Monday, August 25, 2014

love this church so much

Hey everyone!
So it was another great week! They go by so fast and it doesnt feel like too much has happened since last week. We have just been helping people progress. We have a ton of people we are teaching. Our day is literally all appointments which i guess is not normal. But not too many look promising. We are probably going to have to drop some people cuz we have no time to find and there are more prepared people that we need to get to. This is so hard for me cuz you really care and love all the people. It is one of the hardest things to learn to do out here so I guess it is good I am doing it early on my mission. I went on an exchange during the week with my DL and i was the senior comp cuz we went to my area so he had me do everything. Contacting, lessons, everything was primarily me. I was nervous but it went incredibly well. I was really surprised with myself and it was just such a confidence booster for me. I am not perfect and i am sure i am kinda hard to understand but as long as they can fel the spirit it is ok and my comp helps me out when i come up short so ya. It was great for me and I have contributed tons more since then. We are getting a couple married tomorrow so the wife can get baptized. That is going to be really fun. I had to make a million phone calls on saturday to figure it all out but we got it planned and ya. We will be baptizing her next week if all goes well so pray for us please. The other missionaries had a family of 3 this last weekend it was great. Their family is so cool and funny and they will be a great addition to the church. The happiness that they had after was insane. They were completely different people and they were just glowing. Seeing that never gets old. It is why we are here and it was so fun to be a part of.

This week I have had a lot of good and deep talks with recent converts and the other elders in our spot. It has been great and I just love this church so much. It is so clear how true and incredible our church is and it is just so frustrating that people dont get it. Idk i wish they could just understand. But we cant change people they need to change themselves. Seriously tho if your testimony is a little wavering use mine for a bit while you build yours up. Whether or not our church is true is not a question at all. It is! We have the power of the priesthood and it is directed by Christ himself. I love this gospel and our savior more than anything and I am so proud to be able to represent him out here. Wearing a stupid little helmet and riding my bike all day in this heat doesnt phase me at all. I would do anything for our savior and I just love being out here. Sharing the gospel and helping someone find this truth in their lives is so rewarding and is a good way to build your testimony. I would like everyone to get more involved in missionary work because it is such a blessing and it is so important. Once i get back i am going to be so involved in this work since i have seen these things. You can do that too. Pray about and ask for someone to share the gospel with. The spirit will put someone into your mind and them you need to act. Just have confidence and invite them over for dinner with the missionaries. Then let them do their thing and ad your testimony and experiences where you feel prompted to. I love helping members do this and see how motivated it gets them. All it takes is one then they will get really involved. So i invite you to do that as well. You will see such great blessings in your life. And have the missionaries over for dinner a few times. They will uplift and bless your home.
Thank you so much everyone for the mail and all. It is such a great feeling so really thank you so much. I will get back as soon as i can. I love you all so much and thanks for supporting me while I am here and your prayers. Love you all!!!

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