most of them aren't very strong tho and they don't do a lot of the little things in the gospel. I was pretty sad that night the bishop was like you have no idea. Apparently being a bishop is extremely hard for that reason. But I am super determined to strengthen them so it is going to be good. We are setting goals for everyone and ya. But ya we also had a zone BBQ this week. It was super fun our zone is great and we had 16lbs of meat too. It was incredible we got it from the meat market. No offense but people are soooooo much better at grilling down here. Their meat is incredible they make it an art form. I need to learn how to do it. But we also got super Hispanic. We ate some Mexican helotes (corn) and pickles with hot Cheetos. They eat hot Cheetos with everything here it is ridiculous. But ya that's about it. It was a great week and this one will be even better. O and it is transfers this week so I am really nervous! Anyway love yall and enjoy the week.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Whats up whats up how are things. Things here in the TMM are great! This week was really fun. Super super stressful, but fun. So we got all those changes and now we have a massive are with tons of members. Our congregation is much bigger than the one in Evanston so ya. It is crazy trying to meet everyone and everyone is tells us to come over. We couldn't visit every active member if for every work hour we visited 1 member for a whole week. It is just impossible and especially since we are not focused on chillin with the members. That's not why we are here. They don't get it tho so we are going to have to be creative. We want to meet all our active members and go by our less actives (there are a ton) and find prepared people all at the same time ha. It sounds impossible but there is a way we just need some guidance figuring it out. We have so much to do and I am trying personally to do a lot of things too. It is hard but fun at the same time. It is so cool how you can set a goal of something you want to change or do, go to God with it. and look back awhile letter and see the difference. It is the best and such a testimony builder. I have changed a lot and still have lots more time out here. The mission is the best! But we had a baptism this last weekend! It was awesome we only got to baptize the mom and son but it was great. They were super prepared! They have made so many changes and have changed a lot. I haven't seen people change this much yet it has been super fun to see. They are awesome. They had a lot of worries tho and satan was working hard so it was a very stressful week but it worked out so so great. We are really happy. Now we need to get the rest of the family! But ya our week has been fun. Just getting to know a lot of really amazing people and with a little swim to top it off. But ya this week is going to be super fun! Hope your is as well. And congrats Ryan I am so happy for you man. You will be an incredible bishop! Much love everyone, later.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hey hey
How was everyones week? That superbowl tho ouch. I was going for the seahawks but dang that is a horrible way to lose a game. Why are they throwing it that's what I want to know. Just pound it in! But whats done is done. But anyway my week was incredible but we hit a rock wall yesterday. So we are teaching two families and they are doing great. They are already buying us stuff and feeding us every time we go over. We talk to them everyday and go out to eat and play ball and stuff. Things are going great and they have super strong testimonies. We also are finding lots of people to teach thru them and one of our RC families are doing tons of missionary work as well. It was a super good numbers week and it was fun. Church was great they all came and the son in one of the families got up and bore his testimony. It was crazy we were so stoked! It was really good to and it touched a lot of people. After that the whole ward starting talking about them they were famous. Then in 2nd hour we got into an agency discussion and they opened up a lot and anyway the whole ward (which the Spanish ward is massive) just loves them. I have never seen anything like it but it is great. We have people begging to come to lessons with us. It is unreal how solid their member support is now. And we were already doing a good job before. It was just really cool to see and it really solidified that family. Even tho they still have a ton of changes they need to make. Then we hit the wall. The stake president wanted to make it so there are Spanish missionaries and English not every missionary does both. So we got tons of stuff changed up. We stayed Spanish which we are super happy about but we got an absolute massive area! It is huge like an hour drive from one end to the other. When before it was like a 15 minute drive. And they couldn't give us more miles so I have no idea what we are going to do but we have to make it work. We also lost all of our English members (which tons of my closest people are in English) and got moved to another district. It is tough! But everything will be ok. I know we will see lots of miracles as we rely on the Lord. We don't really have a choice cuz we have no idea what we are doing and it seems impossible. But we know that the Lord never asks anything of us that we cannot do and he will make up for what we lack. It seems hard to believe right now but I have seen it so much on my mission I know it is true. Remember that in your lives. As you put Christ first and rely on him. Things will work out way better. But ya a super great week and I cant wait to see what happens this week. It is going to be crazy! Ha love ya'll