Monday, October 13, 2014

seeing people as they really are


Gosh another week. It still shocks me how fast they go by. This week was super fun tho and really crazy too. We had some super weird things happen. We got to watch Meet the Mormons this last tuesday. All the missionaries got a early look at it. We felt pretty special. It was super good tho. I loved the begging there were so many funny things. I am not a Simpsons fan but i think that one was the funniest. It was really good tho I liked it a lot. It didnt really have much spiritual stuff in it but it will create a lot of curiosity about the church which is super great. I hope they release it in spanish so the people down here get it as well but ya. I got some super hardcore chills from the football game part. I miss playing so bad! And the last one with the kid going on a mission. It was kinda cool to live that again. But I am dying to go see it again but they wont let us. So when it comes out I expect someone to send it to me asap so I can watch it again. Lots of little cool things happened this week. Just some great lessons and spiritual moments they never get old. But to the interesting stuff. Idk I dont want to really get into it but we have just been meeting with some great people in weird situations. Like we visit a member who is addicted to drugs every day and that is interesting. We are teaching a cross dresser. We have been cleaning up a situation with some false doctrine. We are working on a poaching situation. Ha it is just insane everything that is going on right now. It is super fun tho and I am growing a ton. I just love being out here.

So something that has really stuck with me this week is seeing people as they really are. It is super easy to judge people, super easy. And as we do that we put up so many walls and just seclude certain types of people from our lives. I have just really learned to love everyone this week. We are all bro's and sisters and have so much in common. Everyone is super cool and as you get to know them you will see that. Most of this is just personal to me but just try to not put up walls. Talk to everyone and just put yourself out there. You will feel make so many neat friends and could help bring them into the gospel. As I have done this I have gotten so much happier and have grown a lot and I know you will too. So just be nice to everyone and make a new friend this week. But I love and miss everyone so much! I hope everyone is doing good at applying conference to their lives. If not, do it. Thanks for all the support tho and try to enjoy life. Love ya

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