Monday, November 3, 2014

Que tal!
How is everyone doing? Hope you all had a good week. Mine was great! It was super fun but kinda stressful as well. On wednesday the ward did a trunk or treat and it was great. Tons of people came and we got lots of investigators, less actives, and a family who just moved into our area there. It was like perfect. But they also had mexican corn there which was a big hit. It is corn on the cob and just loaded with tons of stuff. It was really good actually i liked it a lot. But everyone down here is obsessed with the stuff its funny ha. There are like ice cream trucks down here but they are Helote (corn) trucks ha. And they are EVERYWHERE!!! They all play this same annoying song too but now i think i might stop one and buy some ha. Halloween was kinda lame. We had to be back at our place at 6 and they wouldnt let us go chill at a members house or anything. So we worked till six and planned for the next week for three hours instead. We made it fun but still it was a bummer. Our investigators are progressing great and we should have a baptism this weekend actually. Well we hit a road bump that is pretty big, she lives with her boyfriend ha. But hopefully we can take care of it and get her down. Also, last night we received a miracle referral about just like the most prepared person ever. So we are pretty stoked for that. O and we are teaching a guy who speaks English and he is smart. He is a chiropractor. But it is totally different because most the people we talk to are not educated. It is super fun tho we are excited about it. But ya everything is going great! I love being out here it is an absolute blast and this month is going to be awesome.
So this week the lesson I learned was about getting lost in the service of others. Everyone says that on your mission you need to forget yourself and just serve with everything. Well I had been praying for this and this week I really saw a big change. Like nothing super great happened this week but it was probably one of my favorite weeks. Looking back i was just so concerned about our members and investigators and i really didnt think about anything or anyone else. It is crazy how much happiness that brought. So i guess the lesson I can pass on is get lost in serving others. Get lost in serving your family, coworkers, friends, people in church, etc... It brings so much happiness and personal satisfaction as we do it. Also, we ourselves grow a lot. I definitely became a better missionary this week. It is super cool how it works and it is like a little secret to being happy. I am so excited to continue to grow that and just serve others as much as I can. I love this gospel and this church so much. The direction it gives us and happiness that comes as we follow it is incredible. Serve and you will be happy. Love you all and have a great week!

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