Monday, February 23, 2015

Ay ay!
Whats up ya'll. Another week down and another transfer as well. I am getting old. We still don't know whats going on with transfers ill find out soon I hope. But my comp now is getting a greenie so I know something for sure is happening but ya. Hopefully I don't go cuz this area is the best. Our members are incredible I love them so much! But ya we will see what happens. This week was good tho. I got to go eat at an area 70's house that was fun. We had a really good talk. We really got close to our new members since the change this week. We also had a ward activity watching the testaments. It was really fun and it was my comps b day as well. I got to give him a mordida which you shove cake in their face. It is a thing they do down here idk ha. It was a fun day tho. We ate a ton of food throughout the week and our fridge is full of cake! The people we baptized a couple weeks ago got the priesthood and the other is the new young womens secretary. How insane is that! I am nervous for her but she will learn a ton. Hopefully I am here so I can help her out. But ya. This week I learned a lot more about our potential as sons and daughters of god. It is incredible when you realize what is really going on and how important and eternally impacting every decision is. I am very glad I have realized this at a young age. I know it will help me a lot. But I would just like to share my testimony with you of how important it is to be obedient and serve all the time. I wasn't always the best kid and I have had to learn a lot of stuff the hard way. But I know how incredible it is when we not only keep the commandments but really serve god. My life as changed a ton and I have as well. As you live worthy all the time and serve others at all times and in all places the lord becomes so much bigger in your life and you become like him. That is what we need to be doing. It is not enough to just keep the commandments and that's it. We need to serve others. I have had some great examples of this in my life and one of our members has really helped me a lot too. So I would like to challenge everyone that reads this to do an act of service everyday this next week. I promise that as you do this it will bring you so much joy and you will feel much more desire to follow Christ. Love you all and have a great week full of service!

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