Monday, January 5, 2015

new years

Hey que dicen!?

How was new years ya'll? It was great for us down here. We had to stop working at 6 so we went to the church and ate a bunch. We had some members hook us up with food it was great. Then we got to watch frozen and everyone was freaking out. They were all pretty pumped about it. Only me and a couple other people had seen it before. We actually went and played basketball during it. We watched a little bit but ya. All the guys have been out on missions way too long. When elsa takes her hair out all the guys started freaking out. Haha it was hilarious but weird as well. Missions can be hard on guys! But ya it was super fun. No one really did fireworks cuz it was cold so that was kinda disappointing. Not much really crazy happened this week it was pretty normal. Like there are lots of little things that happen normally but I cant write about all of that ha. We saw a drug deal go down that was fun. But no I am doing super great and love being out here. My birthday is coming up too I am stoked! Cant believe I am going to be 21 I am super old. We will be having a baptism that day so that will be cool to baptize on my birthday. Then in a week we have another transfer. I am pretty nervous about it we will see what happens. Sorry this is so short but I love you all and hope you have a great year. Remember to make plans for all those goals you set. If you don't then they are just dreams not goals. Ha stole that from the pres. Que tenga buen semana!

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