Monday, May 18, 2015

going to be a dad

Hey Ya'll
Well this week was absolutely incredible! To start off on Tuesday I got a call and I finally am going to be a dad! I am going to be training a new missionary y am so excited. I was worried that it was never going to happen but the day is finally here. I get himtomorrow!!! Still don't know if I am leaving or staying but one of us is getting shipped out. But Wednesday afternoon I went to McAllen and we went to go work somewhere over there for the night. Well they put me and my papi Elder Latu together and they had us work in my greenie area! We both were freaking out when they said it and the whole drive there we couldn't shut up about it. It was the greatest night ever. We had such a blast and we got to go hangout with our converts and favorite members. It was awesome seeing there faces answering the door. They all freaked out and lots of them were squeaking haha it was great. It was surreal to be there with them. We had to do a little correcting cuz some were getting lazy but for the most part we just chilled with em. I don't have my camera so I will send pics a different day with em. But we didn't get much sleep that night we had 3 dudes together on the same couch ha. But then we had a meeting all day with pres and the leaders and it was incredible. The trainings were unreal and I learned a ton. It was great to catch presidents vision on how we need to be as leaders. And it was so great to see all my bros there that are going home this week. I am going to miss them a ton! But ya that was definitely the highlight of my week. Everything else has been pretty normal. Just waiting on transfers like always. We never find out till super late it sucks but ill let you all know what happens next week. But I love you all so much and I hope life is great going great. If it is not quickly make the decision to be happy and work to become closer to Christ and it will happen. I promise! But ya make sure your doing the little things. Have a great week!

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