Thursday, July 17, 2014

leaving the mtc soon

Hola personas!
I get out of here in a week and a half!!! Gosh I am absolutely stocked to leave and get out in the field. As I talk about it I get butterflies but it is just going to be awesome. I know it is going to be a million times harder than it is here in the CCM but it is going to be a million times more rewarding. I am really nervous cuz I don't feel that great about my spanish. In here it is ok to mess up and stuff but out there if you can't speak the language you are messing with peoples salvation. Idk I wish I would have worked harder while I was here and spoke more out of clase. We never ever speak spanish outside of clase and that was a huge mistake. I know I am going to have to pay for it out in the field. I am sure it will all work out but ya it is pretty sketchy to be leaving so soon. Everyone says it goes by so fast but when I think back a week ago that seems so long ago so for me I guess it hasn't gone by too fast. It will pick up while I am out there tho. 
This past week has been really good. Nothing really amazing happened till sunday. We play soccer everyday in an outdoor bball court. It used to just be a few of us but my comp and I recruited and now we have a massive group addicted. It is an absolute blast! On sunday we heard from President Tenorio cuz Pratt was gone. I slept through a lot of it unfortunately but I was awake for the end and it was awesome! He talked about specific prayers. At first I thought it was like just not saying general prayers and being more specific but no it was crazy! He shared with us a ton of stories of people who wrote him after he gave them this lecture and they were unreal! For example a girl had 2 prospects to marry and she didnt know who to choose so she prayed that whoever called her at 1:15 am and said some certain thing that that was the one she would marry. Well that happened and he said those exact words that she specified in her prayer. That is a very brief summary there was a lot more to it but it is just crazy how miraculous these prayers can be. I cannot wait to use one! They require a ton of faith so hopefully I will be prepared. After that we heard another talk from Bednar. He talked about the 5 things preach my gospel missionaries need to do. They are understand you represent Christ, be worthy, treasure the words of eternal life, know the HG is the real teacher, and know teaching is more than just talking. It was really good and I definitely have a ton to work on! Idk sundays are the best so ya. 
Monday was pretty decent. They shut down our annual tie trade on saturdays so now my comp and I just go around and ask people if they want to trade. It is really fun! I started with a really crappy tie and ended up with a way cool one. I only have a couple I am willing to trade so I have been picky since but it is crazy how many people are doing it now. It is really fun! Monday was also very humbling. We had a districto in our zone leaving and I was asking them how they felt about spanish. I only have a week and a half before I go now and I have so much I need to work on before I get to the field! So it was good to get me refocused because I had gotten very lazy for awhile. We also watched a 10 minute video of part of talks from Presidents Eyring and Holland. It was awesome and they talked about how hard the missions will be. He said salvation is not easy and bringing people too it is extremely hard to do (especially in spanish!). And how we will get persecuted and get a taste of what it was like for Christ. I am so excited for that! I know it sounds weird but I really want to go up against some hard things were I can make a stand for my God and my savior. I can't wait for those moments and hopefully I will be able to ha. And I am sure it will help my love and appreciation for Christ grow even more.  
Tuesday was pretty good. In clase we did a fundamental: the role of the HG in conversion. I learned a few really good things then we taught and focused on following the spirit. The girl I pared up with used a real experience and anyway it was crazy. I thought I was doing pretty good and the teach came over and stopped me. He said think and ask an inspired question right now. I stopped for a bit and asked a question. It was ok but then it led to another question and it completely changed everything! I knew exactly what direction to go and how to help her. It was crazy and we both felt the spirit so strong. It really was awesome that you can practice something like that. I cannot wait for it to happen in real life! We had a devotional that night but it was kinda rough. No one really got too much out of it. It was still ok though. Overall it was a good day. Wednesday was fine nothing major happened. We got to welcome the new missionaries and take them to their casas which was fun. It took me back to when I left and got here. I was so excited and didn't really know what to expect. Now my boys and I are running this place and know everyone ha. It is crazy how much changes in 4 weeks, especially with me. But I love you all and I hope you have a great week. Keep those emails coming I love them!

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