Monday, December 29, 2014


Hey peoples! 

Man this week was pretty incredible. Probably the best week of the mish so far! So to start off. The 24th and 25th were crazy but awesome! We ate like crazy like everyone we visited wanted to feed us it was pretty rough. But we just went around to everyone and sang and shared a little christmas message and ya. IT was really fun and the people loved it. I cant tell you how many people recorded us ha it was kinda weird. But ya we really did have a great time! I want to thank everyone for the gifts and letters that i got for christmas. It was super nice to see all the people that still havent forgotten about mi yet. Hopefully next christmas it is the same thing. But we had a great time and i have enough snacks to last mi a lifetime ha. I just snack all the time when i am home now it is pretty bad. Christmas on the mish is the best tho because you just go out and focus on other people and making them happy. That is what really made it so great. I definitely wnat to keep that up for the rest of my life. We got to do something really big for this one way poor family with the help of a member and it was super special. Hopefully it made a big impact on them. We also had a baptism this last week. It was great and it was a less active part member family so her dad got to do it for her which is always awesome. Unfortunately he cant confirm her but it was great seeing how happy they were as a family it is stuff like that keeps us working hard. O and calling home was super cool it was awesome to see everyone. I miss you guys a lot and cant wait to get home and hangout with everyone again. But the time is going by fast and being out here is amazing. I will be home soon enough. But i love ya'll so so so much have a fun new years dont get too crazy. Have a great week and fast sunday! Con mucho amor

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