Monday, December 29, 2014


Hey peoples! 

Man this week was pretty incredible. Probably the best week of the mish so far! So to start off. The 24th and 25th were crazy but awesome! We ate like crazy like everyone we visited wanted to feed us it was pretty rough. But we just went around to everyone and sang and shared a little christmas message and ya. IT was really fun and the people loved it. I cant tell you how many people recorded us ha it was kinda weird. But ya we really did have a great time! I want to thank everyone for the gifts and letters that i got for christmas. It was super nice to see all the people that still havent forgotten about mi yet. Hopefully next christmas it is the same thing. But we had a great time and i have enough snacks to last mi a lifetime ha. I just snack all the time when i am home now it is pretty bad. Christmas on the mish is the best tho because you just go out and focus on other people and making them happy. That is what really made it so great. I definitely wnat to keep that up for the rest of my life. We got to do something really big for this one way poor family with the help of a member and it was super special. Hopefully it made a big impact on them. We also had a baptism this last week. It was great and it was a less active part member family so her dad got to do it for her which is always awesome. Unfortunately he cant confirm her but it was great seeing how happy they were as a family it is stuff like that keeps us working hard. O and calling home was super cool it was awesome to see everyone. I miss you guys a lot and cant wait to get home and hangout with everyone again. But the time is going by fast and being out here is amazing. I will be home soon enough. But i love ya'll so so so much have a fun new years dont get too crazy. Have a great week and fast sunday! Con mucho amor

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey feliz navidad a todos!
Como estan! I am doing great this last week was awesome. I forgot my journal today so this might be a short one but ya. So Last P day was decent. We email at a college and it is kinda fun to be in that environment again. I actually kinda miss it a little. But today everyone is gone. Anyway what happened this week...Ha shoot ya this is going to be a short one. All I remember is what is going on with my peoples which I guess is good but that is not as interesting for you guys. Well I got to see my last three baptisms this last week. We are teaching one of their cousins so they all came up for the lesson to say hi. Unfortunately someone scared her off by mentioning she has to get married before she can get baptized ha. But it is ok she will have plenty of opportunities to find the gospel. I will probably go back in a bit as well. But it was really fun I miss them. Anyway we found quite a few of super prepared people thru some members this week and things are going great with them. Finding thru members makes a massive difference so help out your missionaries. This area has a million part member families that are less active so we are going to have to fix that ha. But we are really focusing on strengthening our members right now. That will bring a lot more opportunities and it will be good to build some strong relationships too. We have lots of members asking for us to come over so it will be hectic but I am excited. We have lots of cool people so ya. Sorry I really don't remember any of the things that happened this week and I know there were atleast a couple note worthy things sorry. But ya the work is great I love being out here so much. Actually I had a nightmare that I was home one night. I woke up and was super happy it was a dream ha. No offense to everyone I really want to come home just in another 18 months not now. The mission is where it is at and it is going by super fast. But I love you all and thanks so much for everything and all the Christmas support :) Love ya'll and have a great week!!! Cant wait to Skype!!!  

Monday, December 8, 2014


Ok so I got some news I actually ended up getting transferred! Monday night we went out to work and we got a call. They told me to start packing my bags and that I was leaving in the morning. It was a heart breaker I was in shock. They never do that idk what happened but ya. So we said bye to everyone then I packed up all my stuff. I got done at like 3 ha. It was insane. I am now in Donna and Wes Laco. We have all of donna and the southern part of Wes Laco it is a huge area! We actually took over another area so ya. We have a car which is nice but we don't have many miles. Hopefully I don't get too fat since I wont be using my bike much ha. Which is good cuz it has some problems. But my new address is 2011 Bridge Ln. Unit #7 Donna, TX 78537. Still send stuff to the office but just so you all know. Our apartment is brand new pretty much and it is super nice. Probably the nicest in the mission. It is a two man now cuz we have both areas so it is huge for us. I love it tho it is great. Having a two man is super weird and not has fun for sure but I got a cool comp so it is all good. His name is Elder Rodriquez and he was born in Peru but grew up in SLC. He speaks good Spanish and has a good accent. So hopefully mine gets better. But this week was kinda hard with it being my first transfer and all. But I all ready love the people here so much and we are going to have a great transfer for sure. I have a lady in my ward who lives in Evanston in the summers so that is super cool. You will have to meet and talk to her. Also there is a member here that has a missionary out and she would do anything you want as far as pictures and videos and stuff. Actually we will probably Skype at her house so start coordinating that now with her please cuz im not allowed to. Her last name is Jess and she lives in Wes Laco. Idk her first name but her husbands name is Rob Jess so ya find them and get ahold of them por favor. But ya the work is great and I couldn't be happier. I love it out here! I love you all too thanks for everything. Enjoy the Christmas season and Christmas break!

Monday, December 1, 2014

happy thanksgiving and christmas season

Happy thanksgiving and christmas season everyone! Gosh this is such a great time of the year i love it. We can finally listen to christmas music so we have been bumping to Michael Buble christmas all day ha. I will have that whole CD memorized in two days i love it ha. So thanksgiving was super great but at the same time it really sucked. Going into the day we had 5 food appointments set up with our favorite members and we were super scarred. That morning we all drank a gallon of water in less than an hour to stretch our stomachs out and it worked. My stomach was massive and i felt like dying. I cannot describe the pain i had it was horrible and Ya our whole apartment just layed around moaning haha. But after a couple hours we were fine. I cant describe how much we ate either it was insane. The members down here always feed us too much and we only ended up eating at four places but still it was incredible how much food i had. We felt terrible that night ha it was just a really tough day. But it was super fun too. I only took pics at one house cuz i always forget but ill send em. We had a talent show this last friday at the stake center and it was super cool. Again i forgot about my camera. I was mad i didnt record some stuff cuz it was super cool and super mexican ha. But ya we loved it. Also it is a new transfer today and i am still stickin around with my step papi. We are super excited to be here the city is going hard on this massive christmas show and stuff it is awesome! Idk there is so much going on with that you will just have to wait and see. But this transfer goes to my birthday so ya like all the main holidays are here in my greenie area. I am pretty surprised i stayed but super excited for sure. As far as the work goes we have been having a harder time. People are not progressing as well but we got plans to change that so we will be getting a baptism soon. We have really been focusing on strengthening our members more and it has payed off. They are all doing super good and they love us so much. Like it is crazy how close we are with them and we have to fight daily to not get fed from all of them. Ha i love it but there are consequences... the food is incredible but super bad for you here. But ya this week has been on of the best ones of the mish for sure. We got some new exciting things happening with the work and all this great stuff it is just awesome i am definitely at a high point. Thanks everyone for the emails and for supporting me out here. It is nice not being forgotten yet. I am super stoked to call on christmas. Dont know how it will work out yet but ya. Anyway i love you all so much and enjoy the christmas season!

