Monday, May 4, 2015

Let the countdown begin...I call in a week!

Nombre that's crazy it doesn't feel like that long since I last saw you guys. Its great tho I am super stoked! This week was incredible for us everything is going super super well. The weather this week was a lot better. Just in the 80's so it was great. We used our bikes a little more than usual ha. I am turning into a spoiled missionery being in car areas. I love it but we have transfers in a couple weeks so we will see what happens. This week I got to go on an exchange for two days with an elder that goes home in two weeks and has been an AP for about 6 months. Basically the best missionary there is so it was an awesome opportunity to learn from him. He is super dope we had a blast and I did learn a lot so that his good. I got to see the ocean for a bit with him too ha. But ya then we had a massive zone party with breakfast and stuff it was super fun. It was cool we really saw a miracle. Our focus was finding new people and we set a goal of 68 new investigators in two days. As a zone we only hit like 34 the entire week before. Honestly I thought the goal was kinda ridiculous. But we really focused on repenting and trusting in the lord and well we found exactly 68 people in those two days. It was unreal! God definitely blessed us with that miracle to help build our faith in him and it worked. Our area has been doing incredible too. We had tons of people at church this week and they will all be getting baptized this month. Hopefully I stick around to see them. But the Lord has just been blessing us with super prepared people that want to act left and right. Actually today at the library a lady who hasn't gone to church in 6 years walked up to us and wanted to know when and what time she goes and wanted us to go teach her husband. That never happens down here ha. Just miracles everywhere it is great. I love being a missionery so much. Being able to help people everyday and see them change. See the spirit touch their heart. It is incredible I am so happy im out here. I am really excited to call home tho it will be great to speak to ya'll. I hope you have a great week and ill see ya in a bit ;) hasta luego

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