Monday, February 16, 2015

Sup ya'll
How was the week enveryone? And your dia de amor? Hopefully it was good for everyone and you felt special. My comp loves this joke and told everyone so ill share it. Whats the difference between a missionary and a calendar...calendars have dates on valentines day. Ha weak I know but it is true. We weren't able to do too much cuz everyone was out doing stuff. This week was really fun tho. I got to go on lots of exchanges with my leaders it was really fun. This mission produces the best of the best and you can see it. Our leaders are incredible people. But We spent this week trying to get to know most our active members. It was super fun and we have tons of just awesome people and they love us so so so much. I was sad to learn that most of them aren't very strong tho and they don't do a lot of the little things in the gospel. I was pretty sad that night the bishop was like you have no idea. Apparently being a bishop is extremely hard for that reason. But I am super determined to strengthen them so it is going to be good. We are setting goals for everyone and ya. But ya we also had a zone BBQ this week. It was super fun our zone is great and we had 16lbs of meat too. It was incredible we got it from the meat market. No offense but people are soooooo much better at grilling down here. Their meat is incredible they make it an art form. I need to learn how to do it. But we also got super Hispanic. We ate some Mexican helotes (corn) and pickles with hot Cheetos. They eat hot Cheetos with everything here it is ridiculous. But ya that's about it. It was a great week and this one will be even better. O and it is transfers this week so I am really nervous! Anyway love yall and enjoy the week.

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