Monday, November 24, 2014

share the gospel

Hey que dicen!
          How is everyone doing!? Gosh this last week went by so fast I feel like i just barely emailed ha. But it was a really good week for sure. It was really hot we have been getting into the 80's so that has been nice for sure. Thanks mom for the christmas package all the elders were freaking out cuz how big it was. I just thought it was my clothes but you hooked me up fat. Thank you so much I cant tell you enough how happy it made me. I opened the jacket and ear muffs cuz i need those but i am saving the rest for when i am supposed to open them. It was a super hard decision but ya ha. This last wednesday we had mission tour which is where someone comes and evaluates our mission and tells us how to be better. We had Elder Foster of the 70 come and man that guy is full of power. He changed so much stuff up and was calling out president to change all this stuff. We were all shocked ha. But he taught us some really good stuff especially about working with members and who we actually are. It was awesome. This last friday we had our ward thanksgiving party and that was super fun. Our church is tiny so it was rediculous trying to get everyone in there but it was awesome and the food was incredible. Those are like the only two major things that happened this week. We found tons of new investigators so that was nice. We kinda started over in our area because tons of bad stuff had been happening. Just lots of bad luck so we are just steping back and starting again. This is the last week of transfers and i think i am going to be shipped out next week. I wont know for sure till next week but idk i probably am going. We will see but i am super nervous. I kinda want to but i love the people here. We have the greatest members but ya we will see what happens.
Just real quick i want to let you all know the lords vision of the work. Right now when people think of missionary work they think of the missionaries and the members help out every so often. That is how it is but that is not how the lord wants it done. He want it to be the other way around. The members do all the work and the missionaries just help them out. That means that members need to take control. Start praying for strength and opportunites to share the gospel. Ask the missionaries how to do it they would love to help you and do some role plays. We do those everyday ha. But ya just wanted you all to know that that is how Christ wants it so get going on that. But i love you all so much. Have a great thanksgiving and enjoy the football and nap! Love ya'll

Monday, November 17, 2014

getting cold

Que dicen!
So it was another super crazy week down here. It is oficially freezing. It has been getting below 32 and we are out on the bikes man it is crazy. I didnt bring anything for this weather so i have been freezing really bad. Thanks mom for sending my stuff tho I didnt think i would need boarding gear in texas ha. O and congrats of the wedding! Glad everything is working out. But this last week we went to the pulga aka the flee market but hispanics. It was pretty cool and really big. But i guess it was nothing compared to the one one sundays. Like we have a hard time getting people to keep the sabbath because of it. Our baptism didnt happen. Like it is a massively long story but satan is working really hard against us. He even came in the flesh for these people ha. I got to work in a trio like all week which was super weird. I feel like we are jumping people and they got kinda freaked out when we bike up to them and surround them ha. But it was fun to learn from each other and all. Like this week was insane and so much stuff happened i cannot even begin. But ya it was just insane stuff like we were getting knocked back on our heels all the time, freezing, and lots of food. We have been getting fed like crazy recently our fridge is stacked! I love it but i gained quite a bit of weight this week ha. The some total in two years is going to be gorgeous. Ya sorry not much to say i can explain it all but with all the stuff that has been happening and the weather i still am having a great time and love just about every second of it. When it rains is probably the only time i am not happy ha it is terrible. But thanks for all the prayers and emails i love hearning from everyone. Sorry i never really get to respond to anyone i am a really slow typer and it is hard in an hour. Especially right now cuz i cant feel my fingers ha. But I cant wait to hear back from everyone and have a great week!

Monday, November 10, 2014

enjoy life

Man so this week was insane! We had lots of stuff happen it was really fun but kinda tough. So one of our favorite members is really into making cakes and decorating them. She is in classes like Kylie did. But she is super proud of it so she always hooks us up with cake. It is super dope we love it. This week was pretty cold. It is nice but i have absolutely zero cold gear so t has been kinda rough. What really sucks is when it rains! Like I can handle being cold but being soaking wet on bikes all day in the cold is not too pleasant. Idk for some reason it is fun tho. You just learn to enjoy everything. So we were supposed to have a baptism this weekend but some things happened. Like we tried to get the boyfriend to move out and he got super mad and caused a million problems. Like it is a mess now and it has been insane and ya. But we have faith it will workout. We rode in a members truck and he had two subs in there and showed them off to us. He was bumping to some techno for a bit. It definitely took me back to days before the mish haha. It was just one of those trunky moments. Lets see what else. Today we went to a pulga which is just like a flee market but hispanics ha. It was fun for sure. I bought one of those return balls that you throw and it is on a string and comes back. I loved having that has a kid throwing down the hall. I remember the day it broke i was super sad so i am stoked to have one again ha. But ya I am having a great time down here. The work is going super good we have too many investigators to handle which they say is a good problem. I am really embracing the culture too which makes it funner. I am turning into a little mexican. I love sketchy little taco shops and i put hot sauce on stuff all the time now ha. But ya it is great.
I am going to do a super short little lecture this time but just learn to enjoy life. Just be positive no matter what and you just look at life and the world differently. It is definitely a process and i am just starting but it is great and I love it. Just be happy! Love you all and have a great week, Enjoy the snow jajaja

