Monday, September 22, 2014

Hey hope everyone had a great week. Mine was pretty crazy. We had lots of meetings and stuff but it was absolutely great! So tuesday was my companions b day as well as mexicos independence day so we pretty much just chilled at ate with members all day. It was great but i felt horrible after. I am starting to not care if i get fat ha. I just want to enjoy myself then workout hard right before i get home. But we will see what happens i guess. But ya it was a really fun day. Wednesday was zone conference and it was just the best! I got to see all my bros, listen to president and all of our leaders, and feel the spirit. It really got me pumped up to do this work and to go hard. Anyway it rocked. Thursday after work and stuff we got taught how to do family history. It is crazy how much goes into that. There is so much to learn. But i am really excited about it and hopefully we will get to do some more while i am out here. You guys should look into learning how to do it it is fun and powerful. Saturday we had an adult meeting cuz it was stake conference weekend. It was really good and they talked about using technology to spread the gospel. I wish we could get on facebook and share a gospel message each week. But since i cant you all can. Go to and watch some videos. They are crazy inspirational and will really life you up. Then share them with others. You never know how far that video will go and help others. And you can share a little of your testimony as well. Sunday was crazy. We had 2 sessions of conference english and spanish and it was kinda hectic with investigators and members and stuff but it was really fun. The talks were amazing! And after we had a baptism! Her name is ximena and she is 12 but she is a stud! She never puts the BoM down she even reads it during class at school ha. And she keeps a study journal while she reads. She is just incredible and i am super proud of her. She is going to be a stud when she goes on her mission. Now we are going to try to get her family. She is pretty determined to do it. But ya it was definitely one of my favorite weeks on the mission!
This week we heard a lot about temples, family history, and sharing the gospel. First off family history is great and i hope all of you start to do it. Ask who is the head of it in your ward and have them teach you how to do it. You feel the spirit and it is really fun to do. We have a member with a computer in our area so we are going to bring everyone to their house to do it. Go to the church website and watch the videos about how it blessed some people. It is really powerful. Sharing the gospel really sunk in deep to me. The spirit jacked me about forgetting myself. I have a super strong testimony and i love the people. But what i have been missing is my focus. I think about myself sometimes like for example when i study in the mornings and stuff i study for me. I need to absolutely forget about me because it is not about me. It is about our savior and helping people find what we already have. So i have been working on that and honestly it brings so much more happiness. And as i keep doing it i will grow as well, more than i would if i focused on myself. Hopefully yo all can apply that to some part of your life. Learn to forget yourself and focus on others. Then temples. Honestly i dont know a ton about temples but i am going to make them super important in my life because of the promised blessings we have. there is no other place that we can be closer to god. If we have things going on in our lives go to the temple for guidance and relief. Make it a priority in your busy schedules. Along with all the other blessings that we get from making covenants and continually getting reminded of them. Plus there are billions of people waiting to have that work done for them. They need us and they will bless us for it. There are just so many reasons to go so please go! I love you all so much and hope you can always keep the temple and purpose of this life in perspective. Stay safe!
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