Monday, October 6, 2014


Hey everyone!
How did everyone like conference? I was super excited and it certainly didnt let me down. It was incredible especially those Saturday sessions. Those are always the best. It was so nice to not worry about spanish or teaching or anything for two days and just get spiritually jacked. I loved every second of it it was incredible. And gosh there were just some incredible talks! This week was actually pretty tough. We have so many investigators that are super good including that huge family. They have great desires and I love them all so much but they are all so lazy. Like non of our investigators will do the work required to know if this is true. It is extremely hard because we know how incredible this gospel is and we love them and want them to have this in their lives but they just wont put in the work. I cannot imagine how Christ and God feel if it is so hard on me. So this week we are going to have to throw down but I really hope they get it in gear. Nothing really major happened this week tho other than conference. Just the normal daily work. I love it so much tho it really grows on you. It is going to be hard coming home and not being so involved but luckily i still have 20 months before i have to worry about that ha. But I would like to hear about everyones thoughts about conference. What hit you and all that. I wont ask you to pick a favorite cuz i know it is not possible but ya.
There were so many that hit me but one that I will share is my thoughts on Bednar's. He said that it was for non members but I felt like it applied alot to members. At the end he talked about how when we love Christ and this gospel we want to share it and that the stronger our love is the stronger those feelings will be. All that is so true. You can really see how much people love their savior by how much they work in the gospel and just how hard they go. It all comes down to our love in the savior. As a missionary I need to increase my love of the savior and as I do I will work harder, be more obedient, and all those other things. It applies to all of us because missionary work is impossible without members. It is not fun finding investigators without members. So please share the gospel you love with others and give the missionaries tons of referrals. If you don't have this desire listen to Uchtdorf's first talk and apply those things in increasing your love and testimony. You will have such a strong desire to share these things subconsciously. But I love this church and our leaders. I know that it is true, I have absolutely no doubts. The more we make it a part of our lives the happier and more successful we will be. This promise is everywhere in the scriptures so try it out. Put Got to the test and take that "4th" step. Love you all and thanks for the support!

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