Monday, November 3, 2014

Que tal!
How is everyone doing? Hope you all had a good week. Mine was great! It was super fun but kinda stressful as well. On wednesday the ward did a trunk or treat and it was great. Tons of people came and we got lots of investigators, less actives, and a family who just moved into our area there. It was like perfect. But they also had mexican corn there which was a big hit. It is corn on the cob and just loaded with tons of stuff. It was really good actually i liked it a lot. But everyone down here is obsessed with the stuff its funny ha. There are like ice cream trucks down here but they are Helote (corn) trucks ha. And they are EVERYWHERE!!! They all play this same annoying song too but now i think i might stop one and buy some ha. Halloween was kinda lame. We had to be back at our place at 6 and they wouldnt let us go chill at a members house or anything. So we worked till six and planned for the next week for three hours instead. We made it fun but still it was a bummer. Our investigators are progressing great and we should have a baptism this weekend actually. Well we hit a road bump that is pretty big, she lives with her boyfriend ha. But hopefully we can take care of it and get her down. Also, last night we received a miracle referral about just like the most prepared person ever. So we are pretty stoked for that. O and we are teaching a guy who speaks English and he is smart. He is a chiropractor. But it is totally different because most the people we talk to are not educated. It is super fun tho we are excited about it. But ya everything is going great! I love being out here it is an absolute blast and this month is going to be awesome.
So this week the lesson I learned was about getting lost in the service of others. Everyone says that on your mission you need to forget yourself and just serve with everything. Well I had been praying for this and this week I really saw a big change. Like nothing super great happened this week but it was probably one of my favorite weeks. Looking back i was just so concerned about our members and investigators and i really didnt think about anything or anyone else. It is crazy how much happiness that brought. So i guess the lesson I can pass on is get lost in serving others. Get lost in serving your family, coworkers, friends, people in church, etc... It brings so much happiness and personal satisfaction as we do it. Also, we ourselves grow a lot. I definitely became a better missionary this week. It is super cool how it works and it is like a little secret to being happy. I am so excited to continue to grow that and just serve others as much as I can. I love this gospel and this church so much. The direction it gives us and happiness that comes as we follow it is incredible. Serve and you will be happy. Love you all and have a great week!

Monday, October 27, 2014

set goals

Que Paso!
Whats up how was everyones week? Mine was really great we had a blast. No baptizms again which means this is my first month without getting wet. But we got a solid family for next month so it is ok i guess. And we reactivated a couple families so that makes up for it! But ya it is the first week of a new transfer. Tons of stuff got mixed up and lots of my really good buddies bailed. One even died! (Went home) Basketball is a lot weaker now and ya it is pretty sad i wont be seeing them anymore but it is ok it is always a party out here. This last week we walked like the whole week so that was kinda fun. We got to talk to tons of people and now we have lots of potentials but I got some pretty good blisters on my feet ha. It really made me appreciate the bikes that is for sure. We had our first interviews with president this week. I love seeing him and talking with him. He is just a spritual giant. But he gave os lots of guidance and he gave me a few chapters to read. I have read some and it was incredible how helpful it was. I really got some good inspiration for our area so hopefully we see some fruits from that. Saturday we had a wedding/baptism! It was super fun and we had lots of member support. It really was a blast just one of those good mish memories for sure. Also this sunday was the primary program soooo ya it was an amazing sunday. We laughed literally the whole time and it was just so crazy and so many funny kids it was a blast. Definitely my favorite sunday so far. This week was just super fun tho. I love talking to people and getting to know new people. Our members and investigators are just so great. I love them so much and just care so much about them. It makes it really fun for sure. The day I get transfered is going to be terrible! But ya I love the mish it is a great time.
So the thing that hit me this week was the importance of planning. In my interview we talked about it a lot and it is just so essencial! We need to plan for everything and have goals as well. I started setting personal goals, comp goals, language goals, study goals, etc... We need to have goals for every aspect of our lives. Then we need to make plans to accomplish these gaols. It is kinda hard and takes time but it works. Then take your plans to the lord and tell him what you would like him to do for you. Plead for his help with whatever it is then work hard. It is really not an easy thing to do and we are not good at it. But it works! I feel such a difference in our work and i am sure we will see fruits from it as well. This is not just a mission skill tho we should do this when we get home as well. If we do then we will see lots of success. So ya that is what i am really working on right now and it is great. You all should try it and see how it helps your life flow better and recieve more blessings as well. It is crazy how much Christ intervienes in our daily lives. But I love this church con todo mi corazon and i know without a doubt it is true. I am so thankful to be a part of this work it is such a big blessings and thanks for all the support. Love ya`ll and have a great week

Monday, October 20, 2014

So this week was pretty crazy! First of all it is another transfer and my whole district is staying so that is great. That means we get to spend Halloween and Thanksgiving together with members that love us so it will be great! I am super stoked. This week was pretty normal as far as the work goes but tons of stuff went down with different members. I cant really explain any of it because it would take forever but ya. Just tons of bad stuff has been happening to our members, RC, investigators, and my ZL went home for some medical stuff. It has just been an insane week trying to help everyone one out. I love being out here and being able to help people through these tuff times. It is hard and you wish you could do something but we cannot physically do much. Just through out this week putting your trust in God and turning to him as been a big focus for us and all these people. Bad things always happen even to the best of people. Lots of them have been questioning why me what did i do to deserve this. I love Matthew 7:31-34. It says to not worry about little things like food and clothing and all that. He knows our needs and will help us. As long as we keep him first everything will be ok and he will take care of us. I know this is true, I am seeing it right now with all of these people down here. Somehow things just work out if they are doing what they are supposed to. So ya just no matter what happens turn to him. It is why we have trials and it is what he wants to see from us. As we do we will grow and everything will be ok. But I love being out here. I had a day where we were not able to go out and work cuz my comp was sick and it was horrible. It was a taste of real life just hanging out around the house ha. I definitely do not miss that. Time is going by fast tho! But I love you all so much and I am so thankful for all your prayers. Please write me I will be at my place tillDec 2nd so I would love to hear from you all. Sorry no pics. Good luck with winter haha!

Monday, October 13, 2014

seeing people as they really are


Gosh another week. It still shocks me how fast they go by. This week was super fun tho and really crazy too. We had some super weird things happen. We got to watch Meet the Mormons this last tuesday. All the missionaries got a early look at it. We felt pretty special. It was super good tho. I loved the begging there were so many funny things. I am not a Simpsons fan but i think that one was the funniest. It was really good tho I liked it a lot. It didnt really have much spiritual stuff in it but it will create a lot of curiosity about the church which is super great. I hope they release it in spanish so the people down here get it as well but ya. I got some super hardcore chills from the football game part. I miss playing so bad! And the last one with the kid going on a mission. It was kinda cool to live that again. But I am dying to go see it again but they wont let us. So when it comes out I expect someone to send it to me asap so I can watch it again. Lots of little cool things happened this week. Just some great lessons and spiritual moments they never get old. But to the interesting stuff. Idk I dont want to really get into it but we have just been meeting with some great people in weird situations. Like we visit a member who is addicted to drugs every day and that is interesting. We are teaching a cross dresser. We have been cleaning up a situation with some false doctrine. We are working on a poaching situation. Ha it is just insane everything that is going on right now. It is super fun tho and I am growing a ton. I just love being out here.

