Monday, February 9, 2015

Whats up whats up how are things. Things here in the TMM are great! This week was really fun. Super super stressful, but fun. So we got all those changes and now we have a massive are with tons of members. Our congregation is much bigger than the one in Evanston so ya. It is crazy trying to meet everyone and everyone is tells us to come over. We couldn't visit every active member if for every work hour we visited 1 member for a whole week. It is just impossible and especially since we are not focused on chillin with the members. That's not why we are here. They don't get it tho so we are going to have to be creative. We want to meet all our active members and go by our less actives (there are a ton) and find prepared people all at the same time ha. It sounds impossible but there is a way we just need some guidance figuring it out. We have so much to do and I am trying personally to do a lot of things too. It is hard but fun at the same time. It is so cool how you can set a goal of something you want to change or do, go to God with it. and look back awhile letter and see the difference. It is the best and such a testimony builder. I have changed a lot and still have lots more time out here. The mission is the best! But we had a baptism this last weekend! It was awesome we only got to baptize the mom and son but it was great. They were super prepared! They have made so many changes and have changed a lot. I haven't seen people change this much yet it has been super fun to see. They are awesome. They had a lot of worries tho and satan was working hard so it was a very stressful week but it worked out so so great. We are really happy. Now we need to get the rest of the family! But ya our week has been fun. Just getting to know a lot of really amazing people and with a little swim to top it off. But ya this week is going to be super fun! Hope your is as well. And congrats Ryan I am so happy for you man. You will be an incredible bishop! Much love everyone, later.

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