Tuesday, August 5, 2014

first area | las milpas hildalgo

Hey everyone!
                   So far the field has been amazing! O i will start at the airport. Sorry I was not able to call everyone. After a couple calls it didn't let me anymore. I think they flagged my card but I fixed it once I got to McAllen. Anyway I am super sorry I was not able to talk to everyone. Believe me I was pretty upset about it. I got 8 dollars in quarters cuz thats all I had and it wouldnt let me call long distance for some reason. I used all 8 dollars trying to and ya so I didnt forget about anyone I just got shut down. Anyway when I first got to mcallen it was insane how hot it was. Like i expected it to be hot of course but i was shocked at how hot it could actually get. It was a wall of wet heat and it punched me in the face lol. But we went over the rules, ate at presidents, put our bikes together and all that the first day. The second dat we ate at presidents then found out where we are going. I am now serving in the Las Milpas area by Hildalgo. Then we went and got our comps. I got a thick tongan named elder Latu. He is the coolest and we get along great which i was really excited about. Then we went to our area and started working. We first went to a lady named Kimberly and they met her the friday before so she was really new still. She is super prepared tho and we are actually baptizing her this next sunday! I am so stoked. We are really close cuz she speaks english too so i can actually talk to her ha. That night I got a flat tire on the way to our last appointment. Of course first day i get one. It is going to be a long two years ha. The next morning we got up and played ball. After like 5 minutes i sprained my ankle lol. It was not the worst sprain i have ever had but it is rough walking and riding on it everyday. It is just starting to heal up a little. My foot looked like a foot of a 300 pound guy ha. Idk i dont have much time so ill hurry and do some highlights.
Thursday was amazing! We went to the library and watched mormon messages which are so cool. we met with a few investigators after and one spoke english so i was able to comtribute a lot and we got a BD with her. That night we met with a referral at a members house. The lesson was in spanish so i wasnt able to help out too much but it went incredibly. Towards the end we asked her to pray and during the prayer she started crying. The spirit was there so strong and she knew it was true. After the prayer we went for a BD and my comp was inspired to do it for that weekend! So he layed it down and she accepted!
Gosh it was such an amazing miracle and we were insanely happy after that.
Friday was really fun. We had weekly planning which is not too fun but it is really helpful! While contacting we met some people who were drunk and on drugs. It was interesting i guess you could say. We taught kinberly again which went well and her aunt was there so we are now teaching her seperately too. That night we taught that miracle lady her name is Maria and it went really well. That night we had to finish weekly planning and we read a poem called "he's been there before" by troy whittle. Please please please read it for family home evening or something. We had an incredibly spiritual experience after reading that and i want you too as well. It is a very powerful poem so try to invite the spirit and you will have a great experience too.
Saturday was zone meeting which is really fun. i got to see a girl who i was in my district in the mtc so that was fun. our zone is awesome tho and i am tight with everyone there. also a kid from star valley is there. He played ball so we had seen eachother so that was pretty cool. but that took forever but was really good. When we got back we did splits and i went out to a different zone. So me and my comp have been on fire. We have lots of investigators with BD's and have set appointments all day and have just had a ton of success. They call it Green Fire ha. But this other group hasnt so we had to ride around all day and get referrals and contact people. It was definitely the non glamorous side of missionary work and it was rough. So hopefully i keep this green fire all my mission ha. Sunday was fun but stressful cuz the baptism. i loved all the people tho and there were some great testimonies. After church we had the baptism. O did i mention that i got to do it? ha how awesome is that! The zone leaders said that is a record. Find someone and baptize them in under a week in being in the field. It was an incredible experience. It went perfect (thats to some help from the spirit) and when i brought her up she dropped to her knees and we literally sat there for 15 minutes. They shut the doors and she just sat in there crying and praying. I cannot begin to tell you how spiritual it was and i am so happy i got to be a part of it. The people here are so cool and they are all so down to talk about the gospel i love it. It is going to be a great two years.
Anyway i am out of time but have a great week everyone! Please read that poem. Love you all

   ^ Sprained Ankle
   ^ Baptism!!

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