Monday, August 18, 2014

first blessing

Hey peoples 
                   Sorry no pictures today and i forgot my journal so I wont really know what to type. O well i will do my best. So it was another good week. It flew by I feel like i just emailed everyone ha. But lets see what happened. I have a terrible memory good thing I keep a journal. There was a 3 day training this week so we had to stay at a members house for those 3 days. It was actually pretty fun the kid we stayed with is awesome. We got some cool ties which is always the best ha. We had kinda a rough start to the week but we got a lot of new investigators this week but only two look really solid. One was kinda a miracle how we found her and she is really prepared so thats good. We found an Agnostic lady. She is really cool and speaks english but she is a psychology major so she just has that analytic brain. It will go either really great or bad so I hope she accepts the truth when she feels it. She doesn't know if there is a god or anything so ya. "So this Sunday I got to give the HG to this lady Kimberly. She is the one we baptized last week. Not only was this my first time doing that but also my first blessing so I was pretty nervous and didnt know what to expect. She speaks english so I gave her the Hg in spanish and did the blessing in english ha. But it went really good and she is just loving the church. She is so converted and stoked. We bring her to like every appointment and she just kills it every time. She is a very solid convert." Elder Latu's bike has been messed up so we have been walking a lot. It is pretty rough in the heat ha but we got it figured out so we will be ok. Honestly I dont know what happened this week haha so I will include stuff next week about this week too. Sorry my memory is just terrible. But I love you all and I hope everything goes good for you this week. Letters are always appreciated :) I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Love ya!

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