Monday, September 29, 2014

Well it was another really great week. All week the whole mission has dedicated two hours a day to get together in our districts and zones and to do role plays. I guess we are not teaching as good as we should be. But it has been extremely helpful and we have come up with tons of different ways to teach stuff. I love it and my scripture game has gotten tons better because of it. It is super fun to be able to just whip them out. I want to get to the point where i dont have to really talk to people i can just keep pulling out scriptures and they can figure it out. That would be ideal cuz there is tons of power in scriptures. But ya now we have lots of ways to do things and we can just adapt it and do what the people need. It is great. Also seeing all my boys everyday is awesome. It has hurt our numbers a bit but not too bad. We found a couple families that we have high hopes for so hopefully it all works out. One has 20 people that live in the same house. It is insane! Only like 14 are baptism age but we want to get them all down on the same day. That would just be extremely fun so we are working hard with them. We also found a family that is small but they are just super cool. We just click i guess but i really hope they keep their commitments. If they do they will want to be baptized and we can keep seeing them. The work is great tho and we have tons of people lined up for next week so if they do what we ask them it should be a crazy month for sure! I am super excited about it the work is just great down here.
A couple super fun things happened this week. First of all on P day we had a dart war in the church. We got PVC pipe and nerf bullets and we went hard. We set up cool things like a paintball course and it was a blast. They let us keep the pipes so it has kinda been distracting during our studies this week ha but ya it was great. Also we went to eat at this place called Whataburger. It is super famous down here and is really good. But they said the record their was 15 patties of this one burger. This Elder started talking like that was nothing so with a little peer pressure we got him to try it ha. It was so funny and just a great memory. But after 12 burgers he threw up so he lost. It ruined his week too. He took some laxatives to get his system back to normal ha. Sometimes we could  be better representatives of Christ. We are workin on it
So the big thing for me this week was how the lord takes care of us when we live the commandments. We just have talked to lots of people with really tough lives, members and investigators, and this is their problem. This promise is everywhere in the scriptures! My favorite one is in Mosiah2:41. But it is everywhere and it is true. It doesnt mean that we wont go through hard times but the lord is obligated to take care of us if we do all those things he has told us to do. As a missionary we have lots more commandments and everyone stresses exact obedience because that is how you have success. It is the same in real life tho. Exact obedience is the key to having success. So look at your lives and see where you need help. Pick one thing, repent, and fix it. Then pick another thing and repeat. Thats what this life is about and you will be so blessed because of it. But i love you all so much and hope everything is good back home. Remember what is important in life! Love you all

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