So something that has really stuck with me this week is seeing people as they really are. It is super easy to judge people, super easy. And as we do that we put up so many walls and just seclude certain types of people from our lives. I have just really learned to love everyone this week. We are all bro's and sisters and have so much in common. Everyone is super cool and as you get to know them you will see that. Most of this is just personal to me but just try to not put up walls. Talk to everyone and just put yourself out there. You will feel make so many neat friends and could help bring them into the gospel. As I have done this I have gotten so much happier and have grown a lot and I know you will too. So just be nice to everyone and make a new friend this week. But I love and miss everyone so much! I hope everyone is doing good at applying conference to their lives. If not, do it. Thanks for all the support tho and try to enjoy life. Love ya

Monday, October 6, 2014


Hey everyone!
How did everyone like conference? I was super excited and it certainly didnt let me down. It was incredible especially those Saturday sessions. Those are always the best. It was so nice to not worry about spanish or teaching or anything for two days and just get spiritually jacked. I loved every second of it it was incredible. And gosh there were just some incredible talks! This week was actually pretty tough. We have so many investigators that are super good including that huge family. They have great desires and I love them all so much but they are all so lazy. Like non of our investigators will do the work required to know if this is true. It is extremely hard because we know how incredible this gospel is and we love them and want them to have this in their lives but they just wont put in the work. I cannot imagine how Christ and God feel if it is so hard on me. So this week we are going to have to throw down but I really hope they get it in gear. Nothing really major happened this week tho other than conference. Just the normal daily work. I love it so much tho it really grows on you. It is going to be hard coming home and not being so involved but luckily i still have 20 months before i have to worry about that ha. But I would like to hear about everyones thoughts about conference. What hit you and all that. I wont ask you to pick a favorite cuz i know it is not possible but ya.
There were so many that hit me but one that I will share is my thoughts on Bednar's. He said that it was for non members but I felt like it applied alot to members. At the end he talked about how when we love Christ and this gospel we want to share it and that the stronger our love is the stronger those feelings will be. All that is so true. You can really see how much people love their savior by how much they work in the gospel and just how hard they go. It all comes down to our love in the savior. As a missionary I need to increase my love of the savior and as I do I will work harder, be more obedient, and all those other things. It applies to all of us because missionary work is impossible without members. It is not fun finding investigators without members. So please share the gospel you love with others and give the missionaries tons of referrals. If you don't have this desire listen to Uchtdorf's first talk and apply those things in increasing your love and testimony. You will have such a strong desire to share these things subconsciously. But I love this church and our leaders. I know that it is true, I have absolutely no doubts. The more we make it a part of our lives the happier and more successful we will be. This promise is everywhere in the scriptures so try it out. Put Got to the test and take that "4th" step. Love you all and thanks for the support!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Well it was another really great week. All week the whole mission has dedicated two hours a day to get together in our districts and zones and to do role plays. I guess we are not teaching as good as we should be. But it has been extremely helpful and we have come up with tons of different ways to teach stuff. I love it and my scripture game has gotten tons better because of it. It is super fun to be able to just whip them out. I want to get to the point where i dont have to really talk to people i can just keep pulling out scriptures and they can figure it out. That would be ideal cuz there is tons of power in scriptures. But ya now we have lots of ways to do things and we can just adapt it and do what the people need. It is great. Also seeing all my boys everyday is awesome. It has hurt our numbers a bit but not too bad. We found a couple families that we have high hopes for so hopefully it all works out. One has 20 people that live in the same house. It is insane! Only like 14 are baptism age but we want to get them all down on the same day. That would just be extremely fun so we are working hard with them. We also found a family that is small but they are just super cool. We just click i guess but i really hope they keep their commitments. If they do they will want to be baptized and we can keep seeing them. The work is great tho and we have tons of people lined up for next week so if they do what we ask them it should be a crazy month for sure! I am super excited about it the work is just great down here.
A couple super fun things happened this week. First of all on P day we had a dart war in the church. We got PVC pipe and nerf bullets and we went hard. We set up cool things like a paintball course and it was a blast. They let us keep the pipes so it has kinda been distracting during our studies this week ha but ya it was great. Also we went to eat at this place called Whataburger. It is super famous down here and is really good. But they said the record their was 15 patties of this one burger. This Elder started talking like that was nothing so with a little peer pressure we got him to try it ha. It was so funny and just a great memory. But after 12 burgers he threw up so he lost. It ruined his week too. He took some laxatives to get his system back to normal ha. Sometimes we could  be better representatives of Christ. We are workin on it
So the big thing for me this week was how the lord takes care of us when we live the commandments. We just have talked to lots of people with really tough lives, members and investigators, and this is their problem. This promise is everywhere in the scriptures! My favorite one is in Mosiah2:41. But it is everywhere and it is true. It doesnt mean that we wont go through hard times but the lord is obligated to take care of us if we do all those things he has told us to do. As a missionary we have lots more commandments and everyone stresses exact obedience because that is how you have success. It is the same in real life tho. Exact obedience is the key to having success. So look at your lives and see where you need help. Pick one thing, repent, and fix it. Then pick another thing and repeat. Thats what this life is about and you will be so blessed because of it. But i love you all so much and hope everything is good back home. Remember what is important in life! Love you all

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hey hope everyone had a great week. Mine was pretty crazy. We had lots of meetings and stuff but it was absolutely great! So tuesday was my companions b day as well as mexicos independence day so we pretty much just chilled at ate with members all day. It was great but i felt horrible after. I am starting to not care if i get fat ha. I just want to enjoy myself then workout hard right before i get home. But we will see what happens i guess. But ya it was a really fun day. Wednesday was zone conference and it was just the best! I got to see all my bros, listen to president and all of our leaders, and feel the spirit. It really got me pumped up to do this work and to go hard. Anyway it rocked. Thursday after work and stuff we got taught how to do family history. It is crazy how much goes into that. There is so much to learn. But i am really excited about it and hopefully we will get to do some more while i am out here. You guys should look into learning how to do it it is fun and powerful. Saturday we had an adult meeting cuz it was stake conference weekend. It was really good and they talked about using technology to spread the gospel. I wish we could get on facebook and share a gospel message each week. But since i cant you all can. Go to and watch some videos. They are crazy inspirational and will really life you up. Then share them with others. You never know how far that video will go and help others. And you can share a little of your testimony as well. Sunday was crazy. We had 2 sessions of conference english and spanish and it was kinda hectic with investigators and members and stuff but it was really fun. The talks were amazing! And after we had a baptism! Her name is ximena and she is 12 but she is a stud! She never puts the BoM down she even reads it during class at school ha. And she keeps a study journal while she reads. She is just incredible and i am super proud of her. She is going to be a stud when she goes on her mission. Now we are going to try to get her family. She is pretty determined to do it. But ya it was definitely one of my favorite weeks on the mission!
This week we heard a lot about temples, family history, and sharing the gospel. First off family history is great and i hope all of you start to do it. Ask who is the head of it in your ward and have them teach you how to do it. You feel the spirit and it is really fun to do. We have a member with a computer in our area so we are going to bring everyone to their house to do it. Go to the church website and watch the videos about how it blessed some people. It is really powerful. Sharing the gospel really sunk in deep to me. The spirit jacked me about forgetting myself. I have a super strong testimony and i love the people. But what i have been missing is my focus. I think about myself sometimes like for example when i study in the mornings and stuff i study for me. I need to absolutely forget about me because it is not about me. It is about our savior and helping people find what we already have. So i have been working on that and honestly it brings so much more happiness. And as i keep doing it i will grow as well, more than i would if i focused on myself. Hopefully yo all can apply that to some part of your life. Learn to forget yourself and focus on others. Then temples. Honestly i dont know a ton about temples but i am going to make them super important in my life because of the promised blessings we have. there is no other place that we can be closer to god. If we have things going on in our lives go to the temple for guidance and relief. Make it a priority in your busy schedules. Along with all the other blessings that we get from making covenants and continually getting reminded of them. Plus there are billions of people waiting to have that work done for them. They need us and they will bless us for it. There are just so many reasons to go so please go! I love you all so much and hope you can always keep the temple and purpose of this life in perspective. Stay safe!
^ Picking ties

