Monday, October 20, 2014

So this week was pretty crazy! First of all it is another transfer and my whole district is staying so that is great. That means we get to spend Halloween and Thanksgiving together with members that love us so it will be great! I am super stoked. This week was pretty normal as far as the work goes but tons of stuff went down with different members. I cant really explain any of it because it would take forever but ya. Just tons of bad stuff has been happening to our members, RC, investigators, and my ZL went home for some medical stuff. It has just been an insane week trying to help everyone one out. I love being out here and being able to help people through these tuff times. It is hard and you wish you could do something but we cannot physically do much. Just through out this week putting your trust in God and turning to him as been a big focus for us and all these people. Bad things always happen even to the best of people. Lots of them have been questioning why me what did i do to deserve this. I love Matthew 7:31-34. It says to not worry about little things like food and clothing and all that. He knows our needs and will help us. As long as we keep him first everything will be ok and he will take care of us. I know this is true, I am seeing it right now with all of these people down here. Somehow things just work out if they are doing what they are supposed to. So ya just no matter what happens turn to him. It is why we have trials and it is what he wants to see from us. As we do we will grow and everything will be ok. But I love being out here. I had a day where we were not able to go out and work cuz my comp was sick and it was horrible. It was a taste of real life just hanging out around the house ha. I definitely do not miss that. Time is going by fast tho! But I love you all so much and I am so thankful for all your prayers. Please write me I will be at my place tillDec 2nd so I would love to hear from you all. Sorry no pics. Good luck with winter haha!

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