Monday, November 10, 2014

enjoy life

Man so this week was insane! We had lots of stuff happen it was really fun but kinda tough. So one of our favorite members is really into making cakes and decorating them. She is in classes like Kylie did. But she is super proud of it so she always hooks us up with cake. It is super dope we love it. This week was pretty cold. It is nice but i have absolutely zero cold gear so t has been kinda rough. What really sucks is when it rains! Like I can handle being cold but being soaking wet on bikes all day in the cold is not too pleasant. Idk for some reason it is fun tho. You just learn to enjoy everything. So we were supposed to have a baptism this weekend but some things happened. Like we tried to get the boyfriend to move out and he got super mad and caused a million problems. Like it is a mess now and it has been insane and ya. But we have faith it will workout. We rode in a members truck and he had two subs in there and showed them off to us. He was bumping to some techno for a bit. It definitely took me back to days before the mish haha. It was just one of those trunky moments. Lets see what else. Today we went to a pulga which is just like a flee market but hispanics ha. It was fun for sure. I bought one of those return balls that you throw and it is on a string and comes back. I loved having that has a kid throwing down the hall. I remember the day it broke i was super sad so i am stoked to have one again ha. But ya I am having a great time down here. The work is going super good we have too many investigators to handle which they say is a good problem. I am really embracing the culture too which makes it funner. I am turning into a little mexican. I love sketchy little taco shops and i put hot sauce on stuff all the time now ha. But ya it is great.
I am going to do a super short little lecture this time but just learn to enjoy life. Just be positive no matter what and you just look at life and the world differently. It is definitely a process and i am just starting but it is great and I love it. Just be happy! Love you all and have a great week, Enjoy the snow jajaja

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