Monday, September 15, 2014

How is everyone doing? Gosh it was another great week here in the dirty south. So many great things happened. I forgot to bring my camera and journal tho so i will send pictures next week and hopefully i wont forget stuff in this email. So last P-day we had a tie miracle. I cant explain it it would take too long but it was an apsolute miracle and we got hooked up with some absolutely insane ties. One of mine is worth $350 ha. But it was great! No flat tires so thats good. It rains alot so we dont take the back roads anymore. But I sprained another ankle ha. It was the other one this time. I was pretty mad when it happened cuz the first one was awful. The first one is still a little swollen ha. But I prayed a lot and took care of it a lot better and it is not near as bad as the first one. It still hurts but I will be fine. I was definitely blessed cuz it should have been bad. We got caught in a monster rainstorm this week. It was a blast i loved it. I miss being cold ha so it felt so nice. We got rocked pretty hard tho thats for sure. Finally there was a tornado warning so we got to just chill inside at a members house. But it was a great time for sure. Que mas? Um we had the worst sunday you can possibly imagine ha. Well some parts were sun but it was tough. It is a super long story but we had to move our baptism to next week. The pipes got messed up cuz the rain and there was like sewer water mixed into the font water. It was nasty! And the A/C quit working so church was a sweat fest and we like run the ward and there was just tons of stuff going on that we had to take care of. It was awful lol. But esta bien it is what we are here to do. Idk what else to share with out my journal that is all i can think of right now. The work is going great. We have a lot of people who are right on the line. Like they will either get baptized and be great or let doubt creep in. If they put in the work they will get an answer and be fine so I am not worried about it.
So this week my big thing was our love for Jesus Christ. It is something i have been thinking a lot about. There are so many lazy members and people who will talk and talk forever but as the scripture says "...their hearts are far from me." It happens so much and we threw down with one family. Honestly it just comes down to your love for Christ. If you want to overcome an addicting grow your love of Christ. If you want to change and be better grow your love of Christ. If you want to do anything thats all your need to do. Because if that happens then all the other stuff falls into line. My love for Christ has grown so much since I have been out here and I have grown so much because of that. I love and appreciate him so much. Every bit of hope we have in life is because of him. He did absolutely everything for us and he will keep giving us more if we follow him. I would like everyone, no matter where you are in your progression, to first humble yourself. Then learn more about christ, pray to love him more, reflect on the blessings in your life, etc... As you do these things your love and appreciation for what he did for you will grow and because of that you will become such a greater person as well. Love you all and thanks for everything. I feel super supported while I am out here so thank you so much I really need it. Love you all and have a great week!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hey everyone it was another great week!
This week has been pretty fun. First off I got my new comp and we started working together. He is the exact opposite of Elder Latu and it is kinda hard to adjust but I will be fine. His spanish is great and he is a really good missionary so I am going to learn as much as I can from him. We met like all the members this week and didnt do much finding. But we got fed like crazy! I hate how much I am forced to eat. It is all super unhealthy too. Lots of bread and coke for days! All the stuff that gets you fat and I am starting to see that happen ha. No one in this mission stays skinny so I just need to make sure I dont get too bad. One kid was good his whole mission and his last month gained 50 lbs haha. So expect a fat little Takoma when you see me. We have a baptism set up for this weekend and that will be great. One is on hold because of a family crisis so we are praying for that to work out soon no matter what that means ha. We had a miracle this week. We had ben praying for one and as we were setting our goal for the month we got a call. Someone who had already been taught and wants to be baptized moved to our area. So all we need to do is teach a couple lessons then they are good to go. If thats not a miracle idk what is. O and they speak english too lol. Lets see what else. No flat tires that is great. Idk thats all that really happened. Lots of members and food this week ha. But it has been fun and this new comp has a different way of doing things so that has been interesting.
Yesterday we taught a guy for the first time and we taught him the restoration. It was a great lesson and the spirit was there. We asked him to pray and he wouldn't. He was having a hard time talking and was tearing up. If that wasnt a clue he was feeling the spirit then the insane feeling of peace and love in the room was. We knew he was feeling it and we taught him what it meant. Hopefully it works out with him but it is so great to see the spirit working on people like that. It is such a blessing to see those things. The spirit always testifies to me that the church and what i am teaching is true. Also seeing how people change and become so much better and so eager to share this gospel. It is just the funnest thing and such a blessing to be a part of. We are having so much success here and I know it is because of the HG and I am so thankful to have that gift with me. Idk it really is just incredible. I hope all of you start to become more involved in missionary work. Think and pray about people you can share the gospel with. Invite them and the missionaries over and be a part of the work. I know I say that a million times but being a part of that and seeing that will strengthen your testimony so much and change you as a person so much as well. I love being out here. It is hard and I think about everyone probably more than I should but there is no place i would rather be and nothing more i wold rather be doing. I love you all so much and I hope you get to experience a taste of what it is like to be out here by doing this. Thanks for all the support and I will get back to you all as soon as I can. Pray always!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

