Monday, May 25, 2015

Hey what up :)
Man this last week was a bit of a crazy one. So Monday we were waiting on transfers. We knew we wouldnt find out till super late so we just went and said by to everyone ha. It was crazy just running around and taking pictures and stuff. I hate doing that not knowing who is leaving but we didnt have a choice. We found out passed 10 monday night who was leaving and well.....i am still in brownsville! I am super excited i love it here. I think this will be my last one but it will be great to stay down here for one more. The people here are the best i love it! On tuesday i went to transfers and got to say bye to all my buddies. The group that went home had a ton of my favorite missionaries in it. I was super sad but excited for them. It was awesome to see everyone there. I also got my new comp. His name is Elder Garlitz and he served in Lima Peru for 8 months before he went home for some back problems. He was only home for a couple months (during march madness and the NBA playoffs ha). But ya so he already speaks decent spanish and has an idea of whats going on so its nice. We always talk about the differences of the two missions. It is very different. I definitely realized how lucky i am to be in this mission i love it and also we are super spoiled. The Lord knows me well :) It is going to be a great transfer tho. There are some things we will have to overcome but we will work it out and it will be great i am excited. We got 7 out of 8 new people in our district. Ya i am the only one that stayed. It is a completely different zone it is crazy but fun. My new DL is a kid that has followed me my whole mission. I love him a ton so i am super happy he is here. The focus this last week has definitely being figuring things out with my comp. Also, we have a PM family who has come to church 4 times in a row and we want to baptize their kids. The problem is it is impossible to find them and their parents dont have much urgency to baptize them. But it is the end of the month and we are so close to hit our goal we need a miracle right now! So if everyone could keep in their prayers Daniel and Evelyn Torrez that they can be baptized this sunday that would help out a ton. Submit their names in the temples too please. The more the better! This week that is all we are focused on it will be tough but they definitely need to be baptized now. Waiting is never a good idea. It just gives Satan more time to ruin everything. I know by experience... But ya lots of great stuff is happening. We are teaching a million and 1 people right now which makes it hard especially cuz we have the most members here as well. But there is a way so we will get it done! I hope everyones weeks went good tho. Remember to do the little things and include God in whats going on in your lives. I know he helps and blesses us as we do. I love you all and hope you have a great week! :)

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