Monday, October 27, 2014

set goals

Que Paso!
Whats up how was everyones week? Mine was really great we had a blast. No baptizms again which means this is my first month without getting wet. But we got a solid family for next month so it is ok i guess. And we reactivated a couple families so that makes up for it! But ya it is the first week of a new transfer. Tons of stuff got mixed up and lots of my really good buddies bailed. One even died! (Went home) Basketball is a lot weaker now and ya it is pretty sad i wont be seeing them anymore but it is ok it is always a party out here. This last week we walked like the whole week so that was kinda fun. We got to talk to tons of people and now we have lots of potentials but I got some pretty good blisters on my feet ha. It really made me appreciate the bikes that is for sure. We had our first interviews with president this week. I love seeing him and talking with him. He is just a spritual giant. But he gave os lots of guidance and he gave me a few chapters to read. I have read some and it was incredible how helpful it was. I really got some good inspiration for our area so hopefully we see some fruits from that. Saturday we had a wedding/baptism! It was super fun and we had lots of member support. It really was a blast just one of those good mish memories for sure. Also this sunday was the primary program soooo ya it was an amazing sunday. We laughed literally the whole time and it was just so crazy and so many funny kids it was a blast. Definitely my favorite sunday so far. This week was just super fun tho. I love talking to people and getting to know new people. Our members and investigators are just so great. I love them so much and just care so much about them. It makes it really fun for sure. The day I get transfered is going to be terrible! But ya I love the mish it is a great time.
So the thing that hit me this week was the importance of planning. In my interview we talked about it a lot and it is just so essencial! We need to plan for everything and have goals as well. I started setting personal goals, comp goals, language goals, study goals, etc... We need to have goals for every aspect of our lives. Then we need to make plans to accomplish these gaols. It is kinda hard and takes time but it works. Then take your plans to the lord and tell him what you would like him to do for you. Plead for his help with whatever it is then work hard. It is really not an easy thing to do and we are not good at it. But it works! I feel such a difference in our work and i am sure we will see fruits from it as well. This is not just a mission skill tho we should do this when we get home as well. If we do then we will see lots of success. So ya that is what i am really working on right now and it is great. You all should try it and see how it helps your life flow better and recieve more blessings as well. It is crazy how much Christ intervienes in our daily lives. But I love this church con todo mi corazon and i know without a doubt it is true. I am so thankful to be a part of this work it is such a big blessings and thanks for all the support. Love ya`ll and have a great week

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