Monday, November 2, 2015

Hey peeps whats up!?
Well we had a really really good week. For some reason it seemed really slow idk why but ya. It was hectic thats for sure. We had interviews with pres and it was great. We got to do some trainings with the AP's for the zone and it was really good. We also had our last zone meeting of the transfer and it was awesome. We have the absolute greatest zone ever i love it so so much. Its really sad that so much is about to change. I think like half of our zone will leave and i am hoping and praying that i stay here! We have 3 people who just went home its crazy and sad to see them leave. I dread that day haha. Halloween was super fun too. We had a ward party the day before that was so cool. It was massive and we just a huge success. Halloween we just worked and came home and planned for the rest of the night. Not the funnest but we took some breaks to enjoy ourselves. Cant believe it is already this late in the year. I hate how fast things go by. But ya it has been awesome. Things here in Corpus have changed so much for us. It is a completely different mission up here and it has struggled for years but we have changed entirely the way we work and we have been blessed for doing things the lords way. People tend to get complacent and routine a lot. I cant stand that. We must constantly be changing and improving the way we do things and what we do. But i feel like i have grown so much this last transfer. It is incredible to look back and see how you have changed. I cant wait for the new transfer! But ill let you all know what happens next week. Love you all!
P.S. I forgot to tell you all this but if you go to Google Maps and drop the little dude to street view and W 2nd St & W Jackson St Brownsville, Texas you will see a member, my comp, and I biking haha. When you are in street view go back to Palm St and look around the car as you work your way back. You will see us. Its super cool it happened like back in May. Look it up :) 

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