Monday, November 17, 2014

getting cold

Que dicen!
So it was another super crazy week down here. It is oficially freezing. It has been getting below 32 and we are out on the bikes man it is crazy. I didnt bring anything for this weather so i have been freezing really bad. Thanks mom for sending my stuff tho I didnt think i would need boarding gear in texas ha. O and congrats of the wedding! Glad everything is working out. But this last week we went to the pulga aka the flee market but hispanics. It was pretty cool and really big. But i guess it was nothing compared to the one one sundays. Like we have a hard time getting people to keep the sabbath because of it. Our baptism didnt happen. Like it is a massively long story but satan is working really hard against us. He even came in the flesh for these people ha. I got to work in a trio like all week which was super weird. I feel like we are jumping people and they got kinda freaked out when we bike up to them and surround them ha. But it was fun to learn from each other and all. Like this week was insane and so much stuff happened i cannot even begin. But ya it was just insane stuff like we were getting knocked back on our heels all the time, freezing, and lots of food. We have been getting fed like crazy recently our fridge is stacked! I love it but i gained quite a bit of weight this week ha. The some total in two years is going to be gorgeous. Ya sorry not much to say i can explain it all but with all the stuff that has been happening and the weather i still am having a great time and love just about every second of it. When it rains is probably the only time i am not happy ha it is terrible. But thanks for all the prayers and emails i love hearning from everyone. Sorry i never really get to respond to anyone i am a really slow typer and it is hard in an hour. Especially right now cuz i cant feel my fingers ha. But I cant wait to hear back from everyone and have a great week!

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