Monday, March 2, 2015

got transferred

Hey hey!
So crazy stuff happened and i got transfered! I am now in brownsville and idk my address but i will find it out. I found out monday night at 10:50 that i was being transfered. I have never seen transfers take so long it was unreal. So i didnt get to say bye to too many people which was really sad but i had taken some pics just in case. So i got transfered to a place like downtown brownsville and my new comp is on his 3rd transfer. This is my first time being senior comp and he doesnt speak much spanish so i am kinda on my own. He is great tho i love him so much. He is related to Elder Packer of the 12 and his name is Elder Packer as well. Anyway I got down here Tuesday afternoon and we live in a house. It was donated by a member and it is awesome! I will take pictures this week for ya. Brownsville is gorgeous! It is super tropical and there is just vegetation everywhere. In our back yard we have a banana tree, lime tree, and a couple other ones. It is super cool. We live with our zone leaders and they are super cool. We have a good time thats for sure. One of them went to utah state with me. I didnt really know him but we had some of the same friends. We also play basketball like 5 days out of the week as a zone. It is awesome i love it. The lord really knows me well he keeps putting me in situations like that. Basketball is my release so it helps a lot. We had a baptism this last week too. The kid is super cool. His family still needs a lot of work and they have no friendship really but we will change it. This area is great tho and i am super excited to get going here. The area is super unorganized there wasn't even a white board or a list of members or nothing. WE are having to start from scratch but i am going to make it one of the most organized places in the mission. WE have been dedicating a lot of time to that but when we are done it will be worth it. Hopefully i am here to see the fruits. This week was awesome tho i had lots of great experiences and have really felt the hand of the lord more than ever. I was pretty nervous to be with someone so young in the mish. But it is super cool how the lord has lifted me up. I feel like i have been speaking and doing things well above that which i am capable. I know that he is helping me a ton. It has been so fun and such a testimony builder to become so much better with the help of God. Also i had one of those massively strong spiritual experiences where i really just felt the love that God has for me and that he is right here with me. I love being on a mission and the spiritual level we are at. This week was incredible and i feel like there is nothing i cant do. I know that as long as i keep working hard, stay obedient, and stay humble we will have so much success. I hope everyone else had a great week and turn to the lord always. Let him lift you up so you can do more than you thought was possible. Love ya'll have a good one.

O and i forgot. I am in a car area and i have the driving privileges. Just thought everyone would like to know that and keep the people of Brownsville in your prayers ha.

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