new comp

Hey whats up ya'll!
Another week jeeze these go by pretty fast. Everyone says the mission flys by and i am finally starting to believe them. Things have been great here we had another baptism on the 31st! It was a tougher one ill talk about it a bit more later. But first sad news. It was transfer day today and my dad Elder Latu left me to go up north. I got a new step dad he is with me right now we just picked him up. You would think i would be used to having step parents by now ha but i am not at all. I miss Latu so so so much! He is such a great kid i cannot wait to see him again. I havent made up my mind on this new comp but it definitely wont be anything close to like how it was with Latu and me. Idk hopefully it goes well especially cuz this transfer is one more week than normal. But the area is great and the members are awesome! I love it down here.
This last week I got to go on an exchange with my zone leader. We had such a great time and we did work. He was really impressed with my spanish and teaching skills so that was extremely comforting. I just told him i still suck the spirit just had my back that day. The next day we had a wedding. The lady we baptized had been living with a guy for 8 years but they never got married. So we went up to the court house with them this last week and got em hitched. It was fun and they were super thankful for it. I had to pay for it which kinda sucked but when i saw how happy they were i didnt care anymore it was great. Now we are working on getting her husband baptized! There was an insane storm like friday i think it was unreal! Super windy and it was raining so hard. luckily we were by a members home so we hungout there but it was shocking how crazy it was. I thought it  was a hurricane and i was so stoked, my first one. Then everyone told me it was just a little baby storm jajaja. Now i am freaking out for my first hurricane cuz that "baby storm" was intense. Since Elder Latu was leaving we just ate like crazy and said by to people the past few days. He had been here since February and everyone loves him so everyone was super sad and I am like 20 lbs larger now. It was tough saying by is the worst. I have only known the kid for 5 weeks and idk saying bye is the hardest thing about a mission i think. But i have a hard legacy to follow up with him so i will do my best. But i love you all so incredibly much! Thanks for all the mail i dont get like any free time to write but i will try to respond as fast as i can. Stay safe and pray always.

Monday, August 25, 2014

love this church so much

Hey everyone!
So it was another great week! They go by so fast and it doesnt feel like too much has happened since last week. We have just been helping people progress. We have a ton of people we are teaching. Our day is literally all appointments which i guess is not normal. But not too many look promising. We are probably going to have to drop some people cuz we have no time to find and there are more prepared people that we need to get to. This is so hard for me cuz you really care and love all the people. It is one of the hardest things to learn to do out here so I guess it is good I am doing it early on my mission. I went on an exchange during the week with my DL and i was the senior comp cuz we went to my area so he had me do everything. Contacting, lessons, everything was primarily me. I was nervous but it went incredibly well. I was really surprised with myself and it was just such a confidence booster for me. I am not perfect and i am sure i am kinda hard to understand but as long as they can fel the spirit it is ok and my comp helps me out when i come up short so ya. It was great for me and I have contributed tons more since then. We are getting a couple married tomorrow so the wife can get baptized. That is going to be really fun. I had to make a million phone calls on saturday to figure it all out but we got it planned and ya. We will be baptizing her next week if all goes well so pray for us please. The other missionaries had a family of 3 this last weekend it was great. Their family is so cool and funny and they will be a great addition to the church. The happiness that they had after was insane. They were completely different people and they were just glowing. Seeing that never gets old. It is why we are here and it was so fun to be a part of.

This week I have had a lot of good and deep talks with recent converts and the other elders in our spot. It has been great and I just love this church so much. It is so clear how true and incredible our church is and it is just so frustrating that people dont get it. Idk i wish they could just understand. But we cant change people they need to change themselves. Seriously tho if your testimony is a little wavering use mine for a bit while you build yours up. Whether or not our church is true is not a question at all. It is! We have the power of the priesthood and it is directed by Christ himself. I love this gospel and our savior more than anything and I am so proud to be able to represent him out here. Wearing a stupid little helmet and riding my bike all day in this heat doesnt phase me at all. I would do anything for our savior and I just love being out here. Sharing the gospel and helping someone find this truth in their lives is so rewarding and is a good way to build your testimony. I would like everyone to get more involved in missionary work because it is such a blessing and it is so important. Once i get back i am going to be so involved in this work since i have seen these things. You can do that too. Pray about and ask for someone to share the gospel with. The spirit will put someone into your mind and them you need to act. Just have confidence and invite them over for dinner with the missionaries. Then let them do their thing and ad your testimony and experiences where you feel prompted to. I love helping members do this and see how motivated it gets them. All it takes is one then they will get really involved. So i invite you to do that as well. You will see such great blessings in your life. And have the missionaries over for dinner a few times. They will uplift and bless your home.
Thank you so much everyone for the mail and all. It is such a great feeling so really thank you so much. I will get back as soon as i can. I love you all so much and thanks for supporting me while I am here and your prayers. Love you all!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

first blessing

Hey peoples 
                   Sorry no pictures today and i forgot my journal so I wont really know what to type. O well i will do my best. So it was another good week. It flew by I feel like i just emailed everyone ha. But lets see what happened. I have a terrible memory good thing I keep a journal. There was a 3 day training this week so we had to stay at a members house for those 3 days. It was actually pretty fun the kid we stayed with is awesome. We got some cool ties which is always the best ha. We had kinda a rough start to the week but we got a lot of new investigators this week but only two look really solid. One was kinda a miracle how we found her and she is really prepared so thats good. We found an Agnostic lady. She is really cool and speaks english but she is a psychology major so she just has that analytic brain. It will go either really great or bad so I hope she accepts the truth when she feels it. She doesn't know if there is a god or anything so ya. "So this Sunday I got to give the HG to this lady Kimberly. She is the one we baptized last week. Not only was this my first time doing that but also my first blessing so I was pretty nervous and didnt know what to expect. She speaks english so I gave her the Hg in spanish and did the blessing in english ha. But it went really good and she is just loving the church. She is so converted and stoked. We bring her to like every appointment and she just kills it every time. She is a very solid convert." Elder Latu's bike has been messed up so we have been walking a lot. It is pretty rough in the heat ha but we got it figured out so we will be ok. Honestly I dont know what happened this week haha so I will include stuff next week about this week too. Sorry my memory is just terrible. But I love you all and I hope everything goes good for you this week. Letters are always appreciated :) I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Love ya!

