Monday, August 11, 2014

three steps to get a testimony

Whats up!
Everything has been great here still. We have been having a lot of success it is really fun. This mission is really special and important. There is a ton of work to do. We get to play basketball with our whole zone every p day which is insanely fun. There are a few really good kids so we go hard ha. We have an amazing tie bodega here and get a huge bag of ties every p day and dig for nice ones. I cannot tell you how many ties i have. Atleast 50 and a few are like 60 to 100 dollars. I am addicted to them it is really fun but ya. If anyone wants a cool tie just let me know ha. We had something crazy happen and the cops got involved and some people will be going to prision. I am not allowed to talk about it but when i get home i can tell you guys. It was insane ha. We got another baptism her name is Kimberly. She speaks english so we are really tight cuz i can actually have deep talks with her ha. The baptism picture is the only one i took this week sorry. There is another short  and old lady in the picture but that isnt her thats the other missionaries baptism. We found a few really prepared people this week so hopefully they will turn into converts. If they put in the work I know they will turn into amazing members. The members here are really lazy it bugs me. Home teaching doesn't exisit and churh is not a priority at all. We have to do everything including stuff at church. Like we gave the talks this sunday and taught a class and we do everything for the baptisms and idk it is a lot. And we have gotten a ton of work with less active families and stuff from the ward. It is annoying because it takes all our time and that is not what we came to do but we just do what we are told and try to meet people on the way. We only have 3 members in our area and a couple of them hook us up with food a couple times a week so that is nice. I love them so much they are awesome. And one families daughter is a manager at little ceasars so we eat a ton of pizza lol. Our church building is always pretty dirty so we had a specialist come in ha. He actually taught us a lot of really good stuff and on sunday the building looked incredible. Ya idk that is about it. Everything else was just working like we do everyday. I say it casually but it is the best. The heat is awful but i love the people here. They make the mission and i wouldnt want to be anywhere else.
I got my first polygamy doubt thrown at me ha. It was tough but them the spirit hopped in and we killed it. It is so important for people to have a testimony of JS because it all ties back to him. Luckily she did :) I cannot express to you how important that is to have a testimony of that man. He is an absolute stud and I am so grateful for him. I remember when I got my testimony of him it was one of those special non forgettable moments. But this week it has grown so much more. Please get a testimony of him if you dont. If you do please strengthen it. There are three steps to get a testimony of anything. First, study the thing or person you want. In this case read JS-History, D&C, watch the JS movie, go to the JS building or all of the above. Second, Pray and ask our Father in heaven to give you that testimony throught the HG or to strengthen the testimony that you have. Fasting also helps a ton with this get a testimony of fasting too ha. That is something i have gotten on my mission as well. But third is to live the things. Live his teachings and apply what you learn for him in your lives. One thing I learned and loved was his attitude. I read it in a book but he said that when God commanded him to do something he stopped questioning why and just did it. What an amazing attitude! But I love you all and cant wait to hear from you. Hasta Luego

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