Monday, December 1, 2014

happy thanksgiving and christmas season

Happy thanksgiving and christmas season everyone! Gosh this is such a great time of the year i love it. We can finally listen to christmas music so we have been bumping to Michael Buble christmas all day ha. I will have that whole CD memorized in two days i love it ha. So thanksgiving was super great but at the same time it really sucked. Going into the day we had 5 food appointments set up with our favorite members and we were super scarred. That morning we all drank a gallon of water in less than an hour to stretch our stomachs out and it worked. My stomach was massive and i felt like dying. I cannot describe the pain i had it was horrible and Ya our whole apartment just layed around moaning haha. But after a couple hours we were fine. I cant describe how much we ate either it was insane. The members down here always feed us too much and we only ended up eating at four places but still it was incredible how much food i had. We felt terrible that night ha it was just a really tough day. But it was super fun too. I only took pics at one house cuz i always forget but ill send em. We had a talent show this last friday at the stake center and it was super cool. Again i forgot about my camera. I was mad i didnt record some stuff cuz it was super cool and super mexican ha. But ya we loved it. Also it is a new transfer today and i am still stickin around with my step papi. We are super excited to be here the city is going hard on this massive christmas show and stuff it is awesome! Idk there is so much going on with that you will just have to wait and see. But this transfer goes to my birthday so ya like all the main holidays are here in my greenie area. I am pretty surprised i stayed but super excited for sure. As far as the work goes we have been having a harder time. People are not progressing as well but we got plans to change that so we will be getting a baptism soon. We have really been focusing on strengthening our members more and it has payed off. They are all doing super good and they love us so much. Like it is crazy how close we are with them and we have to fight daily to not get fed from all of them. Ha i love it but there are consequences... the food is incredible but super bad for you here. But ya this week has been on of the best ones of the mish for sure. We got some new exciting things happening with the work and all this great stuff it is just awesome i am definitely at a high point. Thanks everyone for the emails and for supporting me out here. It is nice not being forgotten yet. I am super stoked to call on christmas. Dont know how it will work out yet but ya. Anyway i love you all so much and enjoy the christmas season!

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