Monday, August 11, 2014

three steps to get a testimony

Whats up!
Everything has been great here still. We have been having a lot of success it is really fun. This mission is really special and important. There is a ton of work to do. We get to play basketball with our whole zone every p day which is insanely fun. There are a few really good kids so we go hard ha. We have an amazing tie bodega here and get a huge bag of ties every p day and dig for nice ones. I cannot tell you how many ties i have. Atleast 50 and a few are like 60 to 100 dollars. I am addicted to them it is really fun but ya. If anyone wants a cool tie just let me know ha. We had something crazy happen and the cops got involved and some people will be going to prision. I am not allowed to talk about it but when i get home i can tell you guys. It was insane ha. We got another baptism her name is Kimberly. She speaks english so we are really tight cuz i can actually have deep talks with her ha. The baptism picture is the only one i took this week sorry. There is another short  and old lady in the picture but that isnt her thats the other missionaries baptism. We found a few really prepared people this week so hopefully they will turn into converts. If they put in the work I know they will turn into amazing members. The members here are really lazy it bugs me. Home teaching doesn't exisit and churh is not a priority at all. We have to do everything including stuff at church. Like we gave the talks this sunday and taught a class and we do everything for the baptisms and idk it is a lot. And we have gotten a ton of work with less active families and stuff from the ward. It is annoying because it takes all our time and that is not what we came to do but we just do what we are told and try to meet people on the way. We only have 3 members in our area and a couple of them hook us up with food a couple times a week so that is nice. I love them so much they are awesome. And one families daughter is a manager at little ceasars so we eat a ton of pizza lol. Our church building is always pretty dirty so we had a specialist come in ha. He actually taught us a lot of really good stuff and on sunday the building looked incredible. Ya idk that is about it. Everything else was just working like we do everyday. I say it casually but it is the best. The heat is awful but i love the people here. They make the mission and i wouldnt want to be anywhere else.
I got my first polygamy doubt thrown at me ha. It was tough but them the spirit hopped in and we killed it. It is so important for people to have a testimony of JS because it all ties back to him. Luckily she did :) I cannot express to you how important that is to have a testimony of that man. He is an absolute stud and I am so grateful for him. I remember when I got my testimony of him it was one of those special non forgettable moments. But this week it has grown so much more. Please get a testimony of him if you dont. If you do please strengthen it. There are three steps to get a testimony of anything. First, study the thing or person you want. In this case read JS-History, D&C, watch the JS movie, go to the JS building or all of the above. Second, Pray and ask our Father in heaven to give you that testimony throught the HG or to strengthen the testimony that you have. Fasting also helps a ton with this get a testimony of fasting too ha. That is something i have gotten on my mission as well. But third is to live the things. Live his teachings and apply what you learn for him in your lives. One thing I learned and loved was his attitude. I read it in a book but he said that when God commanded him to do something he stopped questioning why and just did it. What an amazing attitude! But I love you all and cant wait to hear from you. Hasta Luego

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

first area | las milpas hildalgo

Hey everyone!
                   So far the field has been amazing! O i will start at the airport. Sorry I was not able to call everyone. After a couple calls it didn't let me anymore. I think they flagged my card but I fixed it once I got to McAllen. Anyway I am super sorry I was not able to talk to everyone. Believe me I was pretty upset about it. I got 8 dollars in quarters cuz thats all I had and it wouldnt let me call long distance for some reason. I used all 8 dollars trying to and ya so I didnt forget about anyone I just got shut down. Anyway when I first got to mcallen it was insane how hot it was. Like i expected it to be hot of course but i was shocked at how hot it could actually get. It was a wall of wet heat and it punched me in the face lol. But we went over the rules, ate at presidents, put our bikes together and all that the first day. The second dat we ate at presidents then found out where we are going. I am now serving in the Las Milpas area by Hildalgo. Then we went and got our comps. I got a thick tongan named elder Latu. He is the coolest and we get along great which i was really excited about. Then we went to our area and started working. We first went to a lady named Kimberly and they met her the friday before so she was really new still. She is super prepared tho and we are actually baptizing her this next sunday! I am so stoked. We are really close cuz she speaks english too so i can actually talk to her ha. That night I got a flat tire on the way to our last appointment. Of course first day i get one. It is going to be a long two years ha. The next morning we got up and played ball. After like 5 minutes i sprained my ankle lol. It was not the worst sprain i have ever had but it is rough walking and riding on it everyday. It is just starting to heal up a little. My foot looked like a foot of a 300 pound guy ha. Idk i dont have much time so ill hurry and do some highlights.
Thursday was amazing! We went to the library and watched mormon messages which are so cool. we met with a few investigators after and one spoke english so i was able to comtribute a lot and we got a BD with her. That night we met with a referral at a members house. The lesson was in spanish so i wasnt able to help out too much but it went incredibly. Towards the end we asked her to pray and during the prayer she started crying. The spirit was there so strong and she knew it was true. After the prayer we went for a BD and my comp was inspired to do it for that weekend! So he layed it down and she accepted!
Gosh it was such an amazing miracle and we were insanely happy after that.
Friday was really fun. We had weekly planning which is not too fun but it is really helpful! While contacting we met some people who were drunk and on drugs. It was interesting i guess you could say. We taught kinberly again which went well and her aunt was there so we are now teaching her seperately too. That night we taught that miracle lady her name is Maria and it went really well. That night we had to finish weekly planning and we read a poem called "he's been there before" by troy whittle. Please please please read it for family home evening or something. We had an incredibly spiritual experience after reading that and i want you too as well. It is a very powerful poem so try to invite the spirit and you will have a great experience too.
Saturday was zone meeting which is really fun. i got to see a girl who i was in my district in the mtc so that was fun. our zone is awesome tho and i am tight with everyone there. also a kid from star valley is there. He played ball so we had seen eachother so that was pretty cool. but that took forever but was really good. When we got back we did splits and i went out to a different zone. So me and my comp have been on fire. We have lots of investigators with BD's and have set appointments all day and have just had a ton of success. They call it Green Fire ha. But this other group hasnt so we had to ride around all day and get referrals and contact people. It was definitely the non glamorous side of missionary work and it was rough. So hopefully i keep this green fire all my mission ha. Sunday was fun but stressful cuz the baptism. i loved all the people tho and there were some great testimonies. After church we had the baptism. O did i mention that i got to do it? ha how awesome is that! The zone leaders said that is a record. Find someone and baptize them in under a week in being in the field. It was an incredible experience. It went perfect (thats to some help from the spirit) and when i brought her up she dropped to her knees and we literally sat there for 15 minutes. They shut the doors and she just sat in there crying and praying. I cannot begin to tell you how spiritual it was and i am so happy i got to be a part of it. The people here are so cool and they are all so down to talk about the gospel i love it. It is going to be a great two years.
Anyway i am out of time but have a great week everyone! Please read that poem. Love you all

   ^ Sprained Ankle
   ^ Baptism!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

three more days in the MTC

Guess what.....

