Monday, March 30, 2015

Hey hey whats up!
Mandee you had your baby that is so awesome! Man i am so happy for you and that everything worked out. She is gorgeous. I hate not being able to be there for that but i am so excited to com meet her in about 14 months. Congratulations guys. I am doing good we had another really fun week. We have a solid amount of investigators like as much as we can handle. And some of them are really progressing a lot so that is very exciting. We have really been focusing on them a lot. But we also had a wedding this past week. There was a member living with an investigator so we had a wedding so he could get baptized. It was super fun we loved it. It kinda made me trunky i am super excited to get married but i still got lots of time here. We also had a baptism on sunday. It was the other elders but we all played a part in it so we kinda feel like he is ours too ha. But some investigators were supposed to come to church and they didnt so we went to go get them. Turns out their grandpa wouldn't let them go till they finished cutting up a tree. So we said how about we stay and finish it and they go to church. So they went and we stayed and chopped it up with a little machete. It was fun we made it really fun and they got to go to church and now the grandpa loves us. We went to church super dirty after ha but it was great to see them in class at church. That was about all the highlights this week. It was a super fun one tho we had a great time with all of our peoples. I love serving a mission it is the best. But sorry i am short on time. I love everyone and hope this week is great as well. Disfrutrenla!

Monday, March 23, 2015


How was everyones week? I hope it was good. Mine was pretty solid for sure. It went by kinda slow we had a lot of rain days. One was pretty bad. But today is back into the 80's and not a cloud in sight. I am super scared for the summer ha. But this week we had a huge miracle happen. So we have been working with this family and they are great. They are active but lacked doing the little things. So we have been working with them getting them to read and pray as a family and individually and they have been doing great. Well this weekend they left town and came back and they had a little surprise for us. They finally got married!!! They had been living together for a long time now and they said their desires to live the commandments have grown so they decided to do it. We were freaking out ha it was awesome and now we get to help them to get to the temple. There are few things that bring more happiness than that did. Also we have been reactivating a RC family and one of the daughters (20) had a change of heart. I guess missionaries have been working with her forever but she never was interested. Well how she is and we had an incredible restoration lesson. It just all clicked for her (thanks spirit)! Well she has been reading the BoM for a week now and is already in like 2 nephi 10 I think. She has been great and we are super excited to help her come to Christ! We have also found a couple other great people. The lord is really just blessing us with prepared people it is great. Other than that it was pretty normal. Me and my comp rewrote a T-swift song in Spanish ha. It is hilarious! We are going to sing it for the ward talent show. But ya that is about it. Everything is going great down here. Other than the weight I have gained everything is perfect! I need to start working out and not just playing ball ha. But ya hope everyone has a great week and start prepping and getting your questions ready for conference. I cant wait! Have a great week. Les amo

Monday, March 16, 2015

Whats up ya'll!
Well this week was a good learning one for sure. I learned a very valuable lesson that hopefully I never forget. So last Monday everyone in our house we bought ukuleles so that we can learn and sing for people. Well they have kinda been taking over our lives ha. This whole week during studies and stuff we have been playing stuff and wasting lots of time. My comp bought a T-swift book so we have been singing lots of taylor swift as well. Our favorite is trouble ha. The beginning of the week was really hard for us. Everything was falling through we didn't find anyone, got a bunch of doors to the face, etcetc. Well some things happened in on of the districts in our zone so the AP's had to come take care of it. Afterward they did a training about obedience and pride. It was super good and while it was directed at others it hit me hard. We realized that our focus was not where it should have been. We had a heart to heart and got refocused and did some good repenting. Literally the next day we found this super awesome and prepared family and we had an incredible lesson with them. We were freaking out we were so happy. We also have lots of families going through hard stuff right now and we started working with them to help them out and we could just see the lord using us to bless their lives. It was just the most incredible day. The day after (yesterday) we got a text saying that a guy just moved into our area who has had almost all the lessons and wants to be baptized! Like just miracles on the left and right. It was so incredible and my testimony on obedience has grown so so much. I know that as we live the commandments and are worthy of a temple recommend that God blesses us and takes care of us so much. It also brings such a different level of happiness. I cant explain to you how great the past two days have been and how happy I have been. If there are some things in life that you need to straighten out just do it. Repent and move on. You will be so blessed as you do. I love you all so much and hope this week is a great one. It is a choice whether or not it is a good week so make that choice and make the best out of every opportunity. Much love!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hey whats up whats up. Another week is down in the books. I feel like I was just emailing a few hours ago... weird how time goes by so fast. I have been out with 8 months already! Well this week started off rough then had a 180 degree turn and was incredible. So our area still wasn't where we wanted it and organizing it is taking forever it was testing my patience ha. I also had a couple bad obedience days. One night we stayed up till like 2 talking and telling stories from back home which thinking about home is not a good thing. Then the next day a member took our house out to buffalo wild wings and it was crazy. I was doing good but then someone starting talking about sports and it was like I was the hulk. I couldn't stop it and that side of me just came out. We went hard talking about sports and all and I just felt super guilty after. I wasn't focused at all and it was bad. Then we had zone conference with president so I really had to prepare hard spiritually to be ready for that. Thank goodness for repentance right! Well it was incredible. I had some questions and stuff in mind about the area. I guess I was kinda confused. But the thing president talked about were just so perfect for me and exactly what I needed to hear. Then the spirit gave us lots of specific ideas and things to do and I know we are going to have so much success in this area now. We are going to take it from nothing to a land mine field we are really pumped. I just hope I stick around long enough to see the fruits. But ya it has been great since. Now we have a better vision, goals with plans, and a solid direction where to go. It is great I feel so much better now ha. But now all we need is to execute it everyday which is a lot easier said but we will get er done. Another exciting thing is I am going to learn to play the ukulele. We have a couple kids that can play in our zone and my comp is a beast on the guitar so we are going to go hard. But ya things are great here I am super happy and ya everything is awesome as always. The mission is the best! Love ya'll and have a great week! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

got transferred

Hey hey!
So crazy stuff happened and i got transfered! I am now in brownsville and idk my address but i will find it out. I found out monday night at 10:50 that i was being transfered. I have never seen transfers take so long it was unreal. So i didnt get to say bye to too many people which was really sad but i had taken some pics just in case. So i got transfered to a place like downtown brownsville and my new comp is on his 3rd transfer. This is my first time being senior comp and he doesnt speak much spanish so i am kinda on my own. He is great tho i love him so much. He is related to Elder Packer of the 12 and his name is Elder Packer as well. Anyway I got down here Tuesday afternoon and we live in a house. It was donated by a member and it is awesome! I will take pictures this week for ya. Brownsville is gorgeous! It is super tropical and there is just vegetation everywhere. In our back yard we have a banana tree, lime tree, and a couple other ones. It is super cool. We live with our zone leaders and they are super cool. We have a good time thats for sure. One of them went to utah state with me. I didnt really know him but we had some of the same friends. We also play basketball like 5 days out of the week as a zone. It is awesome i love it. The lord really knows me well he keeps putting me in situations like that. Basketball is my release so it helps a lot. We had a baptism this last week too. The kid is super cool. His family still needs a lot of work and they have no friendship really but we will change it. This area is great tho and i am super excited to get going here. The area is super unorganized there wasn't even a white board or a list of members or nothing. WE are having to start from scratch but i am going to make it one of the most organized places in the mission. WE have been dedicating a lot of time to that but when we are done it will be worth it. Hopefully i am here to see the fruits. This week was awesome tho i had lots of great experiences and have really felt the hand of the lord more than ever. I was pretty nervous to be with someone so young in the mish. But it is super cool how the lord has lifted me up. I feel like i have been speaking and doing things well above that which i am capable. I know that he is helping me a ton. It has been so fun and such a testimony builder to become so much better with the help of God. Also i had one of those massively strong spiritual experiences where i really just felt the love that God has for me and that he is right here with me. I love being on a mission and the spiritual level we are at. This week was incredible and i feel like there is nothing i cant do. I know that as long as i keep working hard, stay obedient, and stay humble we will have so much success. I hope everyone else had a great week and turn to the lord always. Let him lift you up so you can do more than you thought was possible. Love ya'll have a good one.

O and i forgot. I am in a car area and i have the driving privileges. Just thought everyone would like to know that and keep the people of Brownsville in your prayers ha.