Monday, April 20, 2015

What up!

Hey so we had such an incredible week it was awesome! Tuesday we had interviews with pres and it was so great. I got to see a lot of my buddies that I haven't seen forever. We also had some super super good trainings from the leaders. It was really fun. My interview was great. He was trying to go fast but it still was awesome. I love having someone so spiritually in tune that just knows how we are doing and what we need. I love it I wish we got to meet with him more often. But there were also some big changes to our stake. Now there are missionaries in only English and missionaries in only Spanish. There is only one stake left in the US that hasn't changed to that yet but I am sure they will soon. I am actually super excited to just stick to one ward going to two causes some problems. But they gave us an entire Spanish ward! We are the only missionaries there and it is crazy. They were shocked they have always just been used to having a lot. We have about 40 active families now. We are going o get fed like crazy!!! But I am super excited there are some good workers in the ward so we are going to get them pumped about missionary work. The other day in ward council they were fighting for us it was funny. We felt special :) but ya lots and lots of work. We also had a baptism this week. We baptized a kid named Brandon and there were also three 8 year olds so that was fun as well. They were all super happy afterward. Baptism is the best! That is about all the highlights. This week was really fun tho lots of good stuff happened. Lots of changes but once we figure it out it is going to be incredible! Pero si les amo muchisimo y espero que tengan una buena semana. Hagan algo diferente y divertido! Chow

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