I leave in three days!!! Gosh I am so stoked to get out of this prison and into the real world. Don't get me wrong I have loved it here but I am so ready to get out. I feel pretty good with my spanish I just need to learn more words. I totally feel like I have plateaued here so it will be nice to move on. I know once I get out there I will be very humbled but it is ok I know it is part of the process. I just can't wait to help real people because when we do it in TRC on wednesdays it is just the most satisfying feeling to help real people. With that it is also the hardest feeling when you mess up or you don't know what to do for someone. We had an experience like that once and it was rough. But idk I just love this work so much I cannot wait. Not going to lie tho I am freaking out about the weather. Even walking around here in 70 degree weather you get really hot and during gym time I get soaking wet. I cannot imagine 30 degrees hotter riding a bike all day! Gosh that just sounds so terrible. Hopefully I will be ok pray for me por favor. I will get to emailSaturday again so email me back before then so I can hear from you. But I will tell you about my week.
Last P-Day we were in clase and my comp was looking at his hands cuz he had some weird red circles on them. I was like dude no way do they kinda hurt and he said that they did. I was like bro you got staph! He hadn't heard of it and didn't think it was a big deal but I made him go to the doctor and he confirmed my diagnoses ha. I want to give a quick shout out to Kaylen. Thanks for having staph so many times bro cuz I knew all about it and saved my comps life ha. So thanks bro, hope you don't get in again. Anyway now I am kinda worried about getting it. I have tons of blisters on my feet from playing soccer everyday and stuff it would be really easy for me to get it. Hopefully I will be ok tho. I just need to make it another couple of days. Last friday there was an insane rainstorm here. I have never seen rain come down that hard and the raindrops were massive. You would be soaked in two seconds. It even hailed at one point it was crazy. And there was tons of lightning and thunder it was really cool and fun. It rains here almost everyday at some point and the weather is perfect it is awesome. Last weekend we really got to know our hispanic roommates. Every night they would chill in our room and we would just talk till bedtime, sometimes a little later ha. But they left Sunday morning. It was really sad they are so cool. Hopefully I will keep in contact with them. 

Sunday was incredible of course! Leadership meeting and priesthood meeting went really well. We had some awesome lessons on serving in the priesthood. For sacrament Presidente Pratt and his wife came to our ward. Everyone was super nervous and I dogged a major bullet by not having to talk or anything. I felt bad for all the people who had to but they all did a really good job. In the presidency class Pratt taught us about the priesthood and how it is to save and serve others not for ourselves. The devotional was from the CCM director and this dude is an absolute stud. He is 32 and has 3 kids and a good looking wife. He is the director of the CCM, a bishop, and almost has his PhD from BYU. Plus he is the coolest and funniest guy ever. Anyways he gave a great talk. He basically talked about how we need to move on from our lives back home and be completely dedicated to the work and not be like Lott's wife. I think he was talking about me and my comp in his talk. We worked with him in welcoming the new people on Wednesday and while we were unloading the buses with him we kept singing songs from home. We do that like non stop everyday ha. We have a song of the day and stuff it is fun. Makes me miss cruising with the sub bumpin. But he mentioned that in his talk and we knew it was for us. And we have bro talks every night as a district and sometimes we talk about things back home and our girls from home and stuff. Idk I don't think all that is bad but we just could focus on the mission more. We won't have as much time on our hands when we are in the field ha. Then at night we watched a movie about John Tanner. It was really cool and I had heard about him a couple times before. What an absolute stud to do what he did for the church and to have the faith to be healed. It was a really good movie! After the movie we always sing ''God be with You Till We Meet Again'' in spanish for all the people leaving. That song is gorgeous and it is so sad thinking that we are going to be leaving everyone next week. It is going to be really hard to say by to my friends we have gotten really close but hopefully we will keep in contact. That night we said good bye to all of our friends leaving and it was tough. Goodbyes suck and you have to do it so many times on your mission. I guess it is just part of the whole experience. But it was an awesome Sunday.

Monday was pretty decent as well. In the morning we taught our ''investigator'' and we had our best lesson yet. He tried to throw us a curve ball but we went with it perfectly and idk it just went awesome. We helped him a ton and our spanish was just flowing. It definitely gave me confidence in my spanish but I know the second i get into the real world I will realize how bad it is again. Nothing else really happened. I heart a heart to heart with my buddy elder Hoeft. It was awesome I love having those talks. Stuff like that an bro talk keep me sane in this place ha. My districto is the best. 

Tuesday was good as well. It was a pretty normal day. At lunch we got yelled at by Presidente Pratt. We were walking to dump our trays and he literally sprinted over to us and started yelling at us. He told us to always take our comps trays for them and never both of us dump our own. It was insane how worked up he got over that and he made a huge scene. I thought he was kidding at first but nope he was legitally mad. It was definitely an experience. Then at soccer there were some new kids there and they were being really immature. One kid tried to fight this kid over nothing it was so pathetic. It was a good reminder that it is still the real world and not every missionary is good. I just hope I don't get a comp like that but I am sure I will now that I say that ha. We had a devotional that night tho and that was really good. It was an area 70 and he talked about preach my gospel and how we don't teach memorized lessons we teach by the spirit and all that. It was pretty good I enjoyed it. Out group talk about it after was amazing tho. I love having spiritual talks! They are so uplifting and motivating they are just the best. 

Wednesday was pretty good as well. We had our final lesson with Alexis our fake investigator in the morning. It went great and it was a perfect way to finish out with him. For lunch we had chicken cordon bleu so I over ate of course. Then we found the director guy and talked him in to letting us skip clase again to welcome the new missionaries. So that was nice to get out of some clase time especially cuz our teacher en la noche had a baby so we got a new guy who is not very good but ya.

Today we went to the temple and it was awesome! It is one of the coolest temples I have ever seen. It was very unique and gorgeous. The drive over there was extremely sketchy but it was cool to see Mexico. People looked at us like we were really weid cuz we were so excited and took pictures of everything. The visitors center at the temple was really nice and ya. Idk its hard to write about cuz not much happened but it was insanely fun and got me really excited to go out into the field. And leaving the prision was super liberating ha. But that was my week. I will be on saturday sometime so ya. Love you all
    ^ Roommates
    ^ On the highway
    ^ Temple
   ^Hope this isn't sacrilegious but it is us trying to be like Christ.
   ^ Haha our teacher is the best. He was acting like a fish.

   ^ Last time seeing this guy for two years. He was the best teacher ever I love him so much!
   ^My Leaving