Tuesday, September 2, 2014

new comp

Hey whats up ya'll!
Another week jeeze these go by pretty fast. Everyone says the mission flys by and i am finally starting to believe them. Things have been great here we had another baptism on the 31st! It was a tougher one ill talk about it a bit more later. But first sad news. It was transfer day today and my dad Elder Latu left me to go up north. I got a new step dad he is with me right now we just picked him up. You would think i would be used to having step parents by now ha but i am not at all. I miss Latu so so so much! He is such a great kid i cannot wait to see him again. I havent made up my mind on this new comp but it definitely wont be anything close to like how it was with Latu and me. Idk hopefully it goes well especially cuz this transfer is one more week than normal. But the area is great and the members are awesome! I love it down here.
This last week I got to go on an exchange with my zone leader. We had such a great time and we did work. He was really impressed with my spanish and teaching skills so that was extremely comforting. I just told him i still suck the spirit just had my back that day. The next day we had a wedding. The lady we baptized had been living with a guy for 8 years but they never got married. So we went up to the court house with them this last week and got em hitched. It was fun and they were super thankful for it. I had to pay for it which kinda sucked but when i saw how happy they were i didnt care anymore it was great. Now we are working on getting her husband baptized! There was an insane storm like friday i think it was unreal! Super windy and it was raining so hard. luckily we were by a members home so we hungout there but it was shocking how crazy it was. I thought it  was a hurricane and i was so stoked, my first one. Then everyone told me it was just a little baby storm jajaja. Now i am freaking out for my first hurricane cuz that "baby storm" was intense. Since Elder Latu was leaving we just ate like crazy and said by to people the past few days. He had been here since February and everyone loves him so everyone was super sad and I am like 20 lbs larger now. It was tough saying by is the worst. I have only known the kid for 5 weeks and idk saying bye is the hardest thing about a mission i think. But i have a hard legacy to follow up with him so i will do my best. But i love you all so incredibly much! Thanks for all the mail i dont get like any free time to write but i will try to respond as fast as i can. Stay safe and pray always.

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