Monday, March 30, 2015

Hey hey whats up!
Mandee you had your baby that is so awesome! Man i am so happy for you and that everything worked out. She is gorgeous. I hate not being able to be there for that but i am so excited to com meet her in about 14 months. Congratulations guys. I am doing good we had another really fun week. We have a solid amount of investigators like as much as we can handle. And some of them are really progressing a lot so that is very exciting. We have really been focusing on them a lot. But we also had a wedding this past week. There was a member living with an investigator so we had a wedding so he could get baptized. It was super fun we loved it. It kinda made me trunky i am super excited to get married but i still got lots of time here. We also had a baptism on sunday. It was the other elders but we all played a part in it so we kinda feel like he is ours too ha. But some investigators were supposed to come to church and they didnt so we went to go get them. Turns out their grandpa wouldn't let them go till they finished cutting up a tree. So we said how about we stay and finish it and they go to church. So they went and we stayed and chopped it up with a little machete. It was fun we made it really fun and they got to go to church and now the grandpa loves us. We went to church super dirty after ha but it was great to see them in class at church. That was about all the highlights this week. It was a super fun one tho we had a great time with all of our peoples. I love serving a mission it is the best. But sorry i am short on time. I love everyone and hope this week is great as well. Disfrutrenla!

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