Thursday, January 15, 2015


Whats Uuuuup!
Hey hey how is everyone doing? How is school? hahaha I do not miss that at all. This week was super great! We had interviews with pres which is always the best. You just spiritually pound I love it. I got so many things I want to change and start doing but I don't have the time to study that much. It kinda sucks but it is exciting to be changing things and all. I cant wait to see what happens in 17 months. We also had a big old birthday party at one of our members it was really fun. He is pretty wealthy and manages game reserves. Dallin Clarke you would love this man so much. He showed me his man cave and we just hung out in there. It is any mans dream to have a place like that the 10th commandment was pretty rough to follow. I may have had to repent afterwards. But we had ice cream cake and ya it was just a good time. Yesterday (the b-day) was pretty fun. So my comp is getting called up to be a district leader. I am super excited for him he is going to be a boss leader. I am sad I don't get to learn from him for another transfer but he will do great. That means I will be getting a new comp tomorrow which is always super nerve racking. We actually still don't know whats going on which is super weird. This transfer is going to be another crazy one! But I am pretty sure I am staying, hopefully! Anyone so my birthday was pretty much telling everyone bye. I really didn't tell anyone it was my birthday cuz I didn't want to take away from the moment. So it was just a normal day. But we had a baptism!!! It was super fun and I will remember that for sure. It was a great gift. But ya it was a really solid week and this week will be interesting. Wish me good luck! Love you all!

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