Monday, April 13, 2015

Hey whats up todos?
So this week was pretty great there were definitely some highlights. Starting off with Monday. First of all Duke won baby!!! I was so stoked whe I got the text. our stake 1st councilor recorded it for me and put it on a flash drive ha. So ill watch that in 14 months. That morning we found a UNC tie and well, I used it to celebrate. It was super fun I love Duke so much! Earlier that day some members took us to go to south padre island. IT is a famous vacation spot here and it was fun. We got lots of pics but i will send them next week. My ZL forgot his camera... But it was super fun to see the ocean and I got to see a Nissan GTR my favorite car too. It was awesome. We also had transfers and I got a new comp. It sucked saying by to my comp and the other kid that lived with us. I love them so much and miss them. We had one of my favorite transfers for sure. But I should be used to it by now. This is my 7th transfer and my 6th comp. Pretty crazy I am just flyin through em. But his name is Elder Chamberlin and he is from Centerville. He is a big dude. Only 6'2" but he is a thick kid. Especially with all the little Hispanics down here ha. It is funny. But he is a good guy with a good work ethic so we will be great. We had a baptism this week. Her name is Jackie Izaguirre and she was so so so prepared. She went hard on the book or Mormon, got an answer, and saw herself change. Baptizing her was a great spiritual experience and she was so happy after. But ya that was about it. The island, Duke, new comp, and the baptism. It was a fun week for sure. But ya the mission is still incredible and the church is still true. Hope everyone is enjoyed their week and has a great time this week. I get to call home in a month crazy right! But I love ya'll

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