Monday, December 8, 2014


Ok so I got some news I actually ended up getting transferred! Monday night we went out to work and we got a call. They told me to start packing my bags and that I was leaving in the morning. It was a heart breaker I was in shock. They never do that idk what happened but ya. So we said bye to everyone then I packed up all my stuff. I got done at like 3 ha. It was insane. I am now in Donna and Wes Laco. We have all of donna and the southern part of Wes Laco it is a huge area! We actually took over another area so ya. We have a car which is nice but we don't have many miles. Hopefully I don't get too fat since I wont be using my bike much ha. Which is good cuz it has some problems. But my new address is 2011 Bridge Ln. Unit #7 Donna, TX 78537. Still send stuff to the office but just so you all know. Our apartment is brand new pretty much and it is super nice. Probably the nicest in the mission. It is a two man now cuz we have both areas so it is huge for us. I love it tho it is great. Having a two man is super weird and not has fun for sure but I got a cool comp so it is all good. His name is Elder Rodriquez and he was born in Peru but grew up in SLC. He speaks good Spanish and has a good accent. So hopefully mine gets better. But this week was kinda hard with it being my first transfer and all. But I all ready love the people here so much and we are going to have a great transfer for sure. I have a lady in my ward who lives in Evanston in the summers so that is super cool. You will have to meet and talk to her. Also there is a member here that has a missionary out and she would do anything you want as far as pictures and videos and stuff. Actually we will probably Skype at her house so start coordinating that now with her please cuz im not allowed to. Her last name is Jess and she lives in Wes Laco. Idk her first name but her husbands name is Rob Jess so ya find them and get ahold of them por favor. But ya the work is great and I couldn't be happier. I love it out here! I love you all too thanks for everything. Enjoy the Christmas season and Christmas break!

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