Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey feliz navidad a todos!
Como estan! I am doing great this last week was awesome. I forgot my journal today so this might be a short one but ya. So Last P day was decent. We email at a college and it is kinda fun to be in that environment again. I actually kinda miss it a little. But today everyone is gone. Anyway what happened this week...Ha shoot ya this is going to be a short one. All I remember is what is going on with my peoples which I guess is good but that is not as interesting for you guys. Well I got to see my last three baptisms this last week. We are teaching one of their cousins so they all came up for the lesson to say hi. Unfortunately someone scared her off by mentioning she has to get married before she can get baptized ha. But it is ok she will have plenty of opportunities to find the gospel. I will probably go back in a bit as well. But it was really fun I miss them. Anyway we found quite a few of super prepared people thru some members this week and things are going great with them. Finding thru members makes a massive difference so help out your missionaries. This area has a million part member families that are less active so we are going to have to fix that ha. But we are really focusing on strengthening our members right now. That will bring a lot more opportunities and it will be good to build some strong relationships too. We have lots of members asking for us to come over so it will be hectic but I am excited. We have lots of cool people so ya. Sorry I really don't remember any of the things that happened this week and I know there were atleast a couple note worthy things sorry. But ya the work is great I love being out here so much. Actually I had a nightmare that I was home one night. I woke up and was super happy it was a dream ha. No offense to everyone I really want to come home just in another 18 months not now. The mission is where it is at and it is going by super fast. But I love you all and thanks so much for everything and all the Christmas support :) Love ya'll and have a great week!!! Cant wait to Skype!!!  

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