Monday, February 2, 2015

Hey hey
How was everyones week? That superbowl tho ouch. I was going for the seahawks but dang that is a horrible way to lose a game. Why are they throwing it that's what I want to know. Just pound it in! But whats done is done. But anyway my week was incredible but we hit a rock wall yesterday. So we are teaching two families and they are doing great. They are already buying us stuff and feeding us every time we go over. We talk to them everyday and go out to eat and play ball and stuff. Things are going great and they have super strong testimonies. We also are finding lots of people to teach thru them and one of our RC families are doing tons of missionary work as well. It was a super good numbers week and it was fun. Church was great they all came and the son in one of the families got up and bore his testimony. It was crazy we were so stoked! It was really good to and it touched a lot of people. After that the whole ward starting talking about them they were famous. Then in 2nd hour we got into an agency discussion and they opened up a lot and anyway the whole ward (which the Spanish ward is massive) just loves them. I have never seen anything like it but it is great. We have people begging to come to lessons with us. It is unreal how solid their member support is now. And we were already doing a good job before. It was just really cool to see and it really solidified that family. Even tho they still have a ton of changes they need to make. Then we hit the wall. The stake president wanted to make it so there are Spanish missionaries and English not every missionary does both. So we got tons of stuff changed up. We stayed Spanish which we are super happy about but we got an absolute massive area! It is huge like an hour drive from one end to the other. When before it was like a 15 minute drive. And they couldn't give us more miles so I have no idea what we are going to do but we have to make it work. We also lost all of our English members (which tons of my closest people are in English) and got moved to another district. It is tough! But everything will be ok. I know we will see lots of miracles as we rely on the Lord. We don't really have a choice cuz we have no idea what we are doing and it seems impossible. But we know that the Lord never asks anything of us that we cannot do and he will make up for what we lack. It seems hard to believe right now but I have seen it so much on my mission I know it is true. Remember that in your lives. As you put Christ first and rely on him. Things will work out way better. But ya a super great week and I cant wait to see what happens this week. It is going to be crazy! Ha love ya'll

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