Monday, March 9, 2015

Hey whats up whats up. Another week is down in the books. I feel like I was just emailing a few hours ago... weird how time goes by so fast. I have been out with 8 months already! Well this week started off rough then had a 180 degree turn and was incredible. So our area still wasn't where we wanted it and organizing it is taking forever it was testing my patience ha. I also had a couple bad obedience days. One night we stayed up till like 2 talking and telling stories from back home which thinking about home is not a good thing. Then the next day a member took our house out to buffalo wild wings and it was crazy. I was doing good but then someone starting talking about sports and it was like I was the hulk. I couldn't stop it and that side of me just came out. We went hard talking about sports and all and I just felt super guilty after. I wasn't focused at all and it was bad. Then we had zone conference with president so I really had to prepare hard spiritually to be ready for that. Thank goodness for repentance right! Well it was incredible. I had some questions and stuff in mind about the area. I guess I was kinda confused. But the thing president talked about were just so perfect for me and exactly what I needed to hear. Then the spirit gave us lots of specific ideas and things to do and I know we are going to have so much success in this area now. We are going to take it from nothing to a land mine field we are really pumped. I just hope I stick around long enough to see the fruits. But ya it has been great since. Now we have a better vision, goals with plans, and a solid direction where to go. It is great I feel so much better now ha. But now all we need is to execute it everyday which is a lot easier said but we will get er done. Another exciting thing is I am going to learn to play the ukulele. We have a couple kids that can play in our zone and my comp is a beast on the guitar so we are going to go hard. But ya things are great here I am super happy and ya everything is awesome as always. The mission is the best! Love ya'll and have a great week! 

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