Monday, September 15, 2014

How is everyone doing? Gosh it was another great week here in the dirty south. So many great things happened. I forgot to bring my camera and journal tho so i will send pictures next week and hopefully i wont forget stuff in this email. So last P-day we had a tie miracle. I cant explain it it would take too long but it was an apsolute miracle and we got hooked up with some absolutely insane ties. One of mine is worth $350 ha. But it was great! No flat tires so thats good. It rains alot so we dont take the back roads anymore. But I sprained another ankle ha. It was the other one this time. I was pretty mad when it happened cuz the first one was awful. The first one is still a little swollen ha. But I prayed a lot and took care of it a lot better and it is not near as bad as the first one. It still hurts but I will be fine. I was definitely blessed cuz it should have been bad. We got caught in a monster rainstorm this week. It was a blast i loved it. I miss being cold ha so it felt so nice. We got rocked pretty hard tho thats for sure. Finally there was a tornado warning so we got to just chill inside at a members house. But it was a great time for sure. Que mas? Um we had the worst sunday you can possibly imagine ha. Well some parts were sun but it was tough. It is a super long story but we had to move our baptism to next week. The pipes got messed up cuz the rain and there was like sewer water mixed into the font water. It was nasty! And the A/C quit working so church was a sweat fest and we like run the ward and there was just tons of stuff going on that we had to take care of. It was awful lol. But esta bien it is what we are here to do. Idk what else to share with out my journal that is all i can think of right now. The work is going great. We have a lot of people who are right on the line. Like they will either get baptized and be great or let doubt creep in. If they put in the work they will get an answer and be fine so I am not worried about it.
So this week my big thing was our love for Jesus Christ. It is something i have been thinking a lot about. There are so many lazy members and people who will talk and talk forever but as the scripture says "...their hearts are far from me." It happens so much and we threw down with one family. Honestly it just comes down to your love for Christ. If you want to overcome an addicting grow your love of Christ. If you want to change and be better grow your love of Christ. If you want to do anything thats all your need to do. Because if that happens then all the other stuff falls into line. My love for Christ has grown so much since I have been out here and I have grown so much because of that. I love and appreciate him so much. Every bit of hope we have in life is because of him. He did absolutely everything for us and he will keep giving us more if we follow him. I would like everyone, no matter where you are in your progression, to first humble yourself. Then learn more about christ, pray to love him more, reflect on the blessings in your life, etc... As you do these things your love and appreciation for what he did for you will grow and because of that you will become such a greater person as well. Love you all and thanks for everything. I feel super supported while I am out here so thank you so much I really need it. Love you all and